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  1. Hang on a minute - you've changed the rules! there's the rest of us trying to desperately come up with an almost impossible choice of somehow trying to pick just two pedals and there you go and come up with three! In that case I definitely need all eleven pedals that are currently on my board!
  2. EHX also sell 'cradles' for their range of 'Next Step' pedals so that you can fix them to your pedal board (and it stops the pedal from sliding about). I don't have the EHX Bass Wah, but have the EHX Talking Pedal which also had built in fuzz. Have to admit I wasn't very impressed with it. Whilst the rocking motion worked okay for me, the fuzz sounded very thin and tinny. I swapped the pedal out with the Talking Machine, which is much superior.
  3. Very excited about this. No sign of an album for 14 years, various rumours about an album called 'James River' but nothing materialising and then this suddenly materialises. Heard a couple of soundbytes on Amazon, sounds good. I will definitely be getting the D'Angelo new album.
  4. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1418225032' post='2628139'] The Warwick brand will have three core variants in 2015. At the lower end is the Rockbass range made in China. The Pro Series was made in Korea but has been discontinued. Thomann are knocking out the remains of them at very cheap prices. The new Pro Series will be essentially made in Germany (over 90% German I believe and certainly enough to pass EU regs as being "made in Germany") and will be available in the UK from around April next year. At the higher end there's the Handcrafted in Germany range: Warwick series LTD Editions Signature series Also sitting in this bracket is the Custom Shop. Almost all of the Handcrafted, and Custom, range is built to order with a wait time of circa 8 weeks but can be as short as 4 weeks (damned efficient these Germans!). Any info on pricing or models feel free to PM me [/quote] That's useful info - thanks Molan. Warwick also advertise a (Chinese made) Artist Line range, so am assuming these will slot somewhere in between the Rockbass' and 'New Pro-Series' ranges?
  5. My Corvette $$ is swamp ash (with a bird-eyed poplar top) - Swamp ash gives it a nice bright and punchy tone, and it's light! Bubinga is definitely a heavier denser wood. I reckon any bass made of bubinga would be pretty heavy.
  6. Thomann still sell the Warwick PS (Pro-Series) range. I'm not sure where these are made and they don't seem to be much different in price to the Rockbass range?? If you look on Warwick's website the Korean Pro-Series range is now all under "Discontinued Basses" so perhaps they've stopped producing basses in Sth Korea? I have a German built Corvette $$ which is a fantastic bass with a great range of sounds, but I also have Chinese built Bootsy Space Bass and the build quality on that is on a par with the German bass and it has that famous Warwick growl. When I bought the Bootsy bass it was described as a Rockbass but now it's on Warwick's website as an 'Artist Line' bass, so Warwick have definitely been rebranding things.
  7. So I finally got round to watching the BBC4 program. It was OK, but some strange omissions & odd choices. I know you can't fit everything into an hour, and the program correctly went for funk founders such as James Brown. Sly & George Clinton, but no mention whatsoever of the Meters, Rick James, Zapp, (early) The Isley Bros, or The Gap Band?. And then only very rudimentary mentions of other primary funk groups such as Ohio Players, Slave, Cameo or Bootsy? No real coverage either of '80's electro funk (so funk suddenly went from its 70's heyday to Tribe Called Quest's I Left My Wallet in El Segundo??? - what about Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock? or George Clinton's Atomic Dog?). The program also covered a bit of Acid Jazz, but no mention of that genre's roots in Jazz Funk (Roy Ayers, Donald Bryd, Blackbyrds, etc). Too much focus also on EW&F who, whilst having elements of funk, to me at least have a much smoother R&B, disco and pop sound (I would not say that they are a raw funk group). If you are going to classify EW&F as Funk then why not mention Chic? Anyway despite my rant, there was some good vintage footage, and I quite enjoyed the Genius of Funk footage (despite the errors in that too - don't get me started again! )
  8. I agree with BetaFunk on this, (and this is a man who sounds like he knows his P-Funk from the YouTube vids!). It's difficult to make recommendations as it's dependent on what type of funk music you're into. George Clinton has produced well over 100 albums over the decades in various guises, and the styles are very broad. P-funk can range from early Motown & doo-wop (see early Parliament), to guitar driven Psychedelic Acid Funk Rock, (early to mid-70's Funkadelic) to cartoony horn driven perculating bass funk jams, (see mid 1970's Parliament, Bootsy's Rubber Band) to social-political commentary type statements, (Chocolate City) to tender soulful spacey funk ballads, (see Bootsy's Vanish In Our Sleep, Munchies for Your Love), electro-synth funk, (Not Just) Knee Deep, GC's Computer Games & You Shouldn't Nuf Bit Fish) through to hip-hop, dance, (P-Funk All-Stars and a lot of George's later solo stuff - 1980's onwards, etc. Funkadelic are still producing great music today. There's a new triple Funkadelic album out "First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate" and it pretty much encompasses all these styles. (check out 'Jolene', 'Radio Friendly', 'Mathematics of Love', or 'Yesterdejavu' for example): [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=MdC57N0OfDA"]http://www.youtube....e&v=MdC57N0OfDA[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRiUPue_N4U&feature=player_detailpage"]http://www.youtube....ayer_detailpage[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LvGVPb2ZjE&feature=player_detailpage"]http://www.youtube....ayer_detailpage[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiF1t03Hb0o&feature=player_detailpage"]http://www.youtube....ayer_detailpage[/url] I've yet to see the BBC4 program but have recorded it. Even if it's a basic introduction to the genre, it's great to see some funk back on TV
  9. That's a beautiful looking bass, love the Infinity bass. For a semi hollow bass does it still have the Warwick growl?
  10. If it was down to max two pedals I would choose my Chunk Octavius Squeezer as it does most of what I want out of one pedal - (Env Filter, Gated Fuzz, Octaver and Synth), and the Mu-Tron 3x (yep, I know it's another Env Filter, but what it does it does it so well!).
