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  1. Cheers @Al Krow🤩. The Chunk is an excellent envelope filter. A little tricky to dial in with sensitive controls, especially the down sweep. Very wet and squelchy compared to most if not all other envelope filters. Most similar sounding to an IE Xerograph Deluxe or the even rarer Frostwave Funk-a-Duck. If you can find a Brown Dog gated fuzz to go with it, or an Octavius Squeezer, it is synth heaven.
  2. I have one of these and they are excellent envelope filters, best bang for your buck for a budget filter, pretty versatile & much better than the newer Micro Q-Tron. Good price too, GLWTS.
  3. Of the two I actually liked the sound of the Wonderlove better. Both filters sounded pretty subtle in that demo. I wonder if the Wonderlove or the Chromatron get any wilder than that? I like my envelope filters pretty unruly 🤣.
  4. I'd be keen to hear your comparison of these filters. I didn't think there was much in the way of decent sounding (on bass) 1590a sized envelope filter, but it sounds like you've got a few promising ones on the way
  5. I buy a lot less bass gear than I used too. I think all I've bought are two pedals this year and they were both envelope filters that admittedly I didn't really need, but was curious about. That doesn't stop me wanting to spraff about new gear though and see what else is out there... I'm just not really gassing for anything currently. I love the gear I've got and have been instead focussing on improving my playing and learning new songs, which is kind of refreshing (for me anyway).
  6. Bo0tsy

    Meris Enzo - ooooooh!

    Metis Enzo on Bass demoed here... It sounds good to me, if a little thin on bass. Maybe that's just the settings they've used?
  7. That's a shame Q. I bet that means the prices of these go up second hand, though hopefully not as much as the MF-104 Delay when that was discontinued! I only have the MF-101 LPF and I rate that very highly in the upper echelons of envelope filters.
  8. The M81 is a great little preamp. I use mine at the front of my board so that if I want to change basses (from a hot active to a lower output passive or vice versa) then I don't have to readjust all my other settings/levels on my other pedals, just switch the M81 on or off. Its very clean with a wide range to its EQ controls On that basis it can definitely make your passive bass sound just like an active one.
  9. Really nice @dodge_bass. To add to the thread, here's a couple of quick demo's I did of my most recent acquisition, a vintage Frostwave Funk-a-Duck...this thing is crazy fun to play around with and is one of the most extreme analogue filters I've ever come across. Please excuse the sound quality and sloppy playing... Chain is very simple (like me): Warwick Spacebass > Funk-a-Duck > PJB Double Four
  10. I might have to cheat a bit too. My favourite all time pedal (though it's not actually on my board, due to size, "unique" power supply requirements and bypass) is a vintage Mu-Tron III. Not sure if it's truly irreplaceable though as I have a couple of vintage ones, as well as the more modern Mu-Fx 3x version and the Micro Tron III (and yes I do like Mu-Tron's 😁). Of those pedals actually on my board, I'd have to say Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer. Yes it's old, no longer made, and the UI is not very intuitive to say the least, but the range of sounds out of the Squeezer are so fat and versatile, and the 50 presets allow me to easily dial in pretty much most of what I need in a single pedal. If it packed up I'd have to try and track down another. I can vouch that those old big box Q-trons and Mini Q-trons that Dannybuoy is selling really are excellent filters too. 😀
  11. The "stabilize" function is on the previous Mu-Fx Octave Divider (and it's on the original 70's version). It is usuable and allows you to play longer notes, however I find it introduces a bit of latency on lower notes. That feature was designed more for guitar according to the Mu-Fx instructions. I tend not to use it as the tracking is generally excellent on the Mu-Fx version. It would be interesting to see if they've improved that function on the new Mu-Tron Octavider version, but I'm not sure its going to give me anything over the previous version beyond smaller form and 9v power.
  12. I reckon it can be done though as you can change sweep direction using the single Up/Down Drive switch on the Mu-Tron III and Tru-Tron without having to make adjustments. The v.1 Emma DiscumBOBulator also works similarly.
