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TRADED Fodera Monarch Elite 4 (Ebony/inlays)
Liberec, Czech Republic

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Up for sale is this wonderful Fodera Monarch Elite 4. Very rare Elite model (top of the line) and especially in 4 string version. Bass is absolute beauty, plays and sounds fantastic as you would expect from Elite Fodera.


- Mahogany body

- Alder tone block

- Curly walnut top - nearly magical pattern to look at

- Ebony fingerboard

- Abalone blocks/inlays

- Duncan Dual Coils

- Pope Electronics

- Comes from "golden" era of Fodera, when everything was done exclusively by Vinny


Bass is in perfect condition, everything is original. 


Shipped from Czech Republic and shipping is included in the price, UK buyers please PM me and we manage postBrexit conditions somehow.

6350€ or whatever equivalent in GBP.

Fodera Monarch Elite 01.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 02.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 03.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 04.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 05.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 07.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 09.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 12.jpg

Fodera Monarch Elite 17.jpg

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I know exactly this one and have to say, this is by far the best and most gorgeous Monarch I´ve ever played. And those inlays are psychedelic!

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Lot of interesting offers, but so far bass is still here. Not need to hurry sale, so please no low ball offers.


Regarding the trades - I am always interested in Sadowsky, Fodera, Alembic, CS Fender, Wal, Lakland... Thanks!

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Up, all reasonable offers will be considered.

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This is by far the most beautiful Fodera I have seen 😍!

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    • By wavemaker
      After enjoying this one for close to five years, I'm selling one of Sheldon Dingwall's best-kept secrets - namely that his four-strings are outstanding in at least the same way as the more widely known fivers: The slightly more relaxed scale length than on the five strings (34-36.25" instead of 34-37") and a - to me: still - astonishing featherweight of 3.43 kg (7 lbs 9 oz) were urgent arguments for me - besides the sound, general quality and playability - to import the bass from the UK.
      Key data: 
      Alder body with maple top, wenge fingerboard with compound radius (7.5-16"), Hipshot custom hardware, Neutrik jack, magnetic battery compartment, Dunlop straplocks.
      Besides the incredibly three-dimensional flamed / curly maple top, the bass has a few special features which set it apart even inside the elusive realm of Canadian Dingwalls:
      - a walnut neck with carbon reinforcements, which was usually exclusively available on the semi-hollow Afterburner II models. Currently, Dingwall has dropped the walnut neck option altogether. (To me personally, walnut feels even better - smoother, silkier - than the more widely known and much praised wenge necks that Dingwall prominently use on custom orders... I simply play my D-Bird more than the AB, so someone else may enjoy this).
      - green luminlays in the fingerboard and its edge
      - Hipshot D-Tuner
      - Glockenklang 3-band electronic that can be deactivated via volume pull: In passive mode, the treble pot can still be used to cut treble.
      I have learned to appreciate these special features very much, on stage as in rehearsals - no wonder, as the bass was built at the request of someone with a lot of experience. You can also see the bass in this video of his:
      The bass was completed in Canada on 20/08/2012.
      Since then it has picked up some minor visual  blemishes, which I have tried to show as best as possible in the photos - see red marks in the photos. These are dings (dents in the clear coat) only, there is no wood damage.
      There are a few fine scratches on the black bridge which I have marked as well. Also the tuner shafts are no longer one hundred percent opaque black due to contact with string windings.
      Neck/frets/trussrod are in perfect condition, though I like to inform people new to Dingwall beforehand what this means regarding frets: Please see this thread on talkbass (reply #30070 and following) for reference.
      More photos or video chat (Facetime/whatsapp) on request.
      The colour is called "Honey Amber" and shifts somewhere between a Bengal Tiger and a Tequila Sunrise depending on (stage) light. More than once after a gig I was asked what colour my bass actually was. It‘s also breathtakingly beautiful in daylight!
      Comes with "birth certificate", tools and the fantastic Dingwall/Levy's gig bag, which I dread to let go almost as much as the bass itself.
      Currently fitted with the four higher strings of a fresh Dingwall Nickelplated-Steel-5 set and tuned to EADG. The associated B-string comes with the bass, too, so you can opt for either regular or BEAD tuning: The nut will take both sets of strings as its slots have only been widenend, not deepened. 
      Sound files in EADG available via wetransfer (i.e. your personal e-mail is required for download).
      Available to check out in Cologne, Germany (following covid guidelines/precautions: FFP2 + personal distance + clean hands + current test) on Helix LT / Beyerdynamic DT-770 possible at any time. Test at band volume / in rehearsal space possible on request.

