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  1. Actually i have heard a wah pedal used really well on a bass, not sure if they used something else but really that suited the funk sound.
  2. Great thread. Guess it depends how you play bass and what you are playing for. I'd only use effects at a very minimum to enhance a bass sound because essentially it plays the most basic important part in music that no other instrument really does, provide the low bass to fill the sound! That's what I love about the bass. The guitar is part of of many treble instruments that have a more noticeable range of tones for our ears so it makes sense to have more effects etc. I can see why you'd use a little effect, it can change the feel/sound in a subtle but important way, but you usually wouldn't want to do much more or it'll lose itself. I'm usually quite happy the way the bass sounds with tone adjustments on it's own. The only pedals I do use occasionally are compressors and short reverb.
  3. Thanks guys. BassTractor - I don't have a teacher for bass, learning myself but getting guitar lessons. I'm just playing, sounds stupid but I have an idiots guide and reading bass mags, applying bits of what I know of the guitar. An excellent bassist friend taught me techniques and exercises to start. Let me know how your lesson went. ken_white - thanks I was told about that just after this post about thicker strings, is that thicker string what is used for the 5th string bass? SimonEdward - bit of a music pimp, love the other instruments too, though I have to say I feel like the bass and I are more compatible!
  4. I agree Dolphin too, they're usuallu really good. They messed up my order a bit last time but the customer service was excellent to resolve, will put it down to a one off.
  5. Thanks for the responses - I've been looking into all the suggestions and I have to say Markbass and Peavey Vyper amps look like they hit the spot. I am working both solo and band set-up in small venues where they sometimes don't have the equipment (band is not big enough or closely based enough for roadie/helping hands or anything, given how unreliable people can be). On the bass, it will range between low simple basslines to jumping funk/melodic lines like red hot chili peppers. For guitar, I've got pedals (though yet to delve into the world of pedal boards). Generally the guitar is fairly clean with minimal reverb and maybe distortion/overdrive in sections - can be rocky at it's heaviest but not like heavy-metal. I'll probably decided between peavey and markbass. Thanks again fellow players. JX
  6. Ha thanks Bert - I saw Nolly Getgood in Bassplayer magazine with a 6-string (says Dingwall guitar Afterburner)... The fretboard skews up and looks like you have to get used to different hand position for that? Does a wider handspan help? I'm struggling even with the hand stretching exercises though it's more manageable on bass than guitar.
  7. Hey - so a friend keeps banging on about the fact I need to invest in a bass amp. I do need a lightweight portable amp that i could gig with in venues that may not have all-inclusive PA equipment, but I'm wondering if I could get away with finding such a lightweight portable amp that is ideal for both electric guitar and suitable for bass? I've no real budget constraints (well, hoping to keep it under £1,000), I'm more concerned with quality/multi-use for guitar/bass and the fact I'm a girl so something that is portable for the likes of me. Thanks for your advice in advance!
  8. Hey guys and gal! Thanks... Defo one of the other areas I'm heading to is amps.
  9. Hi I've started to learn bass this year. I'm more an experienced singer and can play keys, I've played guitar a few years but learning more seriously now so I can say I play guitar with some credit. I've got a couple of band projects, one I'll be a bassist in and probably jamming as bass player going forward. Hoping to come across and get some advice particularly from fellow female bass players out there, I always get conscious about hand positions given my hands aren't as big as the guys. I've got a fender jazz bass 4 string, but kinda regretting not getting a 5 string cos I do like deep bass, I've already read some tune theirs down with a 4 string? I've not tried it yet but the low E string feels loose and heavily vibrates already, thinking it'll be harder to control if it's looser when tuned down. Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you and reading the posts on the forum. JX
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