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  1. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1446401754' post='2899120'] Fretless Precisions always sound great. I had a bitsa once made from an '83 neck and a no-name body and really liked it. Lovely soft, articulate, expressful tone with a subtle mwah that you o my get from a P pup. I have no doubt that this one would sound even more lovely! I'd gladly have this one if funds allowed and I'd use it every day. A bass this gorgeous deserves to be used! [/quote] Thanks matey, if it had a j pup at the bridge it'd still be perfect as I love the feel of it and the tone from the p pup...I'd just like a bit more j with my p
  2. Quite tempted to have this back, I had the bassdoc neck fitted
  3. [quote name='JamesTun' timestamp='1445894952' post='2895219'] PM sent^^. [/quote] What are the controls on the preamp please?
  4. [quote name='JamesTun' timestamp='1445892195' post='2895168'] This weekend would probably be the best if you are available, then it could be possible. [/quote] Sometime Sunday evening might work as we get back from Northumberland Saturday evening
  5. [quote name='JamesTun' timestamp='1445891384' post='2895155'] To be clear, it is probably likely that the bass will be in Sheffield from Thursday but I do not have capacity to allow to try it at mine for the time being. Regards, James. [/quote] An acoustic test is sufficient to see whether it has the character I'm looking for, I could also bring my headphone amp and phones to check the sounds
  6. If this is still around at the weekend when am home in Sheffield I may ask to come and meet it
  7. Dammit I really really NEED to meet a fretless Wal now
  8. Importing amps is a potential minefield! For all the reasons stated above, if it's cheap enough to make it worthwhile after import duty and vat have also been paid and once you've got a transformer for it that you'll also have to lug everywhere as well as your new 'amp baby'...dude it better be cheap!
  9. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1445603838' post='2892758'] That's my nightmare amp: Aural enhancer - no!!! Graphic - no!!!! Semi-parametric - no!!!!! Bi-amped - no!!!!!! Stereo - no!!!!!!! Each to their own of course... [/quote] [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1445609437' post='2892823'] I've always felt the SWR 350 and 750 were rather disappointing - surprisingly lacking in oomph. [/quote] Not my dream amp either but hey, one mans' dream is another mans' nightmare innit
  10. [quote name='SteveFate' timestamp='1445604500' post='2892767'] Good information guys appreciate it. [/quote] No probs buddy, I've only ever had compliments about the sound sent to f.o.h. so far
  11. [quote name='SteveFate' timestamp='1445602923' post='2892741'] Just a standard 1/4 jack to xlr into DI? I was about to grab a radial jdx48 as I thought it was the only 'viable' option, placing it between head and cab Thanks in advance [/quote] Even simpler bud...obbm jack-Jack from slave-out to a radial pro 48 passive Di box, xlr out of there to the f.o.h. F.o.h. just needs to supply phantom power
  12. [quote name='Thornybank' timestamp='1445549965' post='2892418'] 2010 Gallus model by ACG/Alan Cringean. Neck 5 string, 35" scale Bolt on 24 fret Rosewood board zero radius alloy side dots. 3 piece Maple neck with dual action trussrod. Asymmetric neck carve. Body Alder with black limba top (a type of mahogany) Hardware Hipshot bridge Type B spacing 18mm. Gotoh GB7 tuners. ACG Custom FB humbucker. Hipshot string tree ACG EQ02 3K/S filter preamp (addition capability for a second pickup if needed) [/quote] yeah I got my eye on that one matey, seller isn't keen on a trade as he's after a Sandberg but if someone would like to buy this beauty I'll be asking him very nicely to send me that new toy
  13. Love the bug, avoid excess gas and read everything with a wry smile, you'll do fine
  14. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1445588802' post='2892555'] That looks the business... [/quote] Thankyou kindly ...just need a Wal fretless to play through it and the world will be mine
  15. [quote name='cocco' timestamp='1445545990' post='2892380'] Lovely bass! [/quote] [quote name='rumour6' timestamp='1445549197' post='2892410'] Lust... [/quote] [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1445551749' post='2892429'] These are phenomenal basses - GLWTS! [/quote] Thanks guys, she's great to play and sounds great, I just fancy something a bit more 'toit'
  16. Thanks guys, great to see so much love for these Orangey gods of rock I love the dynamic capability of these, it goes from a whisper that's heard everywhere at once to bowel shaking force everywhere at once all with subtle touches on my bass controls and changes in my playing attack/position
  17. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1445545517' post='2892374'] Not really after any trades as I'm trying to reduce the size of my bass collection! But no harm in PMing me with whatever you have to offer in case I have a moment of weakness! [/quote] Then, sir, you got a message
  18. [quote name='johnbiffa' timestamp='1445530544' post='2892213'] Thanks Andy,, don't know how to delete the duplicate advert either ! [/quote] PM a mod, they can work wonders
  19. [S]For sale/trade is my USA made 1999 G&L L2500 5 string. It has cost option upgrades of maple cap and Cherryburst finish. The neck is a beautiful flamed maple and the frets are in great condition. Overall condition is superb, apart from one ding on the under side (see pic). It comes with the original case (used but perfectly serviceable), Certificate, control diagram and warranty card. approx 9.5lbs, a lovely low action and 34" scale It sounds superb; everything from a Stingray on steroids to dubby P Bass, don't really 'need' to sell it as it does exactly what I need it to...I just have a hankering for a 35" scale 5'er...you know how it is Bass is in Sheffield, I'm looking for £800 inc uk shipping, trades for 35" 5 strings (ACG, Lakland 55-02 why...) [url=https://flic.kr/p/zPnDvo][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/zPnCgj][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/z9Xk8w][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/A4FY1W][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/A6Zb6v][/url] flames niiiiice [url=https://flic.kr/p/A5PReJ][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/A4FXBQ][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/A5PS9u][/url][/s]
  20. It certainly is! I'm tempted and I don't need another bass!
  21. [quote name='sk8' timestamp='1445357601' post='2890886'] See now I had my pre at 1100 ish but the other day I dialled it to one and that was rather tasty in a grindy dirty way. Didn't loose definition but furred it up a bit (well probably a lot ) Just wish the cab was slightly lighter and easier to get thorugh doorways [/quote] So not only does it do the most glorious southern rock / country bass sounds but it grinds with the best of them too I'd be very interested to try it against a classic svt with both through their respective 8x10 for fairness
  22. I used to have one of these when they were current issue, it was surprisingly good if I recall correctly, sounded great and the neck was nice too!
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