  13. Quick review of the Mu-Tron Micro-Tron III (which I also posted over on TB). If anyone is looking for a Mu-Tron III in a small form 9v pedal the Micro-Tron absolutely nails it: It's good, in fact it’s really good. It uses the same type of opto-isolators (I think) to control the Micro-Tron III filter as per the Mu-Tron III and Tru-Tron 3x, which gives it that classic Mu-Tron 70’s dirty funk quack in LP, Low range, Up Sweep that other filters just don’t seem to have. The Down-sweep sounds lovely and chewy High range sound super squelchy but still retains bottom end. It’s perfect for finger style funk, & pairs really well with a bit of dirt or octave pedal before it. Small form factor (though a slightly bigger enclosure than an MXR M82 BEF for comparison), standard 9v DC power supply requirements. Very easy to dial-in, no issues triggering on passive or active basses, no bottom end loss or volume loss in LP/Tru-Tron jumper settings. No pop when engaging the footswitch which some other users have experienced (I’ve only tried via an isolated power supply though) An internal ‘jumper’ enables you to switch between Tru-Tron or Mu-Tron modes - there is a difference between the two sounds: Tru-Tron jumper is slightly cleaner/ Mu-Tron jumper is very similar to the original Probably the best & most flexible small form pure funk Envelope Filter around today. IMO the smaller form and 9v power means the Micro-Tron doesn’t have quite the same amount of headroom (or ‘oomph’) that the Tru Tron 3x has - understandably, the gain isn’t as loud, and the pre-amp on the Tru-Tron in comparison is incredibly powerful. The Tru-Tron is what I’d call the flagship all ‘bells and whistles’ ‘all singing, all dancing’ version of the Mu-Tron. The Micro-Tron is not that pedal (and to be clear nor would I expect it to be based on squeezing that much funk into such a small enclosure!). A couple of minor things. The internal jumper would have been great to have been set up as a switch on the outside (I guess this is a size or build cost restriction) There’s a slight volume drop in Mu-Tron III jumper mode LP pass/ High setting only, which can be gotten around by maxing the level and upping the Peak and Gain a bit more. Having a second foot-switch for the direction of the sweep is theoretically a good idea but you have to adjust the gain from around 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock which kind of defeats the intended purpose of changing the sweep direction on the fly. Lastly, the Input/Output jacks are very close together. Not so good if you use pancake cables. These are minor gripes though. Most important is how it sounds and overall it definitely captures the vintage Mu-Tron mojo in a small form board friendly pedal, (which is what I believe Mu-FX/Mu-Tron set out to achieve).
  14. Nice demo. It's an awesome little synth pedal. Very tweakable. Mine isn't going anywhere either
  15. Sorry I don't have one of these either...one day maybe 😁
  16. Very cool, let us know how you get on with the Minitaur. I love my Moog LPF and have just ordered an expression pedal for it, but the Minitaur should take you to a whole other level in synthy Moog goodness!
  17. Thanks Q, I must admit I've got the Moog less for the envelope by itself and more for the LPF, expression outputs and the synthy sweeps it can do, which provides me with lots of new possibilities. I also like that slow synthy envelope effect that Thundercat gets out of the Moog on the "Them Changes" track, which I'm struggling to get out of other Mutronesque filters. I'm really getting into synth bass at the moment. My Bananana Matryoshka finally turned up yesterday (took 2 days to get all the way from Osaka to the UK and then nearly 3 weeks at UK customs...grrr!) and I'm loving that with the MXR BEF, so I want to hook the Bananana up with the Moog and an expression pedal. The Matryoska on its own is excellent btw, very intuitive controls, super tweakable on the fly, two separate synth volumes, resonance and sensitivity controls with a great tracking octaver built-in, and a synthy gated sounding fuzz. Tracking is solid although you have to play pretty clean and mute your strings as with any bass synth. Really very impressed that so much tech can be crammed into such a tiny pedal. Much more intuitive to tweak than my Octavius Squeezer, which I tend to stick to preset patches I've built or borrowed.
  18. I have a used Moog MF 101 on the way. Itching to give this a good work out, and see how this compares to other filters on the synthier side of things.
  19. @Al Krow... And don't forget to add your own choice Al! ?
  20. Ha ha, yes my love of envelope filters is directly linked to my love of 70's funk and all things funky. If I was really limited to just the three it'd be "Mothership Connection" , "Funk Power 1970" , and I'd go with "Aah The Name is Bootsy" album (because the funk ballads "What's in a Telephone Bill" and "Munchies for your Love" are two of my all time favourite songs.
  21. Difficult to choose just three, but I never tire of these....some of the funkiest happiest make you dance music ever... Parliament: "Mothership Connection" Bootsy's Rubber Band... "Stretchin' Out In... " or "Ahh..The Name is Bootsy Baby!" (can't choose!) James Brown: "Funk Power 1970: A Brand New Thang" Just outside of the top three (for today at least!) : Stevie Wonder "Songs In the Key of Life" Roy Ayers "Destination Motherland" Isaac Hayes "Black Moses" Funkadelic "One Nation Under A Groove" Parliament "Funkentelechy vs the Placebo Syndrome" Bootsy: "Player of the Year" and "World Wide Funk" Erykah Badu "Mama's Gun"
  22. A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul are still churning out great intelligent music. Check out the recent "Thank you for your service... We got it from here" and "And the Anonymous Nobody" respectively, seriously two of the best albums both groups have ever made.
  23. No self oscillation on the Chunk 00Funk, but the Octavius Squeezer is. They are both super synthy like the Xerograph. Another filter that is meant to be of similar ilk and is also self oscillating (and rarer than unicorn tears) is the Frostwave Funk-a-Duck.
  24. Yes I saw the Xerograph for sale thanks, I think I'll hold out for a Moog. The Xerograph sounds great but very close to my Chunk 00Funk/Octavius Squeezer (to my ears anyway).
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