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  1. [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1445351474' post='2890801'] Oh that is dirty! both of them. [/quote] 2 on the page is worth one in the hand?
  2. [quote name='Fisheth' timestamp='1445348861' post='2890756'] I will do! [/quote] smashing we're a fair bit less heavy and more southern rock than your band but if you need a support we'll happily come on up sometime
  3. We're trying to sort out a show at the Schooner in Gateshead for next year sometime, you're most welcome to come and meet it Find us on facebook (link in my sig) and keep an eye out for gig announcements up your way
  4. [quote name='Fisheth' timestamp='1445348425' post='2890748'] Oh lovely! How does it sound compared to a Bass Terror if you've ever tried one of those? Was wanting one of these at somepoint, but... The differences in wattage make my choice a bit tricky. [/quote] I actually have a terror 500 as a backup head in case of disaster, they both share the same preamp so as far as front of house on larger shows goes the desk is getting near enough the same signal. The only difference is in the power section which is digital on the terror and while it does a grand job (especially for the minimal pennies you can get them s/h!), lacks the valve heft of the output stage but sounds pretty darn good all the same
  5. [quote name='Fisheth' timestamp='1445347975' post='2890740'] Seeing that made me have a slight loose bowel movement. Looks earthquakingly loud. How does the AD200B sound? Been wanting one of those for a while now. [/quote] she's glorious! You can't quite see from the pic of the front but both pre and master are set to about 10 o'clock...fills the room with lush bass and makes fixtures, fittings and fillings rattle The AD200b just makes my old p basses with flats and my old Guild B-302 sound perfect, rich, full and fruity sounding with plenty of depth but without being flappy. Those orange cabs are darn good for a 1x15 too!
  6. This is a really simple, I love the sound of my orange stack 'type post', it's freakin beautiful! Just look at that! [url=https://flic.kr/p/yLGdpc][/url] I have also just received a pair of new speaker cables from OBBM which have the 'new' (not sure how recent a product this is) right angled speakon connectors! [url=https://flic.kr/p/zJNH7k][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/zJGK1d][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/A3fNWe][/url] They're seriously good, means I can put my stack much closer to the back of whatever stage we're playing on, and I can do so without bending the cable like it used to with the old style speakon connectors! Winner Yes they do only point downwards which means a slightly longer cable is needed for the bottom cab but they're easier in use than the standard straight speakon connectors and a slightly longer cable is no real trouble. They hang so tidily!
  7. [quote name='peterkas' timestamp='1445339765' post='2890639'] It's a Nardelli Basses body (http://www.nardellibass.com). Extreme light (4.5 lb, 2 kg). The neck is a warmouth maple fretless high gloss. Schaller '70 tuners. The pickups are Loureiro Pickups (a Spanish pickup maker http://www.jlguitars.com) hand wound. The neck pickup it's a split one. Totally balanced (in volume). Cts, orange drop... [/quote] looks lovely mate
  8. [quote name='peterkas' timestamp='1445178441' post='2889300'] I love Pbass fretless. I have a quality replica and the sound and taste are unique [/quote] What is the pictured bass if I might ask my friend, it's rather lovely?
  9. [quote name='peterkas' timestamp='1445178441' post='2889300'] I love Pbass fretless. I have a quality replica and the sound and taste are unique [/quote] Niiiiiiice
  10. [quote name='peterkas' timestamp='1445102618' post='2888840'] Bump for this lovely fretless [/quote] Why thank you kind sir
  11. holy smokes this is dirt dirt dirty cheap! I paid way more than that to have it built and shipped over from St Louis! David does only use really nice bits for his builds, a bit like Nash do...and it sounds frickin awesome! I was only thinking about this bass the other day and wondering where it'd got to...someone's gonna get a total steal of a stunning bass here!! really that cheap!!!!! that's less than a cr*ppy MIM fender!!!!!!!!
  12. Yep that looks lush alright ...good job I don't really like j basses... ...It looks so good though...
  13. Looks like a grand's worth when new and working? Nice find https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.ampeg.com/pdf/v4bh.pdf&ved=0CCYQFjAAahUKEwih5_LF_cLIAhUIhhoKHXy6CoA&usg=AFQjCNGqFDKkISMX-n5X7bEz6eGGdiYe7w&sig2=nxPB5W9ElFb_vFJB1JsCdA http://www.gak.co.uk/en/ampeg-v-4b-head/114185?gclid=CjwKEAjw-vewBRDH1-b52Lig1hkSJACTPfVFPe-ux7GRa-MxJxfIjGtFRJ6aQm0-ZMYIzrh50syPxxoCVDPw_wcB
  14. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1444761461' post='2885754'] I think he may have said they looked like they were dipped in Marmite. [/quote] Hahahahahahaha yep (Edit...He says cuprinol... ...about as tasty as marmite IMHO )
  15. So they're like Marmite then yes? I tried one in a shop years ago and rather liked it but wanted to spend more time getting to know it than I had available to me...I'd love to meet a fretless 4 string mk1
  16. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1444588500' post='2884332'] This bass used to be mine and I'd fully support that. Whilst maple-board fretless Precisions appear to be, for reasons I don't fully understand, quite an acquired taste, they are two things. Firstly outstanding instruments. Maple necks to my ear compensate for all of the limitations of rosewood and a single P-PUP, the player is far better able to tease nuances out of the bass in a manner more in keeping with an ebony board. Second, they are getting VERY rare in original configuration, and even rarer in this condition. In short, this is in investment condition (this is why I sold it, nothing remains in investment condition for very long in my house). I am very tempted to offer a trade with something that Andy might find more to his liking, but suspect that I would never want to gig it in case I dropped it etc, and the finish is so beautiful that would be a real shame. I also have about 4 more fretless basses than I need at present. But I do keep coming back to this page [/quote] Thanks matey, most kind, she is awful purdy and in need of a new home
  17. I've been advised that this bass is advertised far too cheaply and it should be much nearer £1,800! Therefore I am going to do nothing cos this is bass chat and top dollar is to be found outside the family so the bargain price remains
  18. [quote name='MB1' timestamp='1444477100' post='2883529'] MB1. Please Note Any Trades posted on a Sales ad will be removed without warning Please PM all trades/offers directly to the seller. [/quote] Sorry matey, I've been corrected by pm too...oops
  19. [quote name='Hexman' timestamp='1444485972' post='2883614'] Cheers, but I struggle with frets nevermind without !! [/quote] no worries
  20. [quote name='adamlunt' timestamp='1444475245' post='2883510'] If it had frets I would [/quote] Oh but frets are so confining
  21. p bass cable combo unless I could borrow gear of course...
  22. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1444383703' post='2882708'] If you do sell my '78 Fretless P/J is in the classified section, I'd love to offer a trade but I have far too many fretless basses! Good luck Chris [/quote] haha thanks matey This lovely lady [url]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/270731-fs-78-fender-precision-fretless-pj-withdrawn/[/url] oo nice
  23. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1444320621' post='2882248'] That looks familiar If it's the one I think it is, it is absolutely lovely to play and hear, and a pure stunner to look at. A classic vintage Fender. Good luck with the sale. [/quote] Thanks matey, she's a beaut for sure! I'd probably trade for a fretless PJ even with cash my way, just need more tonal options. PICS UP
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