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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Michael sold me some strings for a great price, he was really straightforward and pleasant to deal with and posted them right away. Excellent!
  3. Hello buddy, I'd love these if they're still for sale? Are they new/sealed?
  4. Haha thanks guys - I reckon it's a little over 9lbs so hopefully there will be no tears tonight!
  5. Now sold guys, thanks for the overwhelming interest! Hi all Sad to say it's time to move on my 1992 Stingray. I've owned this for around 10 years, during which time it has been used mainly for recording and the occasional gig. It sounds excellent, and the harder you slap the better it gets! It's got the 2EQ circuit and that funky looking old school bridge with the mutes. The neck feels like a jazz width to me, which was one the reasons I went for it, plays like a beauty! Also features stunning flame & birdseye which I've done an awful job of capturing on camera. In terms of figuring it certainly outshines the 30th Anniversary Stingray I owned many moons ago. The scratchplate has mellowed over the years and become a soft off-white colour. It comes with a Nordstrand MM4.2 pickup which I installed many years ago after listening to too much Brothers Johnson and Chic. I'm including the original pickup from the bass (pictured) and the original packaging of the MM4.2 pickup. It also comes with a worn but functional hard shell case. Condition wise there a few minor scuffs and scrapes generally fitting of a bass of this age. The worst mark is one dink to the underside rear edge of the body as pictured, which didn't happen in my possession! No other dinks beyond surface scuffs. A couple of the tuners had a little rattle to them when I got it, so I put some hair bobbles round them and didn't hear a peep from them since. Everything else is sweet, the mutes are all present and functional. It had a brass nut when I got it which I've left on, it seems to do a nice job. The strings on it are dead, great if you want to copy Bernard Edwards like me, but if not you'll certainly want to restring it and give it a good setup. The bass is located in Wimbledon if you want to give it a whirl. Price is £650 and as mentioned you'll get the original pickup and the hard case with that. Hope I've covered everything, if not get in touch EDIT - just to be clear that £650 is collected, not shipped! I'd rather not ship if poss!
  6. dotmaka


    Played this the other day, it's dead good, I want it when my next pay hits!!
  7. Thanks mate, I'll be honest and say I don't know, but Pete Skjold told me it's a 3 piece arranged like quarter-sawn ie with vertical grain.
  8. I'm afraid I don't have a hard case for it - I've got a soft gig bag that I can throw in
  9. really will be going to a shop soon :'-( grab a bargain before she goes bye bye
  10. this bass makes you more attractive to both women and men - ideal for a bisexual - so very modern
  11. hey all I'll hand this over to a store to shift on soon - last chance to get an amazing deal if anyone is thinking of it
  12. Price drop to £1350 Come get it already !!?!
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