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  1. Barefaced super twin is loud, light weight and this one has silver grill cloth and a branded cover. Specs are available here; https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Super-Twin.htm Collection would be nice, meeting up within 2 hours drive is possible but fuel money would need to be covered. A courier could be arranged at cost Now £675
  2. I’ve been blown away by how good these sound, even going as far as selling my valve amps
  3. 2000+ views and still no one interested? I’ll leave this at £699 until Sunday then it’ll be withdrawn
  4. Thanks Soledad. They certainly didn’t scrimp on design or manufacture. I think 42lb would be just over 19kgs in new money. The equivalent Ampeg is 28lb or 12.7kgs heavier 🤔
  5. Interested in this, where are you based?
  6. Damn that’s nice! Hoping it’ll still be around if anyone takes interest in my Eden
  7. I’m in Southampton Jimmy. Heading up to Rugby in the next couple of days for a day if that works better for you
  8. Back up for sale is my Eden VT300a. But why would I need this I hear you cry, well.... The Eden VT series were designed and made in Holland by boutique amp builders Koch. Not meaning to use an overly used phrase, vintage tones with modern reliability. Basically speaking it’s Ampeg greatest hits of the 60s and 70s with less weight but all the open-ness which the classic designs are known for. Koch also made the famed Sadowsky SA200 at the same time as being contracted to Eden. Same components, same staff building it just at 1/3rd the price. The optional foot switch enables remote use of the tuner mute, compressor, 4 band eq, over drive and damping. Included is the foot switch and a fresh sextet of power valves Collection would be nice but a courier could be arranged at cost I’m selling to go down the IEM/FRFR cab/modeller path so basses and FRFR cabs is what I’m after THIS WEEKEND ONLY I’LL TAKE £650
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