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  1. would it be the Mexico thing? I have two of these, one in black and one in 3TSB. picked up the latter from here and it's a Japanese one tho it didn't have a Badass bridge so I added one. i don't follow the intricacies of these things so the Mex/Jap thing might not be a 'thing' in this case/anymore. Personally I love them so if I was you I'd keep it!
  2. Just received a shiny Badass II bridge from Mike. great to deal with, highly recommended!!! Thanks! \m/
  3. I also swapped the valves and bought a 5 quid attenuator. no more soundman complaints
  4. i played a gig with my 2nd band (which I've now left) and broke a string during the early part of the tune. Whipped out the dead string, jumped off stage like a trooper, restrung it on the fly, tuned up and came back in for the last 1/4... something wasn't right though and I was getting stern looks from the band... I couldn't tell (I'm a bit thick when it comes to fine tuning with everyone playing) after nearly a minute I realised I'd tuned it to a drop tuning which I use in my other band, but this one is standard . got it back in for about 1 minute of tune. I nearly sacked myself!
  5. I today received a Geddy Lee Fender Jazz from George which was well packed and got to me in less than 2 days after agreeing a sale. Surely a record?! Excellent communication and dealt with my inexperience with gentlemanly patience! Thanks George!
  6. [quote name='Oggy' timestamp='1416740377' post='2612993'] Funny though - I've had a couple of nibbles about the Genz but not a sniff on the Barefaced Compact - I thought it'd be the other way around - perhaps I'm asking to much for the Barefaced? [/quote] or we live too far away (and the price is too much )
  7. sounds like this has the same-ish maple/C neck as the Geddy Jazz?
  8. sounds like a Stevie Wonder covers band dropped through a lounge bland filter. like a lotta widdle-widdle bassists, very clever but boring to listen to. but then I do listen exclusively to AC/DC's Back In Black
  9. This must have been tackled before but I cant find anything... just wondered if anyone does lo-fi band recordings and how? Back in the day it was just a tape recorder, a few years ago I used to use a sony ericsson c905 phone and that was good... but my last HTC was rubbish so I gave up. Now have a galaxy S5 and I'm thinking of buying a microphone to plug into it to pick up the blasting noise and reduce it so that I can get a listenable recording. Any thoughts/ideas? I'm really not looking to buy mixing desks or get complicated, I dont need perfect recordings, just a balance of live drums, bass and two guitars, so that it's listenable and mp3's can be sent to the band members. cheers!!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. when I saw 'angry dog' vocals I thought it was more about the last ten years of these caustic metal-core singers. The guy from Converge is possibly the first most OTT singer I'd heard. Awesome as they are live (and their You Fail Me album is great for calming down to!) I cannot stand that vocal style. Luckily that kinda 'Metal' is more about fashion and posturing than music, and so it will end, cyclically. If you're talking about Death Metal vocals I guess the band Death and Venom were the originators. UKHC/Punk took punk to the next level. Everything is influenced by what went before. For me it would help to clarify what 'barking dog' vocals are? Thrash bands were rarely vocally aggressive in a growly fashion, it was Death Metal that was more growly. and I'd agree with Phil/Pantera bringing the 'aggro' but that was also more image and posture as well as vocal style. Sadly that macho BS is still hanging around.
  12. Hey all, For the Metallers and those who like stoner/doom/sludgey type instrumental music... [quote] After 3 years, Thorun finally sets free its third album, Festival at Fires Peak. Clocking in at a palatable 37 minutes it features 5 full tracks and one of our trademark ambient tunes to break it up. Once again the mighty Luke Oram has allowed us to use one of his great pieces for the artwork. The music is available for download from bandcamp for the princely sum of £5 (UK) , we’ve also thrown in the artwork, some pictures and a bio. We’ve put two tracks up for your listening pleasure… [url="http://thorun.bandcamp.com/album/2014-festival-at-fires-peak"]http://thorun.bandcamp.com/album/2014-festival-at-fires-peak[/url] We will have CD’s available shortly, also from bandcamp. [/quote] [url="http://www.thorunband.com/"]http://www.thorunband.com/[/url] cheers!!
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