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  1. Don’t want to insult you as kitchen and bathroom to pay for
  2. Looking for one of these but just can’t make the asking price at the mo,I’ll keep saving,already got the 800 fusion,great bit of kit
  3. If your not cutting through turn volume down a tad and tweak treble and bass if need be ,that’s the tip I got many years ago by a well known pro,it works
  4. Couple of 2-10 Vanderklay cabs,1800 watts of mayhem mated to my Galien Kruger 800 fusion and sometimes I use my good old Trace elliot head
  5. I used my GR 1-12 last night as the 2-12 hasn’t arrived yet,plenty loud enuff and nice and light,couldn’t fault it,can’t wait for the other cab to get here,I use 2 Vanderkley cabs as my main rig
  6. How lightweight are you going,ive just purchased the GR 2-12 and 1-12 from bass direct,im using the 1-12 tonight as small pub it weighs 7 KGs is there anything lighter,I reckon my sandwich box is heavier
  7. Mine was for sale on here about a month ago,great little cab
  8. You’ll get a lot of bands that don’t have many gigs,That’s says it all,They are like flies round stinky poo when a gig comes up although there are a few decent ones amongst them all doing the same songs
  9. Check out Afterlife on FB,full pa,lights ,insurance ect
  10. I use Vanderklay cabs,I still use the MB but reason I’m selling is I’m going on to the supr light GA cabs from bass direct,getting a 2-12 and a 1-12,the 2-12 weighs in at 12 kgs and the 1-12 is only 7 kgs,can only have so much gear
  11. Two would sound the nuts,might be able to do you a deal as need the space
  12. I used it on a gig paired with the 4-8 I have for sale in here the other week,was well impressed,
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