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  1. If you get let down then I’m still free
  2. No you ain’t but they ain’t all lazy and stupid there are some really good enthusiastic young dudes out there that love playing
  3. Good news all the dates clashed with me already playing or away for the weekend ,Sod’s law,glad it’s sorted
  4. Hi sorry I couldn’t do the gigs as dates clashed,have you looked on Facebook as there are various sites ie Essex coverband page and Herts coverband ,worth a look normally comes up trumps Paul
  5. Wots the set list I’m in Stansted so not far and not booked out as of yet paul
  6. Still available both 8 ohms,courier is about 80 p per mile but iv e nothing to wrap em up in as you can imagine they are a bit big but they are the nuts and light and both mint
  7. Thought I’d done it
  8. Now sold to a good home Thanks
  9. As Sparky sed,great price and it did sell quickly sorry for any confusion everyone ,my mistake thats the third one this year
  10. If you want your amp repaired properly then Essex amps in Witham essex is the place to go or pmt Romford as Chris who worked for the bass centre for many years knows these amps inside out,I think if you take it to any pmt shop they will ship it down to him
  11. As suggested get another Trace Eliot,one of the older heads which is wot I’ve got,had about 30 years and allways go back to it model is smx350 that Ashdown head that was for sale has now gone as I think it was mine which was a nice head im currently using a Gallien Kruger mb fusion 800 w head which is tiny and weighs hardly anything,Well worth a look,It’s that good I got a second hand mb 500 head to go in my rack case as a spare
  12. status1

    New Cabs

    I had two of the orange cabs as pmt were doing a good deal on them I found them to be really heavy,Tone was great but found they didn’t throw the sound out as good as other cabs I’ve used but this could be down to amp settings or acoustics in the pub,I sold these on for the same as I paid for em as I got em half price,I was using a Markbass stack ie 4-10 hf and 2-10 hf which sound great and are light I have these up for sale inc rock solid covers they are about a year old and in mint condition,my new cabs are a couple of Vanderkley 2-10 s which are absolutely brill and light,not as light as the bare face but I think that the actual cab is better built. i was using the Markbass cabs with the 800 anniversary head which was ok but I always went back to my 30 year old Trace Elliot and since January I’ve been using the Small Gallien Kruger mb fusion head which is awesome,I’ve had the Vanderkley cabs about two months now and can’t fault em but just One Markbass cab 4-10 will do any gig really they are ok weight wise but the others mentioned are a tad lighter
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