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  1. 2012 Musicman Stingray Classic 5, in retro-burst. Birdseye maple neck with really lovely grain. Weighs around 4.4Kg. Has that funky, punchy, old school 2 band Ray tone Around £2400 new these days... In excellent condition, no dings or chips in the finish anywhere. The odd light scratch but nothing I can really get to show up in pictures. There is a thin layer of clear varnish on the pole pieces to keep them clean (as recommended by EB), and very slight tarnishing where this has come off on a couple of them. I bought this on basschat last year - it came without the mute assembly, but I have since bought and fitted one from someone who was parting out their own Classic 5. Comes in original Musicman case. Can ship anywhere in the UK. More pictures available on request.
  2. Just want to add this a great bass and really does the 70s jazz thing well (I was the one who commissioned it originally, and kinda regret selling it!)
  3. Hey man I was there - Hot diamond Aces is my band Thanks for the kind words. Yes the sax player is very good indeed - was only his second gig with us!
  4. For the MIJ Fenders, Ishibashi can source the parts for you, if you give them the model of your bass. I got the ashtrays and a pickguard from them no problem!
  5. It weighs just shy of 9 lbs! It is a pretty bass for sure
  6. Just bought a 1979 Musicman Sabre from Andrew and already had a blast playing it out! Super quick delivery, expertly packaged...great communication. And a good price! Cheers dude Take it easy, Alex
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