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  1. Looks very nice indeed! I'm afraid that I have 2 strats already though, otherwise it would be very tempting.
  2. Golchen


    That is SERIOUSLY tempting! Too bad you are so far away (I'm the wrong side of London).
  3. [quote name='Lfalex v1.1' timestamp='1338657540' post='1677760'] My house, The Bass Gallery, Various PMTs, Bass Direct, Bass Merchant, The GAK shoppe in Brighton.. Depends how many/which you are considering... And where's local to you. [/quote] Thanks for the suggestions, although I have checked all of them now and none of them have a P-nut! (I assume there isn't one at your house!). I guess I could just throw some money at Thomann, but I'm not keen on ordering a bass when you can't even pre-see it in a picture even. (let alone try it!)
  4. Is there anywhere in the UK that one can try out Warwick basses? I remember many years ago admiring tons of them at the old Bass Centre in London, too bad it doesn't exist any more. For some reason I have a real hankering for a P-Nut artist series 5 at the moment. I don't know P-nut from a Walnut but I love the look of the bass!
  5. Too bad you're not nearer, I'd have loved to have a go at that! I've done a couple of electric guitar refrets but never tried acoustic. Down in Luton though so too much of a trek.
  6. My sons pal bought a DIY bass from guitar-kits.co.uk, and asked me to put it together for him. It's all done except the wiring. He has no wiring sheet and claims he wasn't sent one. I emailed the company asking for a pdf, or just a bit of email info (basically which of the 5 wires from the humbucker pup is which), but they have not replied over 5 days. The website claims to respond in 24-48hrs! Long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here has made one? This is the model in question: [url="http://www.guitar-kits.co.uk/products/bass-guitar-kits/m-s-style-bass-guitar/"]http://www.guitar-kits.co.uk/products/bass-guitar-kits/m-s-style-bass-guitar/[/url] I have a plan for the rest (thanks seymour duncan!), but I just need to know which colour wire is which on the pup!?!?!?
  7. That looks very appealing. I'm afraid I just don't need one right now though. Nice geetar!
  8. Hmmmn .... could almost be tempted for £200. Where abouts are you out of interest? I might be throwing all my money at an eBay instrument this weekend though!
  9. Wow, that is a beauty! I would sincerely LOVE that. I miss my old status Unfortunately £1.5K too much for me
  10. I'd be interested to see a pic of the tele - although I'm trying to resist buying more guitars at the moment! Hmmn .............. liverpool ........... bit of a trek.
  11. Hmmn ... I'm almost half-considering building a superstrat at the moment, not sure I want to stretch that far for a trem though. What does the nut look like? Any pictures anywhere of that particular style of nut?
  12. I have it. I stopped regular usage of basschat some time ago for reasons I won't go into, and it fell off my radar. I'll PM the next person on the list. EDIT: I'd forgotten but I PM'd acidcool96 last October a couple of times. No response and I soon forgot again. Just checked and Rich is next on the list so I'll send it to him.
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