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  1. Oh no, this bass haunts me
  2. @hiram.k.hackenbacker, can't wait to see the bass... btw. let me post this here...
  3. That's Mitch's old bass... I heard that one once, beautiful sound!
  4. Oh man I need that Mission Exp. but right now I can't, maybe after New Years eve if it's still here.
  5. Did an update, now waiting for my new housing! It's like having a new pedal day!
  6. Oh man can't wait for v3 firmware, it's getting prettier for V3 celebration
  7. Oh man sweet pedal, I would never sell mine. Just order a golden housing for it. check post here:
  8. Oh my, oh my, oh my @GisserD beautiful!
  9. Oh man, I have almost same bass, also 1980 series 1, bubinga top, just with Omega cut. Beautiful, hope you won't regret selling it
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