      I am generally open to near offers / price suggestions. For orientation, please note: New price would currently be in the neighbourhood of £4,300 - and have a waiting period of 18-24 months. I can provide the current Dingwall price list.
      Former ads by Neil and Ashborygirl for reference.
      Please be aware that I’m considering the price I paid an utter bargain then and do so even more today: As prices for Canadian models and Combustions have risen substantially in the past years, I cannot in good conscience let this bass go for the same now. (See recent sale of an ABZ 4 on talkbass for reference.)
      Also, this is not a fire sale. 

      Payment preferably by bank transfer, alternatively Paypal (exclusively using the "Friends & Family" option to protect myself as the seller). I’m very open to and encouraging everyone to take further measures to build up confidence in preparation of an international sale (video chat, exchange of IDs, etc.).

      Shipping worldwide in double box and lots of padding possible, but has to be arranged by buyer. Instead of the gig bag we could also organise the purchase of a case as the bass fits into any Fender-style case. 
      Collection preferred to shipping, shipping inside EU preferred to outside EU.

      Private sale, no warranty/return/invoice available.
      No trade offers, please.

    • By sunfish
      Here is my lovely Fender Japan FSR 62 Walnut Jazz bass with hard case. £850
      This is a stunning bass to play. Very punchy sound, with more kick than my USA jazz.
      The neck is a slim “C” shape with a rosewood fingerboard and exceptionally smooth and easy to play.
      Weight is 8.9lbs
      My drummer will be upset this is up for sale as the walnut finish matches his favourite snare drum!
      The walnut finish is lovely and very tricky to photograph. The machine heads and bridge are a smokey black which matches the walnut finish superbly.
      There is a small ding on the back of the headstock which is difficult to show. 
      it's difficult let go of this one go.
      Can meet up half way, within reason. Otherwise I will post it in the UK for £40 insured.

    • By Damon
      I have 1 complete set of Dingwall strings (.045, .058, .075, 0.98)
      and 1 set with the following:
      1 x .058
      1 x .075
      2 x .098
      so basically no G string and 2 E strings (dont ask, they came from Dingwall that way by mistake).
      Im using Stadium Elites on my Dingwall so these are not required.  They are brand new.
      I will post first class (included in the £25) to the UK only.

    • By mrbassman_de
      Fodera Imperial 5 from 2004 in like new condition. The shown pictures are from March 21 and not optimized in any way.

      Super rare Brazilian Tulipwood Full Top and Board (this has been a 3000 USD upgrade and is currently not offered anymore by Fodera. Brazilian Tulipwood is a Dalbergia species and should not be mistaken for North American Tulipwood which is a common light wood used for bodies. 35" scale, 22 frets and 19mm spacing at bridge. 5pc Maple Neck.

      The Tulipwood is attractively contrasted by Purpleheart pickup covers and dots. The body is made of Ash.
      Pickups are Aero Dual Coils, preamp is the famous Pope.
      The bass has been well cared for and condition is like new. Truss rod, electronics, hardware - everything works as expected. OHSC included.
      SOLD !
    • By 3Gorillas
      I consider to sell one of my most epic basses: A true "golden age" Fodera in perfect condition. 
      Fodera Imperial 6 Elite
      - 34"
      - Walnut body
      - Quilted Maple Presentation grade top (solid)
      - wooden pickup covers (I guess Duncan Dual coils, but not 100% sure)
      - 5 piece neck
      - golden hardware
      - 3-band-pope preamp
      - 19mm Fodera Standard Spacing (adjustable from 18-20 mm, quite narrow setup at the moment, close to 18)
      - "as new condition". Please see pictures for little marks (half a fingernail at the bottom side), thats all I found after careful inspection
      - date of birth: 1/2006
      - Serial #I625XXN
      - OHSC + Tools
      - 5.5 kg (bathroom scale) - the butterflies are never light, but deliver massive sound…

      Ridiculous low setup with massive low end, huuuuuge B-String and lots of clearity and authority in the upper register for chordal playing and soloing. Plays like a dream, very versatile.
      The bass got new frets (stainless) and plek-treatment at the official and authorized Fodera service point Thomann (all original material and settings) a few years ago.

      No trades please, looking for a straight sale.
      6800 GBP / 7850 Euro (+ shipping)
      The Bass is located near Bonn / Germany.
      Not sure about any additional cost when shipping to UK. This would be on the buyer's end as well.

      Please feel free to ask any questions.

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