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Hiya,I bought this a couple of months ago because I love the way they look. I upgraded the pickup to an SD SCPB2 and the sound is amazing, very powerful and clear.
I also upgraded the loom with a Kiogon top level harness and this bass is as good as it gets imo. So why am I selling? Gas for something else on here that I can't live without.

Truth is also that after I made this bass what it is now I put it in a case and haven't seen it since :blink: Don't know why at all.

The original pickup will be included in the sale too. The bass is in immaculate unmarked condition, I paid £364 for it and with the pickup & loom it owes me about £430. I'm asking £280 with delivery to uk.

The original strap pins will be refitted upon sale.







I'll withdraw it if the one I want goes.

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[quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1404674931' post='2494645']
If anyone is interested It weighs about 9.2lbs

I can find a basic gigbag for it

Nut width is 42mm, spec here:


Bloody troublemaker.... :rolleyes: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

:ph34r: ;)

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[quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1405105797' post='2498933']
Cheers Paul, only £310 short? you need a good paper round :lol:
[/quote] Sod off I all ready have 3 lol and this prostitution larks a bloody joke I thought they paid me lol oh woe is me but seriously some one must buy this it is a corker :)

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