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  1. Yeah - I had one of these, great little amp for the money.
  2. I had a similar experience with some trainers that were sent to me from Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. Parcel arrived in Tamworth on schedule and then was "Delayed due to Operating Conditions" with no update on delivery. They did eventually turn up 2 days later than expected. I'm sure the same will happen for you.....
  3. Hey! Really enjoyed this. Vocals and riffs kinda reminded me of Voivod's sound on their self-titled album. Which is a complement btw! Great job all round. Cheers buddy!
  4. I'm a huge fan of Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy) when it comes to lyrics, there are many. But I've always loved the sting in the tail that he put at the end of Under The Gun. forget the many steps to heaven it never happened and it ain't so hard happiness is a loaded weapon and a short cut is better by far explosive bolts, ten thousand volts at a million miles an hour abrasive wheels and molten metals it's a semi-automatic, get in the car corrosive heart and frozen heat we're worlds apart where we could meet where the street fold round and the motors start and the idiot wields the power where the chosen hold the highest card on the field of honour where the ground is hard so the highest hand is joking wild and the house soon fold and no-one stand I put my finger on and dialled the tower, the moon, the gun, and nine nine nine, singer down cloudburst and all around the first are last, the blessed get wired the best is yet to come I put my finger on and fired heat-seeking, out of the sun you can set the controls for the heart or the knees and the meek'll inherit what they damn well please get ahead, go figure, go ahead and pull the trigger everything under the gun
  5. Cattle Decapitation - Bring Back the Plague
  6. The first band I auditioned for had just recruited the guy that used to teach me bass. He was their bass player and was moving onto rhythm guitar. I got the gig based on my long hair and looks according to the vocalist, as my skills were considered 'adequate' at that point. Every week, a day before rehearsals, I would have a bass lesson with the rhythm guitarist, this time it was for free. By the end of the second month with the band, I was playing probably the tightest and most fluid I had ever played. I still have his lesson notes and use them when I want to kill any bad habits and sloppy playing technique. He was a real gem.
  7. When I was 14 I asked my parents for a Bass Guitar for Xmas. Xmas morning came and I discovered my dad thought I would have preferred a second hand ZX Spectrum and a load of games. He was wrong. Back in school after Xmas Hols and I hatched a cunning plan to sell the Spectrum and my old Scalextric set (I had a willing buyer lined up for the Scalextric set) with a view to putting the proceeds towards a cheapo Bass. Imagine my disappointment when my Mum informed me that the Scalextric has been part-exed for the ZX Spectrum. She also told me that day that they were getting divorced - I was pleased about the divorce, less happy about the Scalextric. So on reflection, I think they didn't help much.
  8. Just came across this: Be afraid, be very afraid.
  9. Larissa Stupar from Venom Prison Awesome stage presence and vocals hit the spot perfectly for their music.
  10. I love these topics. It's like a TV Show - "The Bass Detectives". Always amazed by the shared knowledge on here.
  11. To add a contrast to this,, I remember reading somewhere that Tim Commerford from RATM used only one finger to pluck. Subsequently I tried playing Know Your Enemy using this technique and it wasn't pretty.
  12. Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse has a tremendous 3 finger attack.
  13. This album has been played a hell of a lot over the last few weeks.
  14. I am a big fan of the Ibanez basses, the SR300 range are great value for money and worth a look. I also have a Squier Jazz bass deluxe (discontinued now I believe) which I bought as an entry level 5 string with a view of upgrading in the future. It has been an absolute joy to play and I've never felt the need to upgrade it. You really can't go wrong with the Squier basses in terms of value for money. Colour is important - odd as it sounds, if you like the look of your bass, you're more likely to pick it up. My first bass was a horrible sun-burst effort and I couldn't wait to get rid of it! Shallow I know. Enjoy the search - that's part of the fun!
  15. I have a line6 BackTrack. Used once. Tried to use it again and discovered it's so old my computer will have nothing to do with it.
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