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  1. FDC484950

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    I think the only crumb of comfort the OP should take is that they admitted they posted it down the wrong chute. That may be enough to get some leverage from them. Goods sent by a courier can range from no value to very expensive. Couriers have a basic level of cover but this should not be considered to be insurance unless it covers the value of what you are sending. For example, Special Delivery covers up to £500 (I believe) by default; if you send something more expensive than that you can take out enhanced cover. ParcelForce offers £25 standard cover - make of that what you will as to the cate and attention they take with your parcel! Anything above the basic level of cover relies on their goodwill - and I’ve not seen much of that in the transit goods industry. It’s also far better to buy directly from the courier rather than use an intermediary like Interparcel - your legal contract is with a different company, and not the one who lost your parcel. My experience in this situation is that they just don’t want to know, UNLESS you have taken out cover to the appropriate amount. I ALWAYS insure goods via courier to their full value and won’t post if that level of cover is not available. Think of 3rd party motor insurance - it is basic cover and some think that means you’re “covered”, but if you smash your car up you’re not covered, that’s why fully comp exists.
  2. FDC484950

    Fun little 30 bass comparison

    Pedulla first for me. That tone would work nicely in most pop and rock and would cut like a knife with a pic. 2nd place to the Stingray (who’d have thought?) and the MTD Super.
  3. FDC484950

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Define “better”? Or are they (as in the other bass players you mentioned) better because you “can’t stand him or the Beatles”? Would any of them made the Beatles music “better”? Edit: thought I remember your previous comments! Can’t help but thinking that this makes you a bit unbelievable.
  4. FDC484950

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Whether anyone on here considers him to be terrible, or conversely the god of modern pop bass, it makes not one jot of difference. The music is there as is the evolution of bass playing and has been captured for posterity. These “Is [insert player name here] over-rated” threads smack of boredom to me.
  5. FDC484950

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    Also based on previous experience I would always buy full insurance for the goods as certain light-fingered staff know when something has basic cover and such items often mysteriously “vanish”!
  6. FDC484950

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    It may pay to read what the contract actually says, regardless of what you may think about it. I absolutely agree that they SHOULD accept liability, but it’s a legal contract and depends on wording. It’s transit cover and comes into play if an item is lost, stolen or damaged. The fact that they are saying it’s out of their hands doesn’t bode well; hopefully they’ll do the right thing. Its also worth pointing out that the OP paid Interparcel to deliver the goods, not Parcelforce.
  7. FDC484950

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    If you haven’t added insurance to value of goods then you’ll only get back what the standard cover included. Whether it is entirely their fault or not that is what they will pay out on. Personally I would not send anything with them, but obviously you are where you are. I’d do my best to put pressure on them to cough up as it was their mistake - but I wouldn’t hold out much hope
  8. Setting aside ability (or lack of), the fact is that many musicians believe they’re a great when they’re not, and have an equal amount of arrogance and pride preventing them from seeing the truth. Many players also fail to practice enough to be able execute what they’re trying to play. And if you’re not listening and playing for the music then it’ll sound crap, and one player like this in a band makes for awful music. As to needing time to get used to another musician - the better they are (and you are!), the quicker the groove starts working. The best drummer I ever played with was on a recording session - we did one run-through then recorded the whole track in one take - and (imho!) it sounded great. I can clearly remember that it took about 2 minutes to adjust to his playing - and from then on it was just perfect.
  9. FDC484950

    Thinking of calling it a day!!!!

    I was a pro many moons ago and made a decent living, gigging, touring, doing studio work and teaching. I gave up on a career about 15-odd years ago and now don’t gig, and rarely play. I can easily say I’ve “called it a day” but I still really enjoy playing bass for my own pleasure. I wouldn’t look at things in such a black-and-white way - I find playing bass a great stress-buster and any playing you do on any instrument makes you a more rounded musician. Keep playing - even if it’s only occasional
  10. FDC484950

    Clear B string

    I have an early 2000s SR3006e with USA passive Bartolini pickups and the stock varimid eq. This bass sounds fabulous on neck, mixed or bridge. I’ve also owned a good few basses with both Bart pickups and preamp and don’t ever remember them sounding sterile. Funnily enough this is exactly what has put me off Dingwall basses in the past - try as I might I’ve never been able to get on with the tone, and I’ve played an ABZ, AB1, AB2, Z3 and Prima Artist (and the nicest one of the lot was the cheapest ABZ!). Maybe it’s the pickup selector, but I found the basic tone didn’t speak to me at all, flat and uninspiring. I also found that despite the very long B string, although it feels very tight and the sound is very clear, it just doesn’t sound “right” as a package. Maybe I just need to find the right one. YMMV etc...
  11. The OCD in me cannot get past the horizontal grain in the body vs the vertical grain on the headstock 😀
  12. FDC484950

    NBD - Dingwall Super PZ5

    Although they’re not the only company, one of Dingwall’s greatest achievements is to make well-balanced and very light instruments that still sound great. If you step back 20 years or so it was almost unheard-of to find a 5- or 6-string bass weighing less than 4.5-5Kg. I’ve not owned one but played a few, and although I haven’t found one that I liked enough to buy, they sure felt great to wear and play, and if my Ibby SR3006e needs any company, Dingwall would be very close to the top of the list.
  13. FDC484950

    Exoctica? pah! gimme a p bass

    How about the fretless Precision Bass. Oxymoron?
  14. FDC484950

    dumbass delivery award this week? Parcelforce

    Yes, despite ringing Parcelscrap and them confirming that they have a note on my account NOT to leave parcels at the door they still bring it to the door, knock, leave it on the doorstep (in full view of the road) and immediately drive off without even waiting for me to answer. When I check online it says signed for by me. Every other courier - DPD, MyHermes, DHL etc - either hide the parcel out of sight behind the bins, or take it back to the depot. I vote with my feet and never send anything with them, but sometimes don’t have a choice with receiving goods. I’ve also confronted a driver writing the missed delivery card sitting in his van whilst I was watching him from my lounge. “I did knock” says he. “No you didn’t, I watched you pull up and write the card sitting in your van” says I (after getting the parcel!) It’s pure laziness and a complete lack of consideration for the receipients of their awful service.
  15. FDC484950

    Clear B string

    A tapered B helps with intonation, clarity and feel - even the fat .135 in the black label set is easy enough to play. I don’t believe tension is the whole story - the mass for each string is different, and a big fat string made of (more of) the same material as a thinner string doesn’t necessarily “feel” like it has less tension, because the extra mass counteracts it - see what happens to the tension when you tune, say, and A string right down to low B - much,much floppier than a B at the same tuning, right? I agree that if a cheap bass has a great B then it’s likely to be by accident rather than design as a better quality of construction (and better materials and design) seem to affect the quality of the B on all the basses I’ve played.