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  1. No idea why I can’t receive PM’s? Is it something I’ve accidentally done in the account section???
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I’ve recently purchased one with two of the OBC212 cabs in black. Got a cracking deal from Andertons for the whole rig. its a fantastic sounding amp, and the clean switch lets you get crazy loud without any breakup. Although I don’t use that function as I like the sound with a bit of grit.
  4. Hi I’ve now added pictures of the actual rig. Also noticed that one of the control knobs has fallen off. I’ll try and source a replacement ASAP, but the control in question is completely unaffected and works fine, it’s just the knob has come off.
  5. Hi Not really looking to split atvthe minute I’m afraid. Thanks
  6. ***NOW SOLD*** Hi all Selling my full TC Electronic rig as I’m looking for a bit of a change. This is a great sounding, loud and lightweight rig consisting of the RH750 head, RS210 cab, RS112 cab and the RC4 footswitch. Included are the official TC Electronic carry bag for the head and fitted covers for the cabs. I’m in no major rush to shift it, so not looking to split at the moment, but this would be a great full rig for someone. Can be nice and portable with just the one cab, or loud as hell adding the second cab. I’ll try and get some pictures added ASAP, but won’t be for a few days as I’m pretty busy with work. But everything is in great condition. I’ve attached a couple of stock pictures for now. Viewings are welcome, I’m based just outside North London in Cheshunt, EN10. Happy to meet at a reasonable distance to deliver as I’ve not got much in the way of packaging to post the rig. Thanks for looking Sam - 07825156152
  7. Just in case anybody looks at this old thread whilst deciding on what strings to buy, I have recently purchased a new Verythin Bass. I believe it is the latest version and comes equipt with the shorter tailpiece. After reading a few bits online I ordered a set of Pyramid Golds in the long scale. These were definitely too long and would have meant threading the thickest part of the string through the tuning posts. The tapered thinner part of the string was way too long. I also sized the Pyramid Goldd in short scale as I have a set on my violin bass. These were too short and would also have meant that the silk wrap would have sat within the nut. I then opted for a set of Rotosound medium scale flats. Although these did fit, I just couldn't get on with them. They only come in a light gauge, with the E being a 90. They were too light for me and just didn't feel like they had enough tension. I have just re string her with a set of medium scale Daddario chromes. These are a much more familiar gauge for me with the E being a 100. They sound and feel brilliant. I know many people find chromes too bright, and they certainly are a bright flatwound, but the really suit the bass. The gauge and tension feel much better on the bass and the notes seem to ring a lot truer. Anyway, hope this may be of some help to any Verythin owners!
  8. Picked one up yesterday and loving it. Never owned a short scale before but it's pretty comfortable to play. Got the contemporary model in sunburst complete with teacup knobs, Macca strap and pyramid gold flats. Now nailing that McCartney tone
  9. Link for photo's added - http://s850.photobucket.com/user/Minty731/library/Gibson%20Thunderbird
  10. Anyone got advice on how to get pics up. I'm ising a laptop but it keeps saying upload error
  11. [quote name='NoirBass' timestamp='1473512646' post='3130896'] Got any pics? *EDIT - I'll pm you!* [/quote] I've emailed them over buddy
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