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  1. Birth, School, Work, Death - The Godfathers
  2. Wow! The Purple Turtle - still going huh? I lived in Reading for 10 years from 98 - 08 my first two years were spent frequenting that place! Glad to hear its still going!
  3. Nothing for me. Closely followed by Koloss.
  4. This popped up on my morning run playlist - forgotten how much I enjoyed this album.
  5. Hi Jef It's a nicely laid out site, content is good. I found the Boss Waza Craft article a good and informative read. Well done and thanks Steve.
  6. A real gem. Becomes more relevant with each passing year.
  7. Yes. I am a massive metal head, it's pretty much all I listen to but Duran Duran creeps in a lot. Saw them live on their Wedding Album tour, JT's playing blew me away, became a fan boy from that. As for the Cure, I learnt a lot about bass playing in my younger days listening to Staring at the Sea and Disintegration. Fascination Street, A Forest, Primary - bass riffs for miles.
  8. Another fan of the Corabi album here. Smoke The Sky is awesome. Ratt was always my preference, great riffs and feel good tunes for the summer.
  9. I'm no John Taylor but I have a reasonably good hair cut.
  10. Beat me to it. A 7 year old me was gobsmacked by this tune. Life changing moment.
  11. Throwing Bouquets The Chapel Hat Pegs Bridengroom Altar of Sacrifice - for the metal weddings The Receptionists
  12. Yes - been really enjoying this one. Mr Smith also pays some decent bass on this.
  13. Listened to this on my morning run. On my third play now - death metal done proper.
  14. Half Man Half Biscuit could rock the ant-rhyme with the best of them, Reflections in A Flat Oh darling sugar honey When it was nice and sunny And when I had some money We would go and see Echo And The Bunny …men Since I was eight I’ve loved you Through garden gates I’ve shoved you Then there’s the time I slashed you And you had to go to hospital Now you are gone forever Shot by your Uncle Trevor My story seems so tragic Ali Bongo’s good at contortionism
  15. Very cool. I'm not envious in the slightest, honest.😁
  16. The Sisters of Mercy - clearly weren't and still aren't Nuns. Was Not Was - were they??
  17. Jason's playing on these three Voivod albums - Voivod Katorz Infini It's pretty damn good.
  18. That is superb! I love it!
  19. Much as I like the original, I think Eldritch really added a huge melancholic swathe to this track, especially the howl at the end.
  20. The Sisters of Mercy: Dominion/Mother Russia 'I'm living in films for The sake of Russia A Kino Runner for the DDR' DDR is no more.
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