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  1. FDC484950

    Trying basses at Bass Direct

    The main issue is that 2 customers in the shop made it packed! It’s no fun trying to compete with someone else but at least they have nice headphone amps so you can try a bass.
  2. FDC484950


    Ok... price drop to £550
  3. FDC484950

    we can work it out. Chaka Khan

    I did a transcription of this years ago, definitely a keyboard part as most of it doesn’t fit under the hand very easily like a bass part might. I’ve also heard the rumours but having a close listen it sounds like keyboard only - What ‘Cha Gonna Do For Me has Anthony with either an early analogue synth pedal or doubled on synth and the tone is markedly different. That and Greg’s synth goes out of tune on one low note in this tune!
  4. FDC484950

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    I had this issue when looking into buying a bass at the beginning of this year. The only courier to offer significant insurance on a musical instrument was UPS - a) enchanced cover tops out at £1K and b) a guitar/bass must be in a hard case. None of the other big couriers advertise musical instrument insurance - DHL, Parcelsh*te, TNT, FedEx, MyHerpes or even CityLink when they were still in business. In the end I got on the train - got a cheap 1st class weekend ticket for only £30 more than the UPS quote, and as I was the courier I had reasonable trust that the bass would be OK. The only downside was hat it took the whole day to get there and back!
  5. FDC484950


    I wish I had suitable packaging, but I wouldn’t be keen to post it in any event as it has a glass screen and I wouldn’t trust a courier not to break it in transit!
  6. FDC484950


  7. FDC484950

    My frets are in the wrong place...

    I’ve never heard of him, but a quick YouTube look - not my cup of tea and the bass sounds just as awful with the whole band playing as it does solo. Still, who am I to judge? I’m not making millions from music 😉
  8. FDC484950

    Practicing Long Pieces

    Get a recording and learn from both the recording and the dots at the same time. The sound bit is vital, as important, if not more so, than the written music, which doesn’t really convey the feeling or style effectively (even in classical music).
  9. FDC484950

    Gigging in London?

    London needs most of the 2 million-plus people who have swelled its ranks and overburdened infrastructure and transport in the last 5-10 years to clear off. It’s not likely to happen, and telling people to get out of their car and replace it with cramped, sweaty, smelly, expensive, unreliable and sometimes downright dangerous public transport is a bit short sighted. The ultra low emission zone is about cleaner air, but the most polluting traffic is lorries, buses and taxis, which are at least getting cleaned up (gradually). If you want to see what pollution is really about, stand by a taxi rank next to a London terminus and look at the atmosphere with all the dirty old diesel engines running - because that’s what they do all day whilst waiting for fares! The wider transport issue needs to be solved as, notwithstanding pollution, oil will run out, and 20 million electric cars/taxis/whatever will need to be powered by something. Public transport is pretty much woeful outside of London so is no replacement.
  10. FDC484950

    Fatback Band - I Found Lovin

    Great tune - synth bass line though, isn't it? I did transcribe it for a student a long time ago but don't have the copy. I'll see if it can get it done.
  11. FDC484950

    What makes a good bassist?

    I’d say the hallmark of a great bass player (when coming up with a bass part) is to keep removing notes until you can’t remove any more without losing the essence of the line. Another way of looking at it is making sure that every single note you play, you mean it.
  12. FDC484950

    The bass centre wapping!

    Yes, bought a Wal from there in 1989 for the princely sum of £930. Looking at what they go for now, oh how I wish I kept it...
  13. FDC484950

    Dingwall Advice

    When I was at the bass show in February I saw a prototype combustion 6-string on the Bass Direct stand. What happened to that? Did they decide against putting it into production?
  14. FDC484950

    Joe Hubbard Warwick signature

    Having had a ton of warwicks, you’re right about balance - the four string models aren’t too bad but the 5- and 6- strings dive toward the floor, mainly due to the short top horn on many models, but also the softwood body/hardwood neck on models like the corvette and jazzman. It’s fair to say that plenty of other brands do this as well - my Ibanez 6 is a wonderful instrument but has significant neck dive, and my Yamaha BB is even worse. The Streamer 5 and 6 stage 1 have been broadneck with 20mm spacing at the bridge since the mid 90’s and this spacing has been available as a custom shop option on other models for a long time. I don’t, however recall a model whose stock spacing is 19mm so that may be what Warwick meant?
  15. FDC484950

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    It’s funny that so many comment on the going rate for something as if it is a fixed value. It’s actually what people are prepared to pay, and my experience on here is that people want an absolute bargain or they won’t be interested. Whilst the old joke about skint musicians may ring true to a degree, there’s enough people doing it as a hobby with a tidy day job, so in theory no lack of funds. In my very humble opinion the vast majority of stuff for sale that is priced too high is from sellers outside the U.K. - which is understandable given how exchange rate have sunk, making the £ worth less against most currencies in the last few years. There seems to be a glut of high-end gear for sale from the same sources, so maybe that slowdown isn’t just in the U.K?