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  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hope you sell it,I’ll wait until you do then I’ll put mine up for sale if anyone is wondering about these basses they do wot any bass out there does and better and are well worth a look can not fault these basses
  4. I rate the MB cabs highly I had the 4-10 mated to my 2-10 and had the MB head to match but didn’t get on with the MB head but still rate it highly,I sold the 4-10 as didn’t need it,my main amp now is a Galien Kruger 800 fusion which weighs less than my sandwich box ,it’s as good as any amp ive ever had and I’ve still got my SMX Trace Elliot head and that takes some beating,I’m running the GK head with two Vanderklay 2-10 cabs, awesome sound even with just one Cab,I’m going to sell one as I’m going in ears And they are quite light also I’ve got a GK 500 Head As a spare so I’m selling that ,I’m having a clear out of gear soon but don’t expect to sell much of it due to wots happening atm,but I’d defo try the GK heads you will love it
  5. I’ve got a Trace Elliot T bass in good nick,white, p bass doesn’t get near a T bass imo and I Have both ?
  6. Ta I’ll have a bash later this week
  7. Probably on my trb5 p And a bit of chorus,I use a midi verb 2 but on some of the stuff I’ll be going through the keyboards as some of the 80s stuff is not easy to emulate thanks for that ,great help,I was three notes missing so not a bad effort,it’s really quick and a great song
  8. I’m going to do it on my fretless with a bit of chorus,should get away with it
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone but as I’ve not read music since the 70 s it’s all gone out of my head so just need the notes as in d e a ect sorry to sound bit thick but allways been an ear player so always struggled with the dots was like iton the piano as well
  10. Just the notes on the intro which is quite fast to pick out ,think it’s just based round the pentatonic scale also on a fretless I think,anything else I should know most gratefull as just want to get it right ,think it’s about eight notes ? Thanks
  11. Can some one tell me the notes in the bass riff at the start of The way it is Bruce Hornsby never had trouble picking out things before,not sure if I’ve got it right, thanks in advance
  12. Markbass 4-10 HF cab,8 ohm,800 watts mint condition with rock solid cover one of the lightest 4-10 cabs out there
  13. If you get let down then I’m still free
  14. No you ain’t but they ain’t all lazy and stupid there are some really good enthusiastic young dudes out there that love playing
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