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  1. That’s a good point. As another long term hater of the Stingray 5 pickguard (one of the reasons why I have a Sterling instead), it didn’t occur to me to get one the same colour as the bass to somewhat reduce its impact. It’s a shame really as some of the special edition Stingrays that lose the pickguard look so much better. I do however love the pickguard on the SR4.
  2. Very nice. I briefly had an L2500 tribute and loved the tone, but having asked the dealer for the lightest one they had was a tad disappointed when it turned up and weighed 5.4Kg! Would love a CLF 2500 in gold and I gather they’re much lighter (around 4Kg). Just a shame about the ugly metal scratch plate which actually works on your bass but doesn’t look so great on the other colours.
  3. I’ve been looking for a Big Al 5 SSS for a year or so now. I’ve not seen a single one for sale worldwide. The last one up for sale was about 18 months ago on TB, and one on hear apparently a couple of years ago. I know they weren’t produced for long but they seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth.
  4. Sold some headphones to Tony. Fast payment and great communication. A pleasure doing business
  5. Having had both a 425 and a 435, I beg to differ. The electronics and the B string on both Yamahas was nothing to write home about. Both were bought before playing (one was dirt cheap) but I moved them on because they were a bit anonymous and lacked that feeling of being “alive”. Nothing like some older 80s BBs I’ve played. I also tried the 735 and didn’t believe it was worth the extra money (painted neck seemed odd and didn’t sound or feel better to me). As always, everyone has their own views. IMHO the Sire V7 5 that I bought (fully expecting to send back as not good enough) is a much better all-round bass - although maybe not all are, not sure about their consistency.
  6. I hate naffing acronyms or I have no idea I’m with you on acronyms Dave.
  7. SOLD Bought about 18 month ago but never used. Boxed and complete. Price includes UK mainland postage.
  8. Sterling 5 HH in scarlet red, Corvette Teambuilt 6 and Sire V7 5 in lake placid blue. Loving all 3 of them! I still hanker after an NYC Sadowsky. Every one I've tried has felt abs sounded incredible
  9. Well to be fair I’ve spent the same amount recently, but in my defence it was 3 basses Looks fabulous, enjoy!
  10. Were you the lucky ticket holder that scooped the £122m on the Euromillions last night? Well done
  11. For sale, a pair of Bartolini Mk2 pickups that came out of an Ibanez BTB 6 string. Excellent condition, IMHO these sound better than the H66CBC US pickups I replaced them with (bass now gone). Price plus UK shipping at cost.
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