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  1. Maybe the thread should be renamed “Aja - where are the (what I would call) good bits”? Then it would be clearer - there is no answer as only you know what defines good. There’s an element of jazz to the songs, as there are on many Dan records. This may have an impact on whether you like them or not. I do agree that Donald Fagen’s vocals are something of an acquired taste, but no more so than many singers. The only point raised that I take issue with is the assertion that somehow the musicians aren’t putting emotion or commitment into their performances. Not only does the album have some very fine “real” players like Steve Gadd and Chuck Rainey, but their support of the tracks (whether you like the songs or styles, or not) is excellent. If you don’t agree, learn some of the bass parts. Musicians of that calibre, who aren’t intellectual players but feel players who just so happen to read music because they had to in order to get studio recording and big band gigs in the 70’s, just don’t phone in performances.
  2. It’s not widdling. You’re a bass player aren’t you? If Chuck Rainey is widdling then we may as well all give up. Also I don’t recall many if any of their songs are instrumental, what they play is accompanying the song. If it’s not to your taste then fine, view it as a house where you can admire the construction and craftsmanship but don’t like the decor. Not really sure what you’re hoping to gain from this thread as you’ve already made up you mind.
  3. How many seats in the O2 vs Ronnies? 20,000 vs 250-ish. This may have something to do with it.
  4. Not dissimilar capacity I reckon, and to see the band you’ll need to sit in the middle = buy a meal and some drinks. It’s great entertainment but not a cheap night out!
  5. Hmm. I’ve never heard that even when speaking to other musicians! It’s musical taste - some things you like, others not so much. There’s another thread on here about Talking Heads. Can’t stand them.
  6. Nothing wrong with covers. My only criteria are 1) Play it well - nothing more excruciating than a ropey band doing an awful cover because no-one can play the original parts. 2) Put some personality into it - some songs need certain aspects to remain as per the original but many songs give a live band the opportunity to put their own personality into it. Switch up the groove, play with the song sequence a bit. This is much more interesting and exciting than just playing the covers rote (and it’s what the band that wrote the song does live anyway), but retaining the familiarity and hence undying adulation from your audience
  7. Hmm probably priced a little high. I’ll take £600 with the Hipshots or £540 back to stock.
  8. Sold pending payment and collection For sale is my lovely Fender Precision Bass. It’s made in Japan and serial number dates it to approx 1988/1990 and was made in the Fujigen plant. It’s light (approx 3.7Kgs) and looks like a basswood body with maple neck and a lovely slab of rosewood with dark stripes for the fingerboard. Neck has a nice vintage tint to it. It sounds fabulous and has a resonance and depth that’s comparable with vintage P-basses and is a sheer joy to play. I tried this out in a shop with 7-8 other p basses, some Japanese, some US and a couple of 70’s models and this was head and shoulders above the lot. I’m only selling as I’m a 5-6 string player and miss the B string pickup test! Front and rear are in good condition but the bottom edge is a bit roadworn. There are also some lacquer cracks around the neck but expected with a 30-year old bass. It really does have a vintage vibe! Hardware is fine - however jack socket is a bit crackly and probably needs replacing. Minimal fret wear and neck is nice and straight. It comes with Hipshot Ultralite lollipop tuners. If I get the asking price they’re included - if not I will restore the stock tuners (which work fine but add about 300g extra to the headstock). Collection only on this as there I no case with the bass. No trades please.
  9. How are the strings affixed at the (non) headstock? It looks like some kind of screw but are the strings just hacked off just past the screw? Looks sharp/precarious.
  10. I don’t think I’ve played a Rickenbacker of any sort since I was about 14 in the local music shop. No idea whether it was a good bass or not as I’d only been playing a couple of years and wasn’t very good. Those shark fin inlays were really quite something. I don’t have room for another bass, must resist...
  11. Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out, will you?
