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  1. Bought an amp from Adam, great to deal with, fast shipping, packed really nice... great guy! Thanks again man!
  2. give me 5000 and I'll lower you the price for 5000
  3. Beautiful bass man..... Owned 4 Bn5 and AC5, great basses
  4. Hehe so you are looking for Alembic 5? 😋
  5. Hi all, I'm selling my Alembic MK Signature Deluxe with Coco Bolo top, so here is little about the bass. Bass has no scratch, no belt buckle scratch, it's almost as brand new, as you can see from pics. Scale: 34" Fingerboard: Ebony with abalone Top: coco Bolo Back: Coco Bolo Body: Mahogany with maple and purplehearth as accent woods Neck: Maple with Purple Hearth stringers Finish: clean gloss with satin finish on the neck weight: 5.7 kg (with 5 9v batteries that goes into the bass, 4x for LED) Electronics: volume, pan, 2x filters, 2x q switches, 1x LED on/off, 1/4" mono output. LEDs are amber and red (check pictures) Bass was done in 2015, so it has 2+3 machine heads. Bass has original case, papers, everything. New one like this is 17.600 dollars, you can check here on Alembic site my bass is Sig Dlx Coco Bolo. This is I think only signature bass in EU that is available with this price. For any questions you can contact me. Here are some pic that justify the whole thing, other pics you can see on my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/huwja8inhg3pt5e/AAAZ_-yhsAWuU_Zi-cx5C75fa?dl=0 Price says 6000 pounds but it's actually 6500 euros, just conversion is different every day. Also check my feedback page:
  6. Sorry man, if I would take this it would be only through trade, can't afford to spend anything during COVID... but, thanks a lot
  7. Damn I wish I had money! Even the color is perfect.
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