  11. Funkadelic's New Album - Shake the Gate. a new triple album. 33 tracks In between the modern electro-stuff there is some vintage funk on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdC57N0OfDA&feature=player_detailpage
  12. Thanks for posting (both of these clips). Raphael Saadiq is one of my favourite, most consistent artists, from his Tony! Toni! Toné! days, through to Lucy Pearl, his production work and his solo stuff. There's a double great live album of his available (All Hits At the House of Blues) featuring Joi and D'Angelo on vocals amongst others, that's well worth getting.
  13. I'm on both BC and TB... yet I don't gig period. I therefore don't really have opinions about gigging but I do have opinions and interest in many other things bass, music and effects related . I really like TB, there's a heck of a lot of information on there, especially as I'm into more niche music and some of the boutique effect pedals that perhaps don't get the same amount of coverage or interest in BC. Agreed some of the threads get very heated. Amusing to read but I try and steer clear of posting in those!
  14. Here's my latest Warwick Spacebass in purple burst...
  15. Bo0tsy


    I got my Warwick Bootsy Space Bass from Thomann recently. It wasn't in stock when I ordered the bass and the shipment was then delayed at source a couple of times. Communication from Thomann was great, kept me updated proactively. You also get a €10 voucher if you then write a product review. Can't fault them for customer service or cost.
  16. Mark Adams - Slave. +1 for Andrew 'Love' Levy too (Brand New Heavies).
  17. Sorry for re-opening an old thread. I had the exact same problem with my Phil Jones Bass Double Four, the existing Edifier switching adapter was inadequate. I've been dealing with Alan at Synergie, they now have new PJB branded earthed adapters in stock (model no. ADT-60200), they're larger than the old Edifier adapters, and hallelujah, my passive bass is now nice and silent through the amp, envelope filters seem less peaky or distorted too. Very pleased. Alan very helpful, (you'll also need a standard three pin kettle type power lead). Synergie sell them to the public for £25 delivered.
  18. Here's my latest Warwick. Got a great deal on it from Thomann. it's a bit different from my old Corvette $$ though...
  19. All this talk about being in the groove and no mention of Bootsy? [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yRHkU5IlzJA"]http://www.youtube.c...e&v=yRHkU5IlzJA[/url] & [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jc_yHPCriDE"]http://www.youtube.c...e&v=jc_yHPCriDE[/url]
  20. I'm a bit of a filter junkie. I finally got my hands on the Mu Fx Mu Tron 3x recently, and that's such a powerful and flexible filter. Love the Chunk Systems pedals too, and the Emma Discumbobulator!
  21. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1413372542' post='2577580'] There are a number of things about my individual pedals that I like: I like that they are handmade by enthusiasts I like that they are analogue I like that they look cool and have cool names I like the way you can swap pedals out and experiment Oh, and I like the way they sound. I may well like how a multi unit sounds too, but it won't tick any of the above boxes [/quote] I think you've summed that up perfectly. For me it's always been about individual pedals.
  22. Based on the performance I saw last week, some of those comments about Jerry Barnes seem a little bit harsh . Amongst the smooth Bernard-like bass grooves, I thought he brought an extra bit of funk to the party (and there's nothing wrong with that). He's always going to be up against it when replacing a legend like Bernard Edwards. If I could play anywhere near a third of his ability, I'd er,...well, ... I'd give up my day job! . I do appreciate the point about them sounding like a Chic covers band, I mean they 'covered' a lot of songs by other artists that Nile wrote/produced. Also, given that they formed in 1976, line-ups are undoubtedly going to change a lot over time, however, IMHO the current line-up is one of the tightest bands I've ever seen play live.
  23. [color=#222222]....All I can say is wow. First time I've been to see Chic live, they were fantastic. Very tight band. Jerry Barnes did a storming job playing Bernard Edward's basslines. IndigO2 was mobbed, everyone was up and dancing. I didn't appreciate just how many hits Nile Rodger's has written, as well as all their own stuff, Chic also played impeccable funky versions of songs by Madonna (Like a Virgin), David Bowie (Let's Dance), Diana Ross (I'm Coming Out), Sister Sledge (various), Daft Punk/Pharrell (Get Lucky), ixs (Original Sin), Duran Duran (Notorious), Soup for One segued into Modjo's Lady (Hear Me Tonight), and for the finale Good Times segued into Sugerhill Gang's Rapper's Delight. Only one complaint... it finished too early! (suspect Nile was off to join Pharrell who was playing next door at the O2), Did anyone else on this forum make it to the gig?[/color]
  24. Have a BUMP from me - I have an Octron1 - IMHO Foxrox make fantastic Octave pedals
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