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  1. Picked mine up on Friday,it’s the blue one on their website without the led lights,not played it properly yet as no time,might get couple hours in tonight
  2. The 4-10 £400 and the 2-10 £350
  3. I pick my new T bass up today it’s the same as the blue one in their web site I’ve got one if the originals in white when someone asks me to recommend buying a bass I allways recommend the T bass as they are great sounding basses ,I’ll count me penny’s and might get back to yer on this one if you stall got it
  4. Yes it’s in a 3 U flight case similar to swan but that’s an extra £40 if anyone wants it
  5. Correct,as I said that’s wot I will do,couldn’t find the first thread hence the second ,
  6. If your not sure of the model it’s the chrome fronted one which you will find on the net it is mint and sounds the nuts
  7. That wouldn’t bother me in the slightest as I normally get a good groove going with who ever is on sticks so it would be a good show
  8. I’ve not but I will put some up,I’m in Kos till Sunday so I’ll look into it Ta
  9. Yeah but even though I’ve got my lovely long blond hair,own teeth like women and don’t mind getting the beers in I can see where the guys are coming from it’s their loss and I’ll go see em one day as I don’t live too far away and yes you are right but there is too much cow poop nowdays so I’m not gonner let it ruin me life and I hope they get their man cos they are seriously good
  10. Ashdown abm 600 Watt Head,it’s the chrome fronted model comes with foot pedal in mint condition it’s about 18 months old
  11. Markbass 4-10 hf and 2-10 hf both nearly new in mint condition with rock solid covers,will split
  12. Anyone seriously looking for a good rock band then these guys are good
  13. I’m near bishops stortford,don’t mind travelling a little
  14. Got pedal as well
  15. That’s the one,sounds awesome
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