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  1. Very true - Blood & Thunder is exactly how an album should start!
  2. Between the Buried and Me - Automata 1. In anticipation of Automata 2 on Friday. This band are a recent discovery of mine, can't believe what I have been missing out on.......
  3. for me its Mastodon - Emperor of Sand. I liked some of early Mastodon albums but The Hunter and Once More Around the Sun, didn't do much for me. I had high expectations for Emperor of Sand, reviews are good, lots of friends etc. commenting on what a great album it is. For me, it leaves me cold. I find it bland and a bit tedious. Steambreather starts out great then descends into this annoying chorus. I've really tried with this album, taken it on long runs, long drives and just as background when working, it never grabs me. Looking on iTunes i've played it 20 times now and still nothing. I have at last admitted defeat.
  4. Hey Josh - thanks very much for taking the time to give me your thoughts. As it happens, I had an unexpected bonus from work, so the B7K Ultra is within budget now. However, I think I will take the time to give the EHX a whirl. Cheers buddy!
  5. I have been looking for a Bass Preamp which will also give my tone some growl/grunt when needed. I like the Darkglass B7k but I am struggling to justify the cost in my mind. As a halfway house I have been looking at the EHX Bass Battalion, does anyone have any experience of one of these? Any views/comments/insights gratefully received. Thanks
  6. I think it's pretty damn cool. Not that I would want one, but the fact that he can play it and it serves his purpose. Its always good to see something out of the ordinary.
  7. That is a beauty - enjoy!
  8. This old XRB series of mine was rescued from someone who gave it a bad paint job. I replaced the pick ups with some Dimarzios, set it up for low tunings (bottom 4 strings from a 5 string set), cleaned up the electrics, tuners and bridge. Intended to respray it but am too lazy and kind of like the beat up look it has. It plays great, straight neck, nice tone and the pointy headstock is great for reliving the 80's heydays!
  9. I would be very surprised if you can't unplug something without damaging the amp, irrespective of the power being on. Do the instructions warn against such an action? Sounds like a warranty claim to me. Contact G4M (and good luck with that......... was my last experience with them)
  10. I have a MacBook that I bought in 2010. I have upgraded the RAM and that is all. It still works perfectly. In this time, I have burned through 6 Dell/HP/An.other laptops at work. You do get what you pay for.
  11. I play a 5 string Squier Jazz Deluxe, great bass out of the box, once I had changed the strings. I use it for detuned metal grooves and it handles that really well, eq is pretty hot but is easily tamed. I've had it since 2012 and have no intention of getting rid of it/upgrading it. It is was it is - a low cost good quality five string, looks pretty cool all in black too. Well worth trying out first - string spacing is wide but I find it comfortable to play even with my 'Hobbit hands"!
  12. Its worth a go, I am still using the 'magic' setting I mentioned in my first post. Currently Big Muff setting: switch set to Dry. Vol at 13:00, Tone at 06:00 Sustain at 20:00. Amp on Crunch channel, Mids slightly scooped and Highs a touch higher than the bass.
  13. All Hail The Yeti - I saw these guys supporting 36 Crazy fists the other week, cracking set, loads of energy and nice guys to boot. They took the time to chat with me and signed my CD....yeah I know - I'm too old to be acting like a teenager but sod it - their bass player was spot on! They have become a favourite on my running playlist.All
  14. A true Thing of Beauty right here. I still have a 1980s Pro 2 knocking about - battered to hell, pick ups replaced, but the neck is still sound and it plays and sounds awesome. It's a bit of a one trick pony, but that one trick is pretty damn good. I still hanker after my original Aria SB......
  15. Thanks guys - interesting comments - seems that the 'Tone' control is more than just tone per se. I shall continue with my "inmufftogations" later this evening!
  16. I've had one of these knocking about for while, tend to use it when I am getting all Cliff Burtonesque. Other than that I've not really bothered with it. Until last night, I sat down and mucked about with it with the tone at 0 and the sustain at a touch over 2. With some judicious tweaking of the EQ on my bass, I got a really tasty Overdrive type tone that I've been trying to get for some time. I'd never really thought of using the Big Muff for that kind of tone. Something I've always been guilty of is having everything (EQ, Pedals etc) turned up pretty high and never really exploring the more subtle tones on offer. Sometimes less is definitely more.
  17. I went to Barcelona a week after the terrorist incident. Apart from people taking selfies at the scene, which I found abhorrent, I found Barcelona a wonderful city with friendly people and some lovely places to explore. I went running before 6am most mornings and had no issues, although I'm a fairly big bloke covered in tattoos which may have kept any troublemakers at bay. It's like any other city - keep your wits about you, don't leave valuables on show etc. and you will be fine. I also discovered the joys of crepes with nutella and coconut ice cream as a true breakfast of champions. Enjoy.
  18. Much as I like the look of the D Bird - that purple combustion is a thing of beauty - always wanted a purple bass - no idea why, but I want one.
  19. Pretty much anything by Meshuggah and if I'm in the right frame of mind, same with Cannibal Corpse and Tesseract.
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