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  1. So, I recently found an MM Big Al 5 that I’ve been hunting for a while as they’re as rare as rocking horse poo, and it covers some similar sonic ground to my Sterling. For maximum versatility I’m now going to hunt for a Sterling 5 H, to get the series/parallel/single coil options at the bridge, as that is the one tone the Al doesn’t quite match. Therefore, my 2020 Sterling 5 HH is up for sale. Purchased from Thomann in February this year. Note that it does not have a roasted maple neck, but a regular maple neck, but it’s just cosmetic - it sounds just great, with a super-tight low B. Nice low action and the wicked series, slightly aggressive high output tone you’d expect from the Sterling. Usually excellent MM fit and finish, with a very eye-catching tool box red finish and a white pickguard. 9v 3-band circuit which personally is quieter and more usable than the newer 18v circuit in the Specials I’ve tried. Weight is 4.5Kg. I have attached a couple of pics but as I have said, indistinguishable from a new bass (well, I did take the plastic cover off the pickguard!), and I’ve just put a new set of Slinkies on. If you’re seriously interested, PM me and I can take required photos. MM hard case is packed away but is also as new. It’s up for sale at £1,500 (no offers, please, this is less than 2/3 of the original purchase price, you can’t buy them new any more as MM have temporarily stopped making the Sterling) and AFAIK I’ve not seen a 5 HH for sale in the UK for a number of years. It’s only going to be here for a week or so. Fully-insured postage via UPS is possible and will be at cost. Collection from near Woking is also fine. No trades please, unless you have a mint Sterling USA 5H with hard case, and a little bit of cash my way. Thanks for looking!
  2. That was me, like a tramp on chips It’s the first one I’ve seen for sale for a couple of years. I had a play last night and it’s incredibly versatile. I can hear jazz, precision, mudbucker and more tones, plus some that I can’t quite place. If you ever see one and can get past the Jetsons look, it may be the only bass you need!
  3. Doug did - check out “Wild” towards the end of the first album. Fantastic bass playing. Not sure about Guy. The second album with Kiss From A Rose says Pino Palladino and Laurence Cottle on bass. However I remember reading that Trevor Horn and Seal were unhappy with the overall result of many of the recorded parts, so loaded them all into samplers and re-did the lot. Possibly only this track survived as the drums and bass “sound” played. I thought the first album was raw and fantastic and had a great sense of machine-type grooves but with a real player feel. The second album is very lush and beautifully engineered but a touch soulless for me.
  4. The ultimate step would be prepaid Duty and VAT into the UK via a UK arm, and allowing returns to a UK drop-off, so the customer doesn’t have to manage the hassle of trying to engage with a courier and the HMRC to reclaim duty and VAT. The main issue currently is that the buyer becomes the importer, which isn’t a great experience. Only Thomann knows whether it’s economically worthwhile to do so, but given that they have a UK bank account for bank transfer payments and are planning the above, it would be ideal as they’re so much larger than any UK retailers and therefore have access to stock that’s hard to come by in the UK - and more often than not a but cheaper on the pricey stuff. As I’ve mentioned before, until returns are viable their guarantee on higher value items is worth nothing to me.
  5. I had two sets of black label 5-string stainless off of them with exactly the same result. Same response from them. I didn’t bother. They went in the bin and I don’t buy them anymore. Slinkies are the same price, sound less tinny (probably because they’re nickel-played) and I’ve bought probably over 100 sets over the last few years. Not once have I ever had a dud string.
  6. Lovely bass. Before Brexit I would have been all over this. Such a shame...
  7. No, I believe it’s a keyboard bass in the verses doubled, and it’s a fretted bass as you can hear the fret buzz when he picks harder in the “aaah” crescendos. Carmine is a much under-regarded bass player. His work on Let’s Dance was fantastic. His credit list has a lot more on it than I’d have thought as he’s not one of those “names” that immediately springs to mind. I’d like to have a black ESP (I think) PJ with gold hardware like he played on the serious moonlight tour
  8. I don’t suppose your third finger fretting the note before (9th fret on A) is not lifting clear of the board in time and causing the G to buzz? It’s common if you don’t fret notes with a curve to the fingers in the fretting hand
  9. Yeah, maybe it was a dud. I wouldn’t be the first to get a MM bass from Thomann with issues (not necessarily their fault). It was beautifully made. I have an inkling that it could be the neo humbuckers and perhaps the 18v circuit as I played a Bongo a while back and didn’t really like it that much, whereas older Stingrays are fine, as is the Sterling.
  10. Hmm. Interesting. I bought a 5HH from Thomann before Christmas and although it sounded great acoustically, plugged in I really didn’t like it. I’d had Stingrays and Sterlings before but every setting and sound just felt like there were no mids, and little definition. I put new Slinkies on and changed batteries, checked there were no wiring issues etc but it had to go back. I’ve since bought a 5HH Sterling (US model), which sounds great. I can only assume that either my amp didn’t like the Stingray pickups and EQ or it’s just not to my taste. Back it went (just in time too - arrived in Germany on 31 December!) Well done with the choice and glad you like it - nice colour combo.
  11. I was looking for a 5H but sadly not quick enough. What a bargain!
  12. Given the rather, ahem, “variable” quality of Fender basses, I’d rather not have the logo, even if it is a genuine Fender 😁
  13. Personally I’d rather own a bass I can play before committing to pay for it. The problem with a custom build is that you can spec the perfect bass for you, but you won’t really know whether it’s the bass you always dreamed of, or if you’ll hate it. I’ve only done it once and I hated the end result, even though I thought it was the spec I’d love… then had to pay for it and sell it shortly afterward at a massive loss. If you’re willing to take that risk then go ahead. But as others have said, there are plenty of off the peg J style basses out there to suit, and if you can get to a shop, you can have a good long play before committing.
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