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  1. They’re great amps, this one is currently sold pending.
  2. 1977 Fender super twin amp cabinet including speakers. Would also fit other larger Fender chassis like twins, Bassman 100/135 or be good for cut down project for any of the above amps.
  3. Fender super twin cabinet from 1975 including speakers. Would also fit Bassman 100/135 or other large Fender amp chassis to make a cut down cabinet
  4. The Classic T90 90W Tube Bass Amp Head is developed by amp experts with more than 20 years experience from building exclusive tube amps for hi-fi and guitar. The result is a hand-crafted tube amp that will exceed any expectations with tone and power. The 90 tube-Watts makes the EBS Classic T90 a perfect amp for the studio, especially since it comes with a direct driven balanced tube output. The amp is also very well suited for use in live situations.The specially designed transformers are over-dimensioned and all materials are carefully selected to perform at a maximum level - at all times. The amp has a separate input for active and passive instruments and a separate output for 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms speaker cabinets. The control panel has a classic style layout with controls for Volume, Bass, Treble and Presence. Features 100% Tube ampDirect driven tube XLR-outputActive/Passive inputs4 and 8 ohms outputsVolume, Bass, Treble and Presence controls90 W pure tube powerClassic T90 90W Tube Bass Amp Head Specifications: Nominal Input Level: -18dBv (passive), -8dBv (active)Input Impedance: 1Mohms (passive), 100kohms (active) Tone Controls: Bass +/-12dB @80Hz; Treble +/-12dB @8kHz; Prescence 0 - +12 dB @5kHz (pwr amp eq) Balanced Output Level: -10dBv Power Output: 90W RMSTube Selection: 2x 6550 power tubes; 1x 7025 now noise selection; 1x 12AT7, 2x 12AU7Dimensions (WxHxD): 21.1'x10.5'x9.57' / 53.7x26.7x24.3 cmWeight: 16.7 kg / 37 lb Collection from Southampton would be good. Traveling to Peterborough in a few weeks so could meet up along the way
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I’ve owned this for several years, gigged it, recorded it and now it’s not seeing much action so time to move on. It’s an early ‘75 maple necked, ash bodied jazz bass. Body has signs of use but the neck is clean. Pot dates are 74, 74 and 75, neck plate is 73. Covers, fixing screws, manual and hang tag included. weight is 7.4lbs and it’s really acoustically loud. Plugged in it’s an absolute beast. I put fresh string on on Saturday (18/1/20) and it’s been setup professionally last month. No trades thanks
  7. My Skyline has a serial number on the top of the headstock by the B sting tuner too. The last two digits are the year it was made.
  8. Do you know which year it was produced, it’s the last 4 numbers of the serial number closest to the nut
  9. I’ve got one of these too and they are crazy loud for 90 watts. I really like that it’s only 90 watts as 100 watt load boxes and attenuators are widely available and affordable. The valve DI is really smooth too as well as a NOS revalve not being too expensive.
  10. What’s the string spacing on this and what position on the bass it’s come out of was it in?
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