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  1. Oo I'm tempted by wireless, sounds like you've had good experiences with it in use, why are you selling if you don't mind me asking?
  2. [quote name='RandomBass' timestamp='1432279589' post='2779886'] I have the exact same amp. Loud, solid, reliable, simple to use and easy to get a range of tones. The EQ balance knob can do most of the work if you want. Not a lightweight, but I wouldn't call it heavyweight either. So, why on earth is this still here especially at this cracking price? Type of bump. [/quote] Thanks matey, bumperoo I could really use an orange obc115...
  3. that is stunning gives me lovely hard wood
  4. P bass with flats will do your classic country / country rock type thing, add foam mute you can get motown
  5. I'll let you know how I fare in my first festival season this summer but thus far it's definitely worse playing to a few mates in a pub than it is to a packed room at an o2 academy ...it's originals too rather than covers
  6. [quote name='gusmacricostas' timestamp='1431113272' post='2768005'] I ve got a terror bass 500 what would be an appropriate cash adjustment? [/quote] Oo awesome, will pm you matey
  7. Just bought [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Guillaume's '77 Guild, excellent transaction, great comms, great packaging, did everything exactly as he said he would. top chap![/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]thanks matey [/font][/color]
  8. it's mine it's mine it's mine wooooohooooo
  9. Whereabouts are you matey? If you'd consider electronic forms of payment that would allow credit card use I may be tempted...
  10. For sale my Trace Elliot AH250 bass head (250W into 8ohm, 500W into 4ohm), this is one of the good trace heads (the classic tolex covered ones not the carpeted stuff!), it’s loud! Loud enough to pretty much keep up with my Orange AD200 all valve monster (for which it functions as a backup) so don’t be fooled by the low number of watts, it’s no “class D lightweight”! Sounds really good, everything works as it should, it’s in pretty good cosmetic condition for its age (90's i think). Selling as I'm after a bass terror for a closer match to my main amp. [attachment=190733:20150427_194915.jpg] [attachment=190734:20150427_194930.jpg] £150 collected in/around Sheffield Try-outs can be arranged as can shipping if need be (shipping at buyers cost). Happy to consider trade with appropriate cash adjustment for a bass terror
  11. Superb bass this, that B string is lovely
  12. tempted.com I'd love a go on a 70's one if I can find one...no chance of trying a 60's one
  13. [quote name='tommorichards' timestamp='1428437704' post='2741317'] haha. If only youd contacted me earlier. I threw it away and didnt even think about keeping the saddles [/quote] aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh oh well, never mind
  14. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1428438768' post='2741331'] Get nippin'. [/quote] it's tomorrow's job while I'm not at work buddy
  15. gonna nip to my local guitar shop this week to see if their tbird feels good as I've never tried one but I do like the look of this one
  16. I know you've said the bridge is knackered but are the bridge saddles still operable matey? I've a hondo with what looks like this exact bridge but with a missing saddle that's the only thing needed to get it back up n running if you'd be willing to part with the saddle/screw/etc?
  17. these are superb basses, huge rich woody sound!
  18. [quote name='TG Flatline' timestamp='1425037615' post='2703208'] Have a chat with Michael Aitken of Aitken Audio :-) [/quote] oo cheers matey, I've sent him a message
  19. I'd like that 1x15 if it could somehow land in Sheffield :/
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