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  1. Thanks for all the responses. The 1590a size is definitely what I’m looking for. Anybody know of any of the aforementioned pedals for sale? (Mooer etc.)
  2. As the title reads - I’ve got limited space left on my board so I’m looking for recommendations for an envelope filter with a small footprint TIA
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  5. Is this still available?
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  7. Me neither - until yesterday... that’s why I’m thinking there’s a fault somewhere
  8. MJE

    Rig advice

    Sorry the initial post wasn’t very clear. For the most part, yes it’s only onstage noise (but I’m battling with drums, guitar and two keys guys and find it difficult when most bass rigs seem to just blow past your knees - have tried a simple IEM monitor system but struggled with tonal qualities!). There are times when only a vocal rig is available so the amp needs to do all of the work.
  9. MJE

    Rig advice

    Great thanks I’ll take a look
  10. MJE

    Rig advice

    Yes great - any you would recommend specifically? Please treat me as a total novice!
  11. I’ve owned this amp for a good few years now and the only problem I’d ever had was a build up of debris on the switch which led to power interruptions. When I started using a Zoom B3 I was using that to send signal to FoH instead of using the built in out on the back of the amp. However, after some problems with the pedal I went back to the DI on the back of the amp on a gig last night and the sound guy was complaining about the lack of signal being pushed to the desk (it was also very noticeable through our IEMs) even through the line out level on the amp was high. Has anyone else had any problems with the out on the back of their amp? Is there an obvious explanation/fix for this that anyone has ever encountered? Any help appreciated
  12. I play in a function band gigging fairly regularly (once or twice a week) in pubs, clubs and wedding venues with a set list of Funk, Soul and Disco tunes (all finger style, quite percussive playing with elements of slap every now and again). Through my day job working for a creative music company and through dep work, I get thrown in to a whole load of different genres too so I need to make sure my sound is adaptable. My current set up is: MM Stingray > Zoom B3 (DI to FoH) > Mark Bass CMD 121P + NY121 ext. cab I just wanted to get an insight in to what rig others might choose if they were in a similar situation. What amp would you use and what would be on your pedal board? I’m totally happy with my bass but I’m feeling like a change with my amp and definitely with the Zoom B3 (purchased as I’ve kind of fallen into bass playing and don’t have a whole load of knowledge surrounding it so was just looking for quick tonal fixes...). I’m not talking about best case scenario rigs but something that’s affordable, lightweight for regular use (and easy transportation in a small car!) and powerful enough to fill the types of venues listed above. Any help or advice greatly appreciated!
  13. MJE

    Zoom B3 - HELP!

    Thanks for your help, you've explained a lot in a way that I can understand! So if I understand it correctly, if I'm looking to use this in a live show environment as an amp sim with additional stompboxes for certain tunes... I need to build a series of patches which have an amp sim as a constant with two pedals either side which are closely related in a certain song/set list and move between them accordingly. Using the Edit and Share software I can then place the patches next to each other for ease.
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