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  1. Still here, packaged and ready to go
  2. Good for de tuner and pog sounds
  3. Nice compressor used by some notable people. shipping £5
  4. Boss EQ, Velcro attached. Good for general shaping. Shipping £5
  5. Boss OC3, not seen much use. No Velcro. postage £5
  6. The Daddy O is a Marshall Guv’nor copy. Housed in a metal case from ‘96 Good for Motörhead sounds, cranked Marshall bi amping. Tim Commerford even used one (the Marshall version) in early RATM. Postage £5
  7. At this rate I’ll have to torture you all with a play through
  8. Hello and thanks for looking at this post. What we have here is an Eden VT300a in all its valve loveliness. Under the hood is housed 6 fresh premium 6550s by TAD, these can be switched out for EL34s to drop the power from 300 to 200 watts. For a breakdown of the controls here’s a link to the manual. http://www.edenamps.net/assets/4012.006_vt300b-2005.pdf Included is the optional foot switch. It’s not necessary for operation but helps. The weight is around 25kg which includes the case. Collection is preferred, meeting up half way, within reasonable distance is also possible for fuel money. I would also courier at cost. Trades I’d be interested in include American P basses, Warwick Streamers, Behringer x32s, Lakland 5502, Decade or P basses, Avalon U5 plus cash, Barefaced Two10 or 2 One10s plus cash
  9. John Deacon for me. Big round tones that glued everything together yet still remaining perfectly audible, even on bad speakers
  10. What are the sizes of the pickups? If they’re the set with the 4.1 inch bridge pickup then I’ll happily take them off you
  11. Almost packed and ready to ship. Sizes are; 94x52x66cm and 23kgs if couriers are involved
  12. Barefaced super twin is loud, light weight and this one has silver grill cloth and a branded cover. Specs are available here; https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Super-Twin.htm Collection would be nice, meeting up within 2 hours drive is possible but fuel money would need to be covered. A courier could be arranged at cost Now £675
  13. I’ve been blown away by how good these sound, even going as far as selling my valve amps
  14. 2000+ views and still no one interested? I’ll leave this at £699 until Sunday then it’ll be withdrawn
  15. Thanks Soledad. They certainly didn’t scrimp on design or manufacture. I think 42lb would be just over 19kgs in new money. The equivalent Ampeg is 28lb or 12.7kgs heavier 🤔
  16. Interested in this, where are you based?
  17. Damn that’s nice! Hoping it’ll still be around if anyone takes interest in my Eden
  18. I’m in Southampton Jimmy. Heading up to Rugby in the next couple of days for a day if that works better for you
  19. Willing to deliver within reasonable distance for fuel money
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