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Ibanez Musician 1982

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I'm selling my trusty Ibanez Musician from 1982, in 'DS' - Dark Stain, as Ibanez call it. If you know these, you know how great they sound and they are built to last! For those who don't know, it's a PJ setup with volume/blend/tone when in passive mode, and a 3 band EQ that can be engaged. 

In terms of condition:- There are dings and scratches as is common on something of this age, but generally it looks good and gets plenty of compliments.

- This was my main bass for years, and before that was the house bass in a studio, where it seems they converted it from fretless to fretted (as evidenced by some extra side position markers). 

- The tuners, preamp, knobs etc are all original, except the active/passive switch was a little noisy, so has been replaced, but I still have the original.

- I sold this recently via the ebay global shipping programme. Unfortunately, it subsequently had something dropped on the package while in transit which made a surface level crack in the headstock by the neck. The bass was therefore returned to me and ebay took full responsibility and paid both myself and the buyer in full! It's since been repaired by Jon Shuker and is totally solid (even before the repair it was still completely playable). I've tried to capture it in a photo but it's not that noticeable.

Happy for collection or can courier at buyer's expense in a non-original HSC. Trades welcome too..





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