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  1. Damn I love this thread!!!
  2. I wish I can just try this bass before buying it...
  3. nah just took small one, One300 the smallest one.... I love how it sounds
  4. I have BB2, BT2 and small One10 for small gigs, I just love them... would like to try GR cabs, I already got GR head... but still with Barefaced my GAS is really low
  5. I know I had this and two 4x6... But now on Barefaced
  6. I think this is the best sounding cab from Markbass!
  7. I just want to say that I anything happens to FI, people in Panda Midi are very cool and nice people, they'll repair everything. I had a chance to have something repaired on my pedal, they were fast with repair and with shipping it back. BTW. I bought mine on 2015 (one of the first ones) payed it around 420 euros... so if you want to buy it just go for it, it's amazing piece of equipment. Can't go wrong with any pedal you buy, just update it and that's it.
  8. Here is mine, @pantherairsoft what kind od Xerograph is that?
  9. OMG that's just perfect, wish you were in EU. Those custom are killing us.
  10. wow that's great update! Thanks
  11. Wow I was right.... but it was a close call.....
  12. Oh, that's a hard one, but I'll have to go that FI is 1a... and that's because 1a sounds to me like FI and I kind of like that low end sound more... But for sure, this is guessing, not knowing
  13. little to update this topic, here is a link to one of his basses played by the great... you know... And his website is up https://www.wreckguitars.com/
  14. oh man that's a beauty, maybe I'll found you another buyer
  15. Great seller, great guy, great bass.... everything is great!!! It's a real beauty!
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