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  1. Just bought a rather nice Precision Elite from Dan. Well packaged and really quickly sent out - all as described and a smooth transaction. Cheers.
  2. Our local rehearsal studios are re-opening and we’ve made a tentative booking for first week of July. We’re going to see how we feel at the time about five of us in a fairly confined space. The studio we use does have an outside door that we can leave open which is a plus and they’re having gaps for cleaning and disinfectant between bands. Not sure how I feel about it yet but gotta get back to some sort of normality at some point! We’re all missing the playing..
  3. Try these lads: www.teenagekicksband.co.uk One of my friends used them at a Pompey wedding and I thought they were great - really worked hard to get the right stuff going for the guests and came across well.
  4. I love these stories - part of the fun of playing!
  5. Was gigging with the blues band at the weekend at an outside charity gig and after smelling burning I turn round to notice my Roqsolid amp cover is on fire! I'd put it behind my amp but on top of a very hot bare bulb that was behind the stage. Much stamping and flapping and I managed to put it out without stopping playing! Don't think anyone in the audience even noticed. Anyone else had similar near misses at gigs?
  6. Is this Basschat or have I stumbled into some place full of people looking at throwing insults at each other
  7. Love the Stones but they've been looking like they're going through the motions for some years now for the sake of the brand/Stones industry - guess its good for them to keep topping up their offshore family trusts though.
  8. Hello from up the road in Horndean!
  9. Guy Pratt - My Bass and Other Animals. Good lively read and a great bass player.
  10. Welcome - l'm also nearby (up in Waterlooville) and suffer the London train commute!
  11. Joe Bonamassa at Brighton Centre on Saturday. Michael Rhodes on bass, who was very impressive - nothing flashy but real quality. The band were class and JB did his usual thing but I found the whole thing strangely a bit dull ! I think it was the audience who sat politely in their seats the whole way through - I could have been watching it at home on DVD for all the atmosphere that was in the place. It was certainly anything but dull in Brighton town centre after the gig though when I tried to get a swift pint after the gig with the Mrs - it wasHalloween night - fighting my way to the bar through the fancy dress students!
  12. Genius but a bit odd to say the least (like many genius are I suppose!)Parade is my favourite album. Saw a couple of the O2 shows a few years ago and they were superb. There's a rumour he's about to announce some UK dates and i can only recommend that you try to see him live if you can.
  13. Black Sabbath Masters of Reality Rainbow - Long Live Rock and Roll Deep Purple In Rock Any Led Zep Loved the first Dio album at the time it came out but looking back now not so sure.....
  14. Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City - Whitesnake version ( suppose that's a cover of a cover). In a fairly new band but we've got it sounding great and the singer is doing a good job - makes me grin like an idiot when we play it as it sounds so good!
  15. I commute to London most days from Pompey area and may be able to help (it was me that picked up the relay case).
  16. I had a Laney combo for years and gigged it to death - sounded great and never let me down.
  17. I work for a bank so thought I'd throw in my view here. Agree with flyfisher. Bank transfer is the best way in my opinion. If the money is sent through the mainstream banking system it also gives you some protection as to send the funds in the first place the buyer either needs to have an established bank account already and/or provide satisfactory id and source of funds information to comply with anti money laundering rules. The Clarkson story is not an issue in my view as although a fraudster managed to set up a direct debit using his details, the bank has got to prove that they received a proper authorisation from the account holder otherwise must put the money back straight away.
  18. I have an Ashdown MAG 210 and an ABM 115 extension cab that I've used with no problems for sometime for the mainly pub gigs that i play.Lots of discussions in the past about the Ashdown sound on this forum but I've always liked mine and price always reasonable for this stuff. Finding it all a bit heavy recently though (must be my age) and trading gear at the moment for something lighter so may be a consideration if you want portability.
  19. Do it! After all, it's your birthday. Have a good one.
  20. I've just picked up the last BH500 from Andertons with the free cab! This offer is great value I think - be interested in other opinions on the amp as it seems to be really flexible sound wise and I'm looking forward to using it properly in a week or so in band situation.
  21. I've seen a pattern of landlords coming into pubs, putting in their redundancy money or life savings to upgrade the fittings and purchase the stock to last about two years as the rent is too high.They then default, and the freeholder pubco simply move on to the next one.
  22. From the look of it I would say a 1983 maple shaker filled with dried Alaska variety peas. From the markings I think it was manufactured in a California factory ( much better than the modern ones which are made in a Vietnam sweatshop)
  23. Ive been looking at the same deal. What are the cabs like for weight as im looking for a rig that's not too heavy to transport.
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