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  1. Pete bought bass from me, he's a great guy, nice person, very communicative. Can't go wrong with Pete!! Pete, thanks again for trusting me!
  2. I love my Series 1 1980... Wish it was 5 string.
  3. Bump for great guy and beautiful bass! That's gorgeous.
  4. I have to say this, in my 25 years of playing I've never heard a cab as Barefaced to be all over the stage, I just sound perfect wherever you are on stage, as for other that I played if you stand 1.5 meters away from cab the sound is gone... Barefaced just rules with dispersion of the sound. But never tried GR cabs, just their amps that are really nice.
  5. I would buy this in a sec. if there wasn't for Brexit...
  6. Great bass, Maceiq is a great guy.... can't go wrong with this!
  7. I'm selling my Moollon B524, it's a great bass as you probably know about Moollon. It's painted very thin coats of nitrocellulose in root beer finish, I think that finish in not available anymore. I have an extra pair of Moollon pickups, the new ones are on the bass, they are more mellow than the old ones. You can try and see for yourself what suits you. It has a few dings on finish from use but it's in great shape. Wonderful low B and tracks exceptionally well. Will be shipped in ProTerc gigbag. I'm the first owner. Construction: bolt on Body: Alder Neck: 1 piece quartersawn maple Fingerboard: Macassar ebony Fret's: 24th Neck width at nut: 45mm String spacing: 19mm Handmade passive Moollon dual-coil pickups Scale length: 34” Hardware: Moollon fabricated in-house Finish: Rootbeer, nitrocellulose finish Pots: volume neck, tone neck, volume bridge, tone bridge, 3-way pickup selector Weight: 4.2 kg (bathroom scale) Here are few clips of the bass, but you can find them also on youtube https://www.facebook.com/1007775001/videos/778468232865284/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvlH7lAcwaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0iJ6-hbIFY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUJsJxSCqHs https://youtu.be/PTaPwJso7iY I would trade it for Moollon J5. Bass is located in Zagreb, Croatia. Shipping across EU is around 50-70 euros. 1600 pounds, actually 1900 euros. You can check my feedback page on basschat here:
  8. The best filter on the world, I compared it with my Moog, with 3Leaf audio, just insanely great.... specially with expression pedal
  9. wow i like this wood combo better that on my Fodera, beautiful...
  10. I have the same one just single.... man bought it in 2010, it's the best gigbag out there
  11. I wish I can just try this bass before buying it...
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