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  1. [quote name='thunderider' timestamp='1356735096' post='1913161'] the laney is quite clean up to bout 1 n half,the 2 n over it starts ti distort,most of the time i dont turn up master,i dont really scoop but i have the 2 outer bass sliders up full also the 2 treble full the rest are set to compensate,the rehersal room is small.no drummer so we dont need it loud so im barley on a 1/4 on gain,so im begining to think that big amps dont go low? or maybe ss amps do? the mb450 has a horrible sound to my ears,i like subsonic bass,the marshall jmc 900 it distorts from about 4,but to get the volume of one on the laney the marshall valve needs to be 6!! [/quote] If you want low bass, you need the cabs for it. Marshall amps aren't designed for low end either.
  2. You say you're after low and clean? Why are you cranking up the preamp gain to make it fuzzy then?
  3. [quote name='Who's Who' timestamp='1351716524' post='1854654'] Hi Guys Thought I'd report back with some good news. I contacted Orange and they had my OTB collected via Courier last Monday. I then emailed they guy this Monday for an update and he replied stating my OTB was ready for collection and should be with me the next day. To my delight a Courier delivered my OTB yesterday as the guy promised. I used the head last night and it was back to it's former glory. I've gotta say I was really impressed with the customer service I received from Orange. I didn't have to haggle with them once, just a few emails and my OTB was collected, fixed and delivered back to me in 8 days without even a mention of any money changing hands. Can't argue with that. But still not sure what the actual problem was, still, all's well that ends well [/quote] good stuff to me that! thick white smoke normally means a resistor. My guess is one of the cathode resistors blew.
  4. [quote name='Stroopy121' timestamp='1356196033' post='1907865'] Ahoy! I've purchased a tube preamp pedal from a fellow BCer. I've contacted him to ask if he has known of any previous issues, the item was reasonably well packaged but I'd assume there was damage in transit. The details: I plug her in with no ins or outs connected and it's all fine. No earthing issues that I can see and the on/off switch isn't live. Then, when I plug anything into a channel out, the connector goes live and zaps me, as does the on/off switch. Also, when the pedal is inactive and I give the pedal a tap, the status LED flickers. Is this a common thing with tube pedals?? Am I doing something retarded here or is the kit borked? xx [/quote] I'd send it him back, it's leaking ac onto the chassis which will be messing your other gear up to
  5. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1355881065' post='1904068'] Caps will discharge slowly through a multimeter testing them, but a couple of crocodile clips and a resistor is what I use. I heatshrunk the resistor so totally can't tell you what value I used. Basically you connect the positive end to earth via a resistor so the charge leaves it slowly, rather than sparking. I've discharges very big 1000uf 450v caps into my arm once, its educational rather than life threatening, unless you have a weak heart or something, pretty uncomfortable. [/quote] I use a 1k It's safe enough ;p
  6. [quote name='Phil-osopher10' timestamp='1355677471' post='1901254'] So I recently got a blackstar HT 40 club secondhand. I asked the fella to demo it for me and it seemed grand. I bought it and brought it home, admittedly over some bumpy country roads at 60mph. It seems to have developed a fault where if I play and go to the bassier strings it starts to hum like feedback but it doesn't stop until I put it on standby. Is it loose valves? Or a more sinister problem? If it is loose valves what precautions should I take putting them in? Valve amp noob. [/quote] Hi you have a microphonic valve, let it start to squeel and pull valves out starting from the front end until it stops, then replace the last valve you pulled out
  7. oh very nice, drop us a pm about prices
  8. English people are crap at haggling, I put high prices on all my stuff with the intention of people lowballing me
  9. [quote name='4 Strings' timestamp='1355563220' post='1899891'] In the end I think the OP is right to get a second opinion on here, the advice 'to replace all the valves' may be sound but it doesn't seem to be based on anything and appears a little glib. You could just as easily advise to start replacing all components from the left to the right until the problem is solved. [/quote] Hes probabaly tested the amp and found that it's not doing the power because alot of the valves are down on emmision. A full revalve on a 400+ is expensive so I'd probably do the same and recommend it needs doing when they can afford it to the customer
  10. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1355513028' post='1899560'] does the drummer forgetting to put his kit in the van count as a technical difficulty? Was definitely the worst. [/quote] wasn't he being a massive dick about lending it to?
  11. [quote name='finbase' timestamp='1355242677' post='1895846'] Yep... Here we go: [b][u]General Specs:[/u][/b] -Aguilar DB680-styleish input (Passive/Active-switch, 12db pad) -Input Gain -Master -DI out, and per-and post-option -FX loop (before the EQ section) -Mute switch (immediately after the input gain) -Ampeg SVP/SVT-styleish drive control [b][u]EQ: (+/- 12db)[/u][/b] -Bass (Tube Driven, Shelving, 90Hz) -Treble (Tube Driven, Shelving, 10kHz) -Mesa Big Block 750-styleish Passive Mid! I really LOVE this single function in Mesa BB 750!! -2x fully parametric "tube driven" EQs (in the spirit of Aguilar 680db, but with slightly different Hz ratings) 1) 100Hz-800Hz ja 2) 700Hz-16kHz Thanks! [/quote] You're gonna struggle to find anyone who will do this, band pass parametric stuff is very difficult to implement with valves and I don't think it'd sit all that well with the fender tone stack. Do you have an idea of the sound you're after? Might be a better starting point than listing a load of features that you like from other amps.
  12. Whats the input impedance on your soundcard? Using a DI to match this up is a good thing and will guarentee the cleanest sound possible and keep distortion low and bandwidth high
  13. Do you have any pictures of the guts? Wanna see what mods have been done etc
  14. Hiya, i'd advise you changed the title as it suggested it's an all valve amplifier
  15. umph


  16. Great stuff dude look forward to having it in! what model is it?
  17. haha i don't think you'd get one for mentioning basschat as i won't be doing them personally, but if you're ordering a bunch of them i don't see why not
  18. Hiya, think you've got the power ratings wrong on this amp, it's 300watts into 2 or 4ohms. great amp though, soundguys love the di!
  19. [quote name='VTypeV4' timestamp='1352162361' post='1859667'] Yup, the MK2s did.. Both the head and combo models came with the switch. Very handy! Definately don't want to be in the way when anything goes off! So tubes out wont upset the power supply or anything? [/quote] nope,
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