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  1. I’m using the WL-50 as I had a spare slot in my Boss pedal board. Really simple, elegant solution with the added bonus of being able to ‘hot swap’ between basses.
  2. After many, many years playing mainly Jazz Bass, I’ve recently acquired a Fender JMJ Mustang SS Bass and I’m blown away by it. I guess many people would say the same for a P Bass, but it sits really well in the band mix on both studio recordings and live gigs. Super impressed with it.
  3. I’ve been using the Stage 800 since they came out as I previously used the Rumble 500. Great combo with lots of useful touches that I didn’t think I would need at the time but work great for me. (E.g. Bluetooth connection for playback of recordings / songs in the rehearsal room, etc) Most importantly, it continues the great tone and performance that I had with the Rumble plus you’ve got all the modelling options and a footswitch to boot which can be good fun experimenting with. I’ve used this at loads of gigs and always performs well with favourable comments from the FOH sounds folks. I do have an existing Rumble extension cab but 99% of the time, I just use the combo as it’s plenty loud enough for monitoring or using as backline. (Small point but I just wished that Fender had kept with the Silver grill cloth as personally, it looks so much better on stage and matches the extension cab should I need to - fortunately, I swapped the one off my Rumble 500)
  4. Well I had the benefit of never having seen them before so I was very entertained by their performance. Must admit that the FOH mix wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard but I thought that was because I was upstairs.
  5. I think the 4th is sold out but picked up tickets for the 5th last night
  6. Just got a couple for the Friday night. Looking forward to it
  7. I had a Sadowsky (metro) on my wish list for quite a while until I finally got one (Will Lee Model). Having played passive J basses for so long, I just couldn’t get on with the pre-amp and finally moved it on.I went back to my trusty passive J bass until one day, I went to get a new amp and there was a used Suhr active J Classic J Bass sitting there in the shop. I’d never heard of Suhr before but it was one of those times when I just couldn’t put the thing down and it came home with me. The pre-amp is just subtle enough to give it a kick but plays like a Passive (if you can understand that) and I’ve had to learn to how to handle the never ending sustain but it’s the only bass I’ve played where I’ve had other players comment on my tone (in a good way). Basically, don’t forget to try as many as you can before you commit
  8. This. I regularly change between EUB and Electric between songs and use an LS-2 because as @jrixn1 mentions, you can set individual levels for each bass. Fantastic piece of kit for around £80 new or near half that on eBay (secondhand) and it also gives you LED indication as to which channel you are on.
  9. I used my Rumble 500 combo for loads of gigs and I was always happy with the sound. I then went on a mad quest to look at Heads + cabs as I thought that would give me more flexibility and tried / purchased different combinations from supposed high end makes but basically struggled to get the tone that I wanted out of most of them. I’ve finally decided to go back to the Rumble but tried a Stage 800. I know there’s a couple of hundred quid difference but I’m really happy with it. Key differences I’ve found: The Stage 800 is much, much louder as a single cab (combo) than the V3 500 The included footswitch is a nice touch and very useful for presets, tuner, etc I kept the silver cloth speaker cover from my old V3 and it fits the Stage 800 perfectly so matches by 2x10 extn cab (apart from the silver corner protectors) The modelling is actually quite fun and whilst I’m not sure of how many of those I will use, it’s great to try out the options and load them onto the foot-switch. Plus the compression is quite nice and you can manipulate the effects and sims quite a bit (it’s like having a Zoom B3 built in) So far, I’m really impressed with it. All the things that I liked about the V3 plus a load of extras.
  10. Never forget picking up a friends Line 6 Variax bass (I think that’s what it’s called). The modelling bass thingy. The thing was so heavy, I felt my central nervous system shutting down instantly with the weight of this thing on my shoulder/back. In case that wasn’t enough, they managed to design a nice thick slab body with no contours. When he suggested we went through the models, it was just too much. Respect to anyone who can get though a gig with that strapped on them:)
  11. Interested if anyone has any experience of this setup. I’m currently using an Aguilar Ag700 and a Barefaced One10 as my rehearsal rig (nice and compact and lightweight) and I’m enjoying the electric through it but not entirely happy when I double up on my NS EUB. So, I’ve read a lot of good things about the Gen3 Super Midget cabs and wondered if I get one as my main cab for doubling up then would the One10 work as a second cab if/when required. Basically, does anyone use a Super Midget + One10 as their rig? All comments welcome. Cheers
  12. And out of all the rigs I’ve owned, this is also the first time two members of my band have asked if I’ve changed my kit (they don’t normally take much notice) as it sounds “really good tonight”.
  13. After much trying out and research, I’ve finally sorted out my small rig. It’s unbelievable that this little lot ( Aguilar AG 700 and a Barefaced One 10) can produce the sounds that it does in such a lightweight package. Rehearsal tomorrow night should be fun!
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