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  1. Hi there, Not sure this is free on iPhone but it is on Android, I currently use Music Tutor Sight Read which is free. Nothing spectacular but it does the job when I have spare time on the train. Take a look here: [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.virtualcode.musictutor.sightread"]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.virtualcode.musictutor.sightread[/url]
  2. Shame I am on the south coast - this would have suited me perfectly. GLWTS
  3. Thanks for the welcome Jim, Paul and Gareth @Paul - bit of a bummer isn't it but we all have to pay the bills. Hoping to get something more local in the near future myself. @Gareth - From what I have heard, working at unis is a good environment; think you deserve it after 10 years of that commute!
  4. Hey there Mark, Good read - and sounds like you have had a time of it so far with lots of ups and downs. Good luck for the future !
  5. Hi there James, Good advice there It does feel like I am a kid in a proverbial candy store. When I got my first bass all those years ago, I was only really into a couple of genres.
  6. Thanks Woodinblack, I am actually looking at the Ibanez's at the moment but biding my time, educating myself and looking at the forums here, ebay and gumtree. Selling some non musical stuff to get a decent budget together. Funny how people have different perspectives....I escaped to Portsmouth, or more precisely Southsea, from London. Cannot say I have regretted the move
  7. Bear in mind that we all learn differently so I would look at all the good recommendations above and then pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.
  8. HI Everyone, Thought I would drop a note to say hello and introduce myself. My bass credentials are somewhat lacking in comparison to the majority on these forums - there is clearly some amazing knowledge from the threads I have already read. In '94 I bought my first bass but within a month, I had to sell it for personal reasons. I am now looking to start again many years later and am looking for my second bass!! (Lots of personal stuff happened in the years between). I now live in Portsmouth but work in London (hoping to change that as the commute is not the greatest) and am looking for a bit of a budget/starter set up as my wife thinks this will be a passing fad and money is a bit tight right now. I am determined to show her otherwise !! I am into all sorts of music but my taste has changed since I last had a bass so looking for a good all purpose bass that I can experiment with and find the sound I want to run with. Wishing everyone a happy festive time
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