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  1. I do wonder why anyone would make a bass for sale at this price - there comes a point where you’re just building down to a price. There are many great instruments out there but even something as basic as a P bass only tends to be decent upwards of £150 or so - and in the used market a squirt classic vibe or similar isn’t too far away in price and would probably needs next to none of the fettling required.
  2. Maybe edit the subject to save people opening your thread only to find it’s no longer available?
  3. I must admit that whilst not being a massive MM fan, I did briefly own a natural SR5. It was impeccably made and sounded excellent, and made a great studio/live instrument. Alas the narrow string spacing, weight and lack of a neck pickup meant I moved it on. The HH versions do look cool with those enormous pickups.
  4. Just sold an Ibanez to Thibault. Great comms and instant payment. Thanks for a smooth transaction!
  5. I bought these headphones from Bass Direct last year at the same time as my Studio 77 amp but have never used them. Pretty sure I have the box and all the bits but can check if someone wants to buy. So as new condition and price includes mainland UK postage.
  6. Apart from the song being in a minor key, the same applies to the 12-bar Blues you already know. V7-I, e.g. D7 to Gmaj (Or D7 to Gmin in a minor key) serves as tension and release. You can wrap a lot of theory around it but that’s all it is. One chord has a grouping of notes that sounds unstable (D7 has F# and C, which form a tritone - or an interval between two notes that is three whole tones apart). The unstable part gets “resolved”, usually by moving up or down a semitone. So F# in D7 moves up one fret to G (root of Gmaj or minor) and C in D7 moves down one fret to B (3rd of Gmaj) or Bb (3rd of Gmin). You end up with a stable chord (Gmaj or Gmin), and on we go to the next verse/chorus etc.
  7. In a big band I’d expect to see slash chord notation with dots for doubled or melody parts, unless a particular voicing was required. Arrangers rarely know what works on a guitar 😀
  8. Guitar is a hard instrument to read on. The multitude of different positions, up to 6 notes simultaneously and the strings aren’t the same intervals bottom to top. It’s certainly not like reading on bass!
  9. I kind of know what you mean - but I can see why AL wasn’t happy with the guitar sound and the amount of keyboards. Production-wise, if you compare it to Grace Under Pressure to me it’s like night and day - so much more dynamics, tonal range and despite both albums being excellent, Signals always seems to feel a bit flat and lifeless.
  10. Driven is a great track but the album as whole suffers a bit from feeling like it’s trying to copy grunge a bit. It hasn’t aged that well compared to other albums. i must go find the remixed Vapor Trails as the original mix was poor and ugly on the ear. It’s definitely their strongest album of the more modern era - I tried really hard with the last couple but just don’t like them. For me as a band they sounded at this best with keyboards, as the texture with just guitars (especially since AL went back to Gibson’s) was just too thick and hard on the ear. I can only imagine what Signals would sound like without the flat production, cardboard drums and thin guitars!
  11. Up for sale is my Ibanez SR3006e 6-string bass This was handmade in the Fujigen factory in Japan in 2005, and consists of a 2-piece mahogany body, 5-piece wenge and bubinga neck and wenge fingerboard, Bartolini humbuckers, Ibanez Vari-Mid circuit with vol, pan and 3-band Ed with sweepable mid range that does a passable impression of a Wal, lightweight Gotoh tuners and Monorail bridge. It has some signs of wear considering its 14 years old but is in excellent condition. The wood work is superb and the wenge grain on the neck is fabulous (as is the mahogany on the body). I believe this was Ibanez’s attempt to compete with Warwick as the woods are similar, and the tone is excellent as a result - a bit darker than a Warwick but the bottom B in particular is epic - very tight sounding even far up the neck and the whole bass is even sounding bottom to top. Electronics are noise free and powerful (and the vari mid circuit is actually better imho than the current circuit in the 5000 series - more flexible). The bass comes with the original hard case which is also in excellent condition I’ve had many high-end 6-strings and this is easily as good as anything I’ve played in terms of spec, fit and finish and tone, and being rather rare it’s quite a bargain I think! Price is £650 ovno - I can post but it will be UPS with full insurance so will be at cost and extra. I’m not desperate to sell so happy to hang onto it if there is no interest. Any questions, just ask!
  12. Right. This needs to go so final price drop to £550, no offers. If it doesn’t sell at that price I’ll keep it
  13. Grace Under Pressure. Alex Lifeson was unhappy with being elbowed out of the way a touch by synths on Signals, yet the Waldorf PPG sounds are brilliant. The tension in the band can clearly be felt but that brings an edge that isn’t there in later albums, and this is the real turning point of them moving from progressive hard rock to having a wider palette, but in a more succinct format. From the cover art and the best band portrait shot by Yousuf Karsh, to me the best song and guitar solo in their entire output - Between The Wheels - for me it’s the high water mark of their output.
  14. Price drop to £650 - which is £200 less than the one on eBay
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