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  1. That's great info! I think it was more my computer than the video. Thanks!
  2. That's a great video! very useful! Hopefully it'll spur me on to actually make one for the banter. 1. What type of glue did you use? 2. What's the dimensions for the center point of the speaker and ports? 3. You showed a certain type of jigsaw blade, what was it? 4. For the rear wall, was it carpet or carpet underfelt? and the sides do you just recommend polyester quilt? 5. Is the wiring self explanatory? ie instructions with the speaker. (I couldn't hear it very well due to poor computer speakers)
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I have a TC electronic Polytune that is no longer getting much use so I must move it on. It's in great condition, comes boxed and all. £50 posted! I'll upload photos tonight
  5. I passed on the opportunity to own one and by the sounds of it I'm glad I did. I was half looking to replace my current head and cab to go down the combo (1 lift) route, thinking 250 watts would be AMPle. I had a 115 combo for a while but it suffered from the ever present "coil whine" so I had to move it on. I'll keep a look out for another combo, ideally a tecamp 112, one can dream
  6. Out of curiosity, bar the woofer, what sort of price are you talking to put one of these together? How many sheets of plywood do you need?
  7. Just wondering if all the parts are easily accessible to buy in the UK? Speaker, crossover etc?
  8. I have been spoiled by a Warwick thumb 5, which has a overall nut width of 45mm (5 string) and a string spacing of 16.5mm. I've been playing it that long when I go into music shops to try out other basses I actually really struggle with wider string spacing. On a plus, it means I never really get GAS for other basses. (Amps and cabs are a completely different story)
  9. Just wondering if any one has any experience with this combo? What are your thoughts?
  10. I have the 2x10 and found that it was a much clearer cab than the Aguilar gs112 that I used to use. aguilar sold! now if I could find 2x 1x12 that would be ideal!
  11. Not much better, for the money! Great cabs.
  12. Is the only way to prevent damage a low pass filter of some description? How do you work out the frequency the cab is tuned to, with very little in the way of tools, ie a bass, a cab and an amp?
  13. Interesting, is it a more neutral sound than the jack's? Also how heavy were the jack's?
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