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  1. Well, almost seven years to the day since this this thread was started and the single 'There Is A Dream'' has just been released today!
  2. Sure thing. Expecting it about Aug/Sept timeframe. Actually forgot to mention that it’s a PJ with matching headstock
  3. Nice!! i actually have a charcoal frost P bass on order with Mark.
  4. My 70’s Jazz (00233) is looking good on there although the Olympic white looks a lot brighter on the web than in real life which has a more Matt cream finish. Just noticed a lovely PJ on there now so another email to Mark may be forthcoming
  5. Last thing I know is that NWR still plays with The Blockheads. Saying that, he was missing last time I saw them but only because he was already committed to a Wilko tour. Saying that, Ernie McKone was depping that night!
  6. Hi All, Can I just check on some etiquette regarding selling items? It looks like I’ll be able to make it now and over the years, I’ve managed to assemble a whole host of pedals (20 +) , preamps, amps, parts, (and the odd bass) that is just gathering dust. Would it be OK to bring these with me for people to try / buy on the day? I don’t want to turn it into a shop but I have somehow managed to gather a ‘boot sale’ amount of stuff. Happy to manage the ‘for sale’ section on the day if that helps? let me know whether it’s OK to bring it down in addition to my rig? Would a percentage of anything sold or a flat donation to the good causes be OK if so? First timer so I just wanted to check! cheers, Jim
  7. Well, its been an interesting discovery. (I just experimented with the settings that I found on ‘The Bass Hang’ YouTube channel) Tone wise, my NS EUB has never sounded better and my passive Jazz sounded exactly as I wanted it. Very happy. Volume wise ( I only used it as backline (vocal and keys through the PA) and backline for electric guitar and our drummer can get quite loud) - it coped with most of our numbers but when the drummer got going, it did start to struggle to cut through but I think I can experiment much more with the preamp controls and the positioning of the speaker. Pretty good for a first attempt but I think there is much more to come
  8. After searching for a combo, I then went and read all 55 pages of this thread and finally, tonight’s the night that I take my Fender Downtown Express Pedal and QSC10.2 out to rehearsals. Depending on the outcome, I may even take it with me to the gig on Saturday. Not sure what to expect as far as PA quality / venue size, etc but my thinking is that it will either act as backline if the venue is not too big or as my monitor if I DI into the FoH. (Might keep my amp + cab in the car just in case until i get a little braver!
  9. I’m using the WL-50 as I had a spare slot in my Boss pedal board. Really simple, elegant solution with the added bonus of being able to ‘hot swap’ between basses.
  10. After many, many years playing mainly Jazz Bass, I’ve recently acquired a Fender JMJ Mustang SS Bass and I’m blown away by it. I guess many people would say the same for a P Bass, but it sits really well in the band mix on both studio recordings and live gigs. Super impressed with it.
  11. I’ve been using the Stage 800 since they came out as I previously used the Rumble 500. Great combo with lots of useful touches that I didn’t think I would need at the time but work great for me. (E.g. Bluetooth connection for playback of recordings / songs in the rehearsal room, etc) Most importantly, it continues the great tone and performance that I had with the Rumble plus you’ve got all the modelling options and a footswitch to boot which can be good fun experimenting with. I’ve used this at loads of gigs and always performs well with favourable comments from the FOH sounds folks. I do have an existing Rumble extension cab but 99% of the time, I just use the combo as it’s plenty loud enough for monitoring or using as backline. (Small point but I just wished that Fender had kept with the Silver grill cloth as personally, it looks so much better on stage and matches the extension cab should I need to - fortunately, I swapped the one off my Rumble 500)
  12. Well I had the benefit of never having seen them before so I was very entertained by their performance. Must admit that the FOH mix wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard but I thought that was because I was upstairs.
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