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  1. ebay.....80s peaveys...very cheap very loud...
  2. i got a ric 4004...it was for sale on here just after xmas....but i couldnt get that rick sound from it i bought a 60s bassman lookalike basicallyafenderside kick...it made it sound muddy....then i found a cheap ashdown 180 blue face combo and ashdown 115 and i can get a sound im happy with,loads of treble,piano like!!,but im putting it up for sale,or have some one who will swap a 4003 jetglo as thats what i really want.....but i beleve its a lot down to amp as much as anything....i wanna sound like alan davey,ex hawkwind....i can get his early sound....but ill never sound like him as i need to get a 69 bassman and crank it,a great universal amp to buy as well cheap is a laney dp 150...they give u a palet of tone.
  3. im not one for combos but ive played thro a couple of old peavey 75/85w combos....mannnn are they powerfull!! cheap too!!
  4. i got a 10w squire with 8inch speaker...i killed the speaker after many years of abuse....so i plugged it in to my212 cab and sounds well...not to shabby!!
  5. for pub gigs im using 215s pa subs,light easy to carry and 150watt head and its ample,altho 810 looks good id have to carry up 3 sets of stairs to load out of our rooms thats before getting to the gig!! like said keep urs and add a 210 cab to it,other bassests seem to like the sound of 215s
  6. im after another solidstate head,my dp laney keeps cutting out,and i cant get the right tone from it with my rick 4004 typical 80s head too much going on,also i dont want an amp with eq sliders i just want bass mid treb vol gain knobs,im going through 215s,im looking at ashdown mag 300 atm,not sure how good these would be with a 4004,also was looking at peavey tour 450 but has sliders,i really want marshall 35** but they not coming up often,also looking at ampeg micro...i got couple of hundred to spend....so what do others play ricks through or suggestions...
  7. tbh i had the marshall mb450 and it sounded awfull harsh fuzzy sound... it didnt feel 450 watts either...at the time i had laney dp 150,marshall jcm 900 and then a hartke 3500 wich blew the mb out the water...
  8. Alan Davey ex hawkwind bassman uses a1969 bassman 50w,used it for the last 20 years,first off with 215 cab,then he was using 115&210 ashdowns now 410 ashdowns,plays it full crank,recons theres no other amps to touch em!!
  9. ill keep me eye on this as its birthday next week!!
  10. yea that what worries me about 100w amps...not enough umph on stage,i would be playing a rick 4004 thro 215s....they pop up quite cheap mainly,but a few try to sell at stoopid money thinking mashall name brings big bucks as we know its only jmc 800 valve heads are big money!!
  11. has anyone ever used thses? opinions plz!
  12. i played a festival last week end and these were provided backline,through a 410,tbh this is the only amp yet to give my rick 4004 fat bottom,it was dialed to 5 on vol and the stage vibrated like a emeffer!!,altho people playing fender/fender types thro it sounded pretty flat and farty,yet same festi last year with my tbird wasnt impressed with em,but was with the rick...if in the market for a tube head id go for one......
  13. whats the vvt mod and coil caps? i got one wich was on sale here,but im bit off put with the tone, the strings seemed dead but iv raised the string height,but id like to get a bit more growl from it.ive not took the back cover off yet to see if theres caps?
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