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  1. i didn't know v4's came with a dummy load? also pull the output valves, that rat dummy load will get hot quick and you don't wanna be in the way when it goes off!
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  3. umph


    interested in an akai headrush?
  4. [quote name='Bucket Head' timestamp='1351715612' post='1854637'] alright guys, i recently bought a Estradin Analog Russian flanger (not in working order) and have been trying to fix it. im pretty close but i cant work out which wires need to be on the output pot of it and where the go. just wondering if any one has one of these and could take pictures of the board OR (and i know i have more change of finding rocking horse S##T) a wiring diagram. i think mines a 1980 one it looks like the one on this link [url="http://m.matrixsynth.com/2008/03/estradin-analog-russian-phaser.html"]http://m.matrixsynth...ian-phaser.html[/url] Thanks in advance BH [/quote] i was watching this aswell. Take some gut pictures and i can help.
  5. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1350842651' post='1844149'] Lightweight? [/quote] i forget people have wimpy arms haha
  6. umph

    Output valves

    you'd be best going for el34's from your description
  7. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1349424556' post='1826051'] You can get 180W if you run them wrong. Running at 800V, will lead to valves wearing out much faster and the life of a guitar or bass amp is far tougher than a hi-fi amp or indeed a PA amp in those days. Valves are traditionally thought of as electrically indestructible but like transistors, if run close to their absolute maximum ratings, will fail sooner. If you want to find out how good and how bad both valve and solid state amps can be, without the BS go to both of these web sites. Their is some very good reading [url="http://lenardaudio.com/education/14_valve_amps.html"]http://lenardaudio.c...valve_amps.html[/url] and [url="http://sound.westhost.com/valves/index.html"]http://sound.westhos...lves/index.html[/url] The authors of both sites design and build Valve, SS and MOSFET amps and do know what they are talking about. [/quote] Don't agree, you can run them at 100W a pair and they'll still last a decent amount of time, obviously if you ran them 800/800 they'd pop in a second but for the 100W you need about 400v~ on the screens and it really has to be regulated.
  8. [quote name='mentalextra' timestamp='1349199356' post='1823213'] My old valve amp is suffering from fading sound after about 10-15 mins, Does this sound terminal? Thanks [/quote] does it fade to nothing? This will either be the b+ being cut or the output transformer.
  9. I've had the opportunity to service and play with the guitar version of this head, they sound great, though i'm not sure if i'm a fan of the contour swithc.
  10. [quote name='bertbass' timestamp='1348782493' post='1818301'] This is quite interesting as well. [url="http://www.guitarplayer.com/article/smooth-your-sonic-ride/5505"]http://www.guitarpla...sonic-ride/5505[/url] [/quote] Thats a load of nonsense, they've totally missed the point in adding a snubber network aswell.
  11. [quote name='bertbass' timestamp='1348764809' post='1817918'] Others may disagree, but in my opinion, valve amps have a sweet spot where the volume is just right for the valves to distort nicely, but not too much, the output transformer to saturate, but not too much and where the speakers distort, but again, not too much and that sound just can't be beaten. Unfortunately, when you have to turn down it all goes and it becomes a bit of a struggle to play because 'the sound' is just not there. I've found that adding a Behringer BD121 before the amp can compensate for the lower volume. It will never be as good as that WOW moment but it can come a close second and at a little over £20, is a cheap alternative to buying a new amp and you still have that sound when you can play loud enough. [/quote] output transformer distortion sounds pretty bad, unless your into synths. Totally don't recomend a power break on a 150watt head either. Use less speaker or less valves. You can pull two of the valves out and use it on twice the load
  12. [quote name='snorkie635' timestamp='1348263220' post='1811737'] Everything's there - it was bought new. [/quote] try swapping the preamp valves around, see if one has better noise rejection in the first position
  13. worth cleaning effects loop jacks to
  14. if the pedal is in a metal box you should be fine.
  15. [quote name='snorkie635' timestamp='1346528155' post='1790326'] Recent purchase of DB 751 has led to great joy - but - it hisses (white noise) if either preamp gain or master volume are set over 10.00 o'clock. This happens without any bass plugged in. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this kind of thing - I've tried replacing the valves in the preamp with no joy (and the tweeter in my cab is off. Hmm? [/quote] theres lots of things it could be, it shouldn't be that bad though! is this level of noise without anything plugged in?
  16. [quote name='bigsmokebass' timestamp='1347285249' post='1798800'] Haha smoooooth I'd be selling it than rehoming it, saddle or I thnk you'd get it What's your take on Marshall? BSB [/quote] Personally i like the older stuff, they went a bit wrong in the 90's. The old stuff makes good noises. The jcm800 has an active tone stack which is intresting and makes it a bit different from your average amp!
  17. [quote name='phil.i.stein' timestamp='1346997492' post='1795720'] Boss LS-2 is the cheapest option. [/quote] Chorus works via adding a effected delay'd signal to your clean signal. A clean blend might not be the solution, but there are a number of mods you can do to control how extreme the chorus gets!
  18. i'd recomend the 81 as the driver valve rather than the 82 as the splitter will have been designed for the 81
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