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  1. Oh man, I have almost same bass, also 1980 series 1, bubinga top, just with Omega cut. Beautiful, hope you won't regret selling it
  2. @Kevsy71 hey, thanks for kind words. Yea, I fell in love with Alembics and yes that 5 string has signature electronics. Next week I'm doing the MK video, so hope you'll like that too cheers
  3. Man, this is so tempting, are you looking for a trade...?
  4. Bought Barefaced One10 from Mike, perfect transaction, fast shipping, great communication! Buy with confidence! Mike is the man!!!
  5. Hey man, I'm just in a search for something like this, so are you still satisfied? Do you still own Sumo? Thanks a lot Goran
  6. Yea, I need to check that thread about flats again...
  7. Perfect answer, yea I don't do that kind of music so, it's probably that I try them in different situation, it would be different to my ear. thanks
  8. I know but it was like asking, what do you like in them, I'm not against them. Just don't understand using clean amps to have that sound on bass... just that, maybe flats are not only they use, so when they are on roundwound, then they need clean amp...? Just a question.
  9. Yea, Probably they are just not for me, I tried a bunch of them... Not on all my basses, but I'm just not the guy for it, just wondering, why flats on clean amps, do you really need 16khz speaker for flats?
  10. I'm not trying to rise the dust here, but seem p-basses are getting more famous everyday, and specially flatwound strings. So just wanna know why some people use pbass (or any high-end bass) and flats and then have clean amps and cabs, like Barefaced, Bargantino or Vanderkley. It's like you don't want to hear all those frequencies on your bass, but on you amp it should be crystal clear. I tried flats, wasn't my thing, I have two Barefaced cabs, so I know what they can produce, I have also Fodera MG5, 2x Alembics (Series 1 and Signature Balance K body), Fbass AC5, Moollon B524, Yamaha BB series, Fender jazz bass 1966. I know it's good for certain songs, and it would probably sound better on Ampeg SVT. Just don't know why are people killing their bass sound with flats, specially on high-end basses, and I know it's modern today to sound vintage, but sometimes it's just doesn't sound nice. So just to hear you thought on that. Thanks
  11. those Rotosound would fit perfectly on my two Alembic basses. I think there is a strong connection between Alembic and Rotosound! Mark King, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle.
  12. you are right, but lets compare this to auto industry, I don't think any car would last for 50 years, that are produced today (well most). So, do you think that sire basses would last enough to become an old bass (old-timer), it's all been mass produced (there is nothing wrong with that, actually there is but let's stay away from that subject). I have a Fodera bass that I love at home, same as my Fender 1966 JB, but when it's comes to Alembic, it's like sitting in Rolls (maybe not good metaphor), but that thing has statement, it's truly a piece of art, the sound is like no other. I also have 2x Fbasses, Moollon, BB Yamaha... but sound in my head is always Alembic...
  13. Man that bass is just beautiful, you always had the best stuff! Gorgeous!
  14. cool, let me know if the deal doesn't go through, thanks
  15. But sound is not as Smith, that's that I'm wondering... how actually does it sound, because I played Smith for 12 years.
  16. hey mate, do you have some sound file of this bass, I see the pickup position is not usual? thanks
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