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  1. Any news on this little terror or the berg, it'd be a crying shame if the cn212 got buggered, i'd probably still buy it if it was damaged?
  2. I would be really interested to hear what this sounds like, any clips and what pickups are they?
  3. Any ideas on the pre-amp model so I can research it, I know next to nothing about active electronics...?
  4. How heavy is it, scale weight? (I don't mind if it's heavy)
  5. [quote name='andydye' timestamp='1391264702' post='2355139'] I don't think so mate, send him a pm? Discreet has a beautiful p/tele bass made by him and lots of others have had him do stuff too [/quote] Cool, i've sent him a pm. Is he on here much? Does anyone have a contact number?
  6. [quote name='andydye' timestamp='1391261619' post='2355077'] Bassdoc? [/quote] Does he have a website, did a quick search but I didn't come up with anything?
  7. [quote name='madshadows' timestamp='1391244466' post='2354851'] This chap has been used by a BC'er recently and was very good. [url="http://grahamparkerluthier.com/"]http://grahamparkerluthier.com/[/url] This is a Telecaster bass he built [url="http://grahamparkerluthier.com/gpl-instruments/gpl-basses/"]http://grahamparkerl...nts/gpl-basses/[/url] Hope this helps. John [/quote] Called Graham today, seems like a good guy, thanks for the referral
  8. I was hoping someone could recommend me a good UK luthier who could do this for me A 4 string maple telecaster shaped body in gloss black Heel cut for a status graphite p neck, using a 6 bolt neck plate Routing for two humuckers, compatible with the modern player pick-guard: Routing for active electronics and battery compartment String through body
  9. I can't find this cab on their website, any chance of a link?
  10. Interesting finish, if I can't hammer out a deal on another Jazz type bass i'm interested in... then I will certainly be in contact.
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