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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if somone can give me a bit of advice. ive changed the valves on a AC50CP head and am looking to bias them. i Cannot find the schematic for this amp but have found the 100 watt version. It says that the bias voltage is 75mV and that the current should be 38mA ish Im just a bit puzzled as the test points on the 50watt and 100 watt appear to be exactly the same. im just wondering if anyone has any experience with this amp. do the biasing test point need to be 75mV per side? there is 3 pins with the middle pin being common and the right point controlled by the right point and the left by the left pot. below is a link to the schematic http://www.ampix.org/albums/userpics/10003/Vox_AC100CPH.pdf Thanks in advance Bucket
  2. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1452342215' post='2949030'] Collected from where?? [/quote] That info would probably help! forgive my density. Ive added that info into the post Thanks
  3. Free to collector from Goring by sea on the south coast by Brighton - empty 2X15 bass cab. would be good for a DIY project for someone. I used it for a while as a main cab for my Doom band and it sounded pretty hench. I am hopefully moving soon and need to lighten to load somewhat unfortunately so this needs to go. I have taken the speakers out and got rid of them separately. I actually got this From this Recycling forum section from chimike (i think) a long while ago so i hoped i could pass it on to someone on here! If it doesnt go im afraid its destined for the tip which would be a shame. [attachment=209121:20151221_121733.jpg][attachment=209119:20160102_150257.jpg][attachment=209123:20151221_121738.jpg][attachment=209124:20151221_115640.jpg]
  4. Hi guys wondering if any of you can help me with some Info about this Guitar. Picked it up recently but cant quite work out where it was made. it looks as tho its a 97 guitar but does the J at the front stand for JAPAN? many thanks
  5. thanks a lot for the help guys. i wont start voltage checking etc until i know more in that case. Really don't know a lot about RF stuff at all. what part of is the burny part japanaxe? cheers Gelfin thats appreciated ill sign up to hi fi site also and post a few things there, does anyone know any good forums? thanks BH
  6. ahhhh ok cool. so i guess that the 3 valve slots would be for a rectifier, preamp and power?
  7. hi guys, hope its OK to post this here. Bought this a week ago at a car boot. thought it looked interesting and was possibly some kind of Valve testing jig. I've been looking into doing valve replacement and amp repair and thought it might come in useful if it was (and it was only a 5er). Anyway I've been looking all over trying to find out what it is and no luck! was hoping one of you guys might know something about it. cheers BH [url="http://s895.photobucket.com/user/BucketHead1980/media/20150314_120854.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s895.photobucket.com/user/BucketHead1980/media/20150314_121004.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s895.photobucket.com/user/BucketHead1980/media/20150314_120905.jpg.html"][/url]
  8. also do you reckon this is the original HSC? looks like it fits pretty nicely in there. complete with old-school Canadian beer stickers
  9. sorry for the late reply, yea i dunno if ill get part with this to be honest. It does weigh a bit tho. hopefully ive added the pics correctly... you can see the join on the headstock its not too bad at all really i can live with that lol does anyone know if the bridge cover is origional? dont think ive seen on any of the pics ive seen.
  10. well i bought it and got it today! managed to get it for 400 quid and it came with the OHSC. the thing is a beauty to behold, the repair job on the headstock aint to bad at all. have to say this may be the nicest sounding bass ive ever played. its got shed loads of attack and brightness which i didnt expect from a bass nearly 40 years old (1976) love the shape of the body and headstock but can totally see why these things break all the time. dunno if i should gig with it and risk breaking it. cheers for all the info and help guys i appreicate it!
  11. sweet cheers for all the info. yea kinda like the cowboy look haha. ill have to get myself a big buckle and a Stetson. ive been offerd one with a repairded headstock. origional part it just broke and was glued back in. how much do you think this would affect the value?
  12. ah so they quite rarely come up then. yea i saw a picture of the white eagle, looks beautiful too. ill have to keep an eye out. im wondering what they are like to play though. i imagine they are similar to jazz basses from the looks of them is there any bands that use them? cheers
  13. Hi guys, been looking into getting one of these black eagle beasts but cant really find that much info on them. just wondering if anyone knows much about them like....reliability, sound and what kinda price they are worth/ go for (just so i dont get ripped off lol) any help as always is appreciated! cheers
  14. unfortunately that listing ending a while ago otherwise i would have bought it ;(. yea i guess ill have to put some wire in there then, never seen this kind of configuration before looks like a valve socket or somthing. thanks Dad3353 for that link that will be a big help! much appreciated innit cheers
  15. hi guys, looking for a sound city guru. i bought a sound city amplifier today from a carboot and it has some kind of shorting plug at the back for voltage selection and ohms selection. the problem is that the plug for the ohm selector is missing and im wondering if there is somewhere i can get a new/repo one or if its possible to make one the plug is the same as this one..... [url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-voltage-ohms-selector-for-Hiwatt-Sound-city-Selmer-etc-WILL-SHIP-/301129974981?nma=true&si=gOqLqBpTJ%252FjLO6CH6%252Bi2Ba6Ubaw%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557"]http://www.ebay.com/...=p2047675.l2557[/url] all help is of course much appreciated as always! cheers
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