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  1. FDC484950

    Abraham Laboriel on a fretless Wyn.

    Aside from the slightly flaky tuning (and I agree that the tapewounds don’t sound great) what effortless playing. Very interesting right hand, damped the low B perfectly but very fluid and smooth, yet lots of thump. I’ve heard lots of great tracks with his playing on but not paid attention when watching him play before. Thanks!
  2. FDC484950

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    When was the last time a bass player had the monicker “TV personality”!
  3. FDC484950

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    Having watched the video and the conversation with Sean Hurley I’m at a loss to see what the big deal is. He’s talking about a particular situation experienced in the studio, whether it’s down to engineers not having experience of eq’ing another bass, or current retro fashion, it is what it is. Vive la difference - if you like something else, what’s the problem? Also when Scott mentions “top session pros”, in 2019 he’s probably taking about a few dozen players worldwide at the very most, probably less than 30, as so little mainstream/session/film/tv/jingle music is now recorded with instruments, it’s hardly representative of all styles of music and all situations. Funnily enough, as a “pro” in the late 80’s to late 90’s I didn’t own a P bass and was never once asked to play one on a track
  4. FDC484950

    Walking bass top tips.

    The most important tip for walking bass is how it should sound and feel. I tend to play walking lines just with my index finger (plucking hand) as it just sounds better. Next tip: just play straight quarter notes - no embellishments, skips, triplets or any other fripperies. I’ve heard it described as sounding like a bouncing rubber ball. It’s origins are in “dance” music so remember it was meant to make people dance! In terms of the harmony, at first you will want to nail solid root notes on beat 1 and either 3rd, 5th or 7th of chord on weak 3rd beat for one chord per bar, or root/chord tone/root/chord tone for 2 chords per bar. Then gradually start to shape the line with scale fragments, then chromatic approach notes above and and below the chord tone, and after about 25 years you can start playing longer ideas across many bars! Ed Friedland’s books are good for getting an understanding of the walking bass. Ultimately once you’ve got the basics, then your music collection is the best possible teacher - learn from the masters - Milt Hinton, Jimmy Blanton, Oscar Pettiford, Ron Carter, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Charles Mingus, Scott LaFaro, Jimmy Garrison, Christian McBride and many others!
  5. FDC484950

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    I’ve had so many basses that I’ve bought based on the sound I thought they should have, but were very disappointing. Wal mk1 - I probably wasn’t good enough at the time but it sounded distinctly ordinary. I had a Mk3 made years later when I was a much better player. It weighed a ton and sounded no better than the first one! I also owned an MTD that was very nice, but like every MTD I’ve tried since, there was a big dead spot on the neck - sad to say as they make some incredible instruments otherwise. Jaydee Celeste. Horrible, horrible instrument which I got part exchanging a Status series 2 - which was, by the way, a fabulous instrument... Warwicks - I’ve had plenty and whilst the wood combinations and bell brass frets produce a unique sound, they’re an ergonomic nightmare - poor balance unless a 4 or ridiculously heavy and the stock eq is rather anaemic. And the barrel jack is rubbish! Never tried a Fender 5 with a convincing B string, I owned a US deluxe and got rid of it in a few months, as I did another 90’s US Deluxe V I bought a few years earlier. Hold on, there’s a pattern appearing 😃
  6. FDC484950

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    It’s also true that people will generally post things on a forum that they probably wouldn’t say in person to a (relative) stranger. The comparative security and anonymity of posting online (hence the keyboard warrior phrase!). Dont mistake forum opinions for fact. A forum is a vehicle for people to air their opinions, and has been said by others, not everyone reacts well to their viewpoint being challenged. FWIW the opinions on here are rather mild compared to some of the places I’m a member - and I have typed many a reply and deleted it before hitting Post ☺️
  7. FDC484950

    Ibanez Mezzo bass - new for 2019

    Couldn’t they find a bass player to do the demo?
  8. FDC484950

    Later with Joolz last night

    Jess Glynne had a decent voice, Bublé not my cup of tea but good singer and a natural entertainer, Rudimental quite good, house band OK but the Chic stuff sounded poor (sorry but Jerry Barnes just doesn’t fit - hasn’t got the right groove for the gig and every time I hear them he overplays) and the house drummer just didn’t groove unless it was the boogie woogie stuff. Dave Swift sounded fine on both upright and electric. Junior Giscombe still has a fantastic voice. It’s a funny old world as The Record Company seems to have near-universal praise but bored me silly!
  9. FDC484950

    Later with Joolz last night

    Dave S was playing an Ibanez BTB (1826?) as I believe he’s now an Ibanez endorsee.
  10. FDC484950

    Pino Pallidino Fender Precision

    Fixed Usually really obvious, especially on a sunburst, with little attempt to match contrasting grain!
  11. FDC484950

    Ibanez SR 5 String

    I’ve played a Cort A6 before. Reminded me strongly of a Ken Smith, nice even tone and lovely fit and finish. The only downside was the slightly anaemic electronics. I’m usually a Bartolini fan but I think it had the cheaper mk1 pickups (not sure about the eq). They certainly punch way above their weight. The B5 OPN with Wenge neck and ash body is also a cracker - and can be had for less than £500.
  12. FDC484950

    Ibanez SR 5 String

    Ah, that makes sense. I had one of the first SR5006 models with the 3v preamp and assumed they still used it. IMHO it was pretty useless, the eq did next to nothing and the tone from the pickups wasn’t very inspiring. The acrylic finish didn’t feel very nice under the hands and the bass was heavy and very neck-heavy. Quite a surprise as the SR3006 has a much more usable Vari-Mid EQ, but ironically it doesn’t need much EQ as the basic sound is so rich and fat. I’m currently leaning toward the SR1705, probably solely due to the look and combination of woods. The S2605 has stainless steel frets but the neck has something like 15 laminations and the top is a bit over the top for me!
  13. FDC484950

    Ibanez SR 5 String

    I might be in the market for a premium 5 to complement my excellent SR3006e (which imho has a much better preamp than the 5006, having had one previously). However there appears to be an SR1305, SR1825, SR2605 and some limited edition models like the SR1705. Is there any material difference are are they just cosmetic changes as they all seem to have a mahogany body, wedge-type laminated neck, Nordstrand pickups and 3v circuit?
  14. FDC484950

    SOLD: Yamaha BB435

    Now on hold pending the usual.
  15. FDC484950

    SOLD: Yamaha BB435

    I can arrange for you to collect from a train station in a London if that helps - but probably in the new year! I have neither packaging nor any kind of case, so sadly shipping isn’t an option...