  12. Thank goodness in that if I did I'd be buying even more, which, having bought 4 basses since late November, is probably not a good idea
  13. Where do you store all these basses?? I have 5 in total - one lovely mid 90’s Jap P in sunburst that sounds and plays better than any US new or vintage P I’ve tried - and have no room for any more (thank goodness).
  14. Charlie Chandler in Hampton Wick might be closer for you. He’s excellent for both guitars and basses and has done fretwork, electronics and troubleshooting. Very reasonable prices too.
  15. Yes indeed - this is the whole point of a tapered string. The smaller diameter sitting on the saddle is intended to produce a tighter, more defined sound with what is otherwise a very thick string. If I’m not mistaken this was borrowed from grand piano design, which has a similar concept. In the context of this thread I’ve highlighted that the Warwick Black Label has a tapered .135 B and it looks identical to the one in the OP’s pics. My experience with them has been very hit and miss - on a jazz 5 deluxe through the bridge the B sounded unfocused and dull compared to the other strings, and it wasn’t twisted, but I’ve had this on other basses so potentially dead strings. With a set of DR Lo-Riders through the body the difference is like night and day. Ditto Ernie Ball Slinkies on a Sterling 5. It’s a bit counter-intuitive but a tapered B doesn’t always sound better.
  16. According to their website, bass Direct has one in stock. http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_BB_NE_II_WHite.html
  17. It is a shame as I had number 9 made in 1990 (or was it 91) - like this, a bit battered, no truss rod, but with a zebrano top, sounded fabulous. I still have some studio recordings and it really cut through. If I could collect I might give it a punt but I suspect 3 hours into the train ride I’d get message saying it’s no longer for sale!
  18. Yuck! How disappointing. @Silvia Bluejay - if you think Warwick strings are bad, take a look at La Bella Super Steps! I had them once - all sorts of weird overtones when playing because just the core goes over the saddle. And they broke at the bridge (I hardly ever slap and play light fingerstyle). Apparently Anthony Jackson’s sig Fodera string set are the same.
  19. Nothing wrong with Warwick B strings - they’re .135 and the taper is only stepped down, not at the core. The problem is they seem to be susceptible to twisting and I’ve had one or two dead strings in the sets I’ve bought. Id definitely be asking for a new set of strings as supplying a mixed set on a new bass isn’t really good enough - especially at Warwick prices
  20. ... and that low B looks identical to a Warwick Black label B (same colour ball end, same two steps up to the main string). Is this how it came from Warwick? How odd...
  21. The only issues I’ve had are a total lack of interest. I’ve sold 3 basses via other means at or above the price listed for sale here, and I had not the slightest interest here. I guess it’s a sign to stop selling stuff!
  22. Black labels have brass ball ends. AFAIK Warwick has never used coloured ball ends. As suggested they look like D’addario.
  23. IMHO Hipshot Ultralites come into their own as a replacement for classic elephant ear tuners. A set on my Jap P-bass took 360g off the headstock and made a slightly neck heavy bass into one that balances perfectly and now only weighs 3.6Kg. I have a Sterling 5 with the old style MM tuners and a set on here only removed about 200g, but still enough to make a bass with terrible headstock dive tolerable (and you can’t tell from the front). I find it odd that they quote basically the same weight for the Y key as they do for the elephant ear - surely there must be quite a bit more metal in the elephant ear key?
  24. Is it seated properly in the tailpiece and have you pressed the string down just past the saddle to ensure a proper break angle? I can’t see that on the B - looks like it just rides over the saddle. I’ve moved away from Black Labels as they seem to very sensitive to twisting on the low B and have had a dead string in almost every other set. I stick with Ernie Ball Slinky (.130 non taper wound B sounds just great) and DR Lo-Riders (like night and day on a jazz V strung through the bridge - Black Labels sounded terrible).
  25. Did you bend the string 90then cut it? They’re round core so the outer winding can begin to unravel if just cut straight and then they’ll slip on the tuner. Ask me how I know ☹️
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