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  1. Wow that sounds bad on that clip. Hope it's better in person
  2. The original link sounds alot like old in flames
  3. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1361866669' post='1991989'] Chino doesn't growl. [/quote] he squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels
  4. Do matamp still have any design engineers working there?
  5. umph

    DIY Effects

    [quote name='TG Flatline' timestamp='1360926653' post='1978371'] Increasing C2 is the best place to start for more low end. For the simplest blend I'd use the Buff'n'Blend. Take out the 2M2 pulldown resistor from the input of the Zen if you do this though, and attach the output of the Zen straight to lug 3 on the blend pot (no need for the trimpot). Bob's your uncle and all that good stuff! [/quote] Was about to say this, I'd recommend the blend route though as changing c2 is going to change the sound of the drive quite drastically!
  6. [quote name='6v6' timestamp='1360926712' post='1978374'] Interesting, I'd not considered using an adapter - do you have any links for suppliers? Sounds like it could be an interesting experiment, be interested to hear how you get on Bear in mind with the other 9 pin tubes that you may still need to change the bias resistor as many won't work optimally with the values used for 12ax7's [/quote] Yeah was just about to say the loads will be all off!
  7. 6sl7s sound much nicer anyway, they pull a bit more current than 12ax7s though
  8. [quote name='4 Strings' timestamp='1360708202' post='1975315'] Surprised there's not an 8 Ohm option. Sounds like its been designed for use with multiple cabs, with the 2 Ohm option. With tranny amps, they can drive a range of speaker impedance but the power output reduces with rising impedance. They do struggle with 2 Ohms though, few can do that one - its almost a short circuit at lower frequencies! Can a valve power section drive a higher impedance ok, but needs care driving lower? (ie could the OP's V6 drive 8 Ohms ok - set to 4 Ohms?) >Forget to add my expression of jealously of the V6! [/quote] higher impedances are bad, lower are okay
  9. [quote name='Warwick_Official' timestamp='1360364964' post='1969574'] Mr. Foxen, I will get all the specs from our engineer, including bandwidth...the THD is 0.003% unlike some of the other Class D amps on the market that are 3%, 5%, or even 10% THD! I will update as soon as I have further detailed information. Thanks! [/quote] 0.003% seems really low!
  10. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1359114648' post='1950046'] Turns out the dude who bought one of my 200w PAs is using a pair for his home stereo. [/quote] un modded? pretty dvvm
  11. jon is well stingy with the heater. Hes a great chap though!
  12. the head will be around 600 - 1000 depending on condition cab not so much
  13. [quote name='Walker' timestamp='1352111570' post='1858715'] I took my SVP-pro back out of my rack this weekend and opened her up again and found I had exactly the same valve set that Watford recommended, so I'll live with these for a bit and maybe save up for some valves that are older than me! The Basschatter I bought it from is going to send me the old tubes he took out too, so I can have a fiddle. The reason I was going to swap them out is that it's buzzing like mad, but I had an electrician over and he said that he'll run a new power supply, independant of everything else with it's own earth supply and this may help quieten my rig. Does that sound right? Cheers for your input on this thread - I'm sure it'll be a lot of use to others in the future too. [/quote] It could be an earth loop issue but if its come on I'd be looking at the heater circuit.
  14. [quote name='Bassman Rich' timestamp='1357360606' post='1921641'] Ps thanks for all the support and good wishes, its a bit daunting being the first one, but as I spent 3 years studying electronics and fix medical electronic stuff as a job, if I can't do it, it really is a rum bloody do as they say. I recently biassed said Marshall VBA, it was really funny when I had to run a 1khz signal through it at 30 volts output (into my two 1x15s as I dont have a dummy load), and make various adjustments. The mrs was on a work phonecall (I didn't hear it come through) and had to run down stairs closing a bedroom, hall and kitchen door, and still couldn't hear herself on the call, so ran out into the back garden. Fortunately it was another engineer on the phone, so they were understanding!! [/quote] dummy loads are great!
  15. If you fancy coming over to sheffield we can sort you out at bedford guitars
  16. [quote name='Mikey R' timestamp='1357138492' post='1917948'] What was the low frequency cutoff of the Partridge transformers used in the old Hiwatt 200 and 400 models? Was it as low as 30Hz? [/quote] Depends on the model, but they mostly went down to around 20Hz
  17. [quote name='VTypeV4' timestamp='1354129160' post='1882513'] That thing looks stunning! It even makes my Leak ST20 look a bit budget! [/quote] It'll make it sound it to. His hifi stuff is amazing.
  18. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1356793947' post='1913684'] OK. Thanks for that. That's not a problem though, is it? best, bert [/quote] Not for this application since it's not hifi
  19. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1356745060' post='1913269'] The Low In would indeed, but as I've been led to understand, the High In is very much in another range. Don't know this for a fact though, but can always ask Ashdown. Don't see the need for that though. BTW, it's .45v input, not as I wrote a .5 one - not that that matters iirc. [/quote] The high and low will both be about 1meg
  20. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1356782836' post='1913496'] There must be a point though where you need a big enough amp to drive them though? Hanging 4 4x10s off an old Trace 150 watt head for example cant be the best can it, especially if your sucking up juice with a 5 string? [/quote] makes no odds, you'd be able to put alot more power into them but you could still drive them all with a 1watt amp
  21. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1356738732' post='1913209'] Thanks for responding. I was hoping to avoid that, thinking the signal would basically be twice the same. See, what I forgot to tell may be essential: that I'm only thinking of plugging my bass into the iPad and process it in AmpKit before sending the signal to the LB. I was presupposing that any stereoness from processing is not sought after and can easily be avoided, by for instance not using a stereo flanger in AmpKit - that kinda thing. best, bert [/quote] use mono cables in that case You're gonna end up with a mono output anyway and trying to put a stereo signal in is just going to end up with phase issues
  22. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1356732531' post='1913123'] Folks, I seem to remember from days yonder that especially tube amps could be shorted when one did something wrong as to plugging stereo jack plugs into them. If so, is this still the case? Then, when connecting an iPad to my Little Bastard, how should I do that? - Mono to mono? Or would that short the right channel in the iPad? - Make a lead myself: stereo (without right channel) to mono? - Er ... you get the drift. Voltage-wise and impedance-wise I thought I was in the clear: iPad out: 1 V, 4.4 Ohm LB high in: 0.5 Volt, 600 Ohm - probably. Thanks for any help. best, bert [/quote] input impedance on amps is up in the 1meg range. Assume you're using the effects return?
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