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  1. Just received a bass bought from Eugene and I'm 100% satisfied! A flawless transaction with a friendly seller, the bass arrived quickly and perfectly packaged, absolutely as described (if not better). You can buy with confidence, he's highly recommended!
  2. Yes, this is the document I remember. I agree, the Hohner production is very badly documented. I remember noticing these basses when they appeared in the 80's, a cheap alternative to the unattainable Steinberger, but I only decided to buy one a couple of years ago and appreciated the good quality despite the low price. I had three more after that first one, all easy to find at low prices but often missing some of the original parts. By the way, while searching for more detailed information on the net, I noticed that Cort claim, in their site, to have started producing headless guitars and basses licensed by Steinberger on their own brand as well as for Hohner and Kramer in 1984. Who knows if their documentation is more accurate than Hohner's.
  3. The Hohner site used to contain, quite a few years ago, a chronology of the models produced, that showed the B2 bass as introduced in 1985 and the active fretless version B2AFL a year later, in 1986. There was no mention here of the B2A, which may well have appeared in 1985 along with the passive version. They were produced until 1993 in their first batch, then reintroduced probably near the end of the 90's, and all of these were manufactured in Korea by Cort. The Jack bass, also licensed by Steinberger, appeared in 1988, again according to this document. I don't know how that chronology is reliable, but it makes sense to think that the first two digits refer to the year of production, even considering the evolution of the B2 series. I collected the information of around 15 basses of this early production (I personally had four of them) and all had serial numbers starting with 86 to 90.
  4. It's from 1986, the first two digits show the year. It is one of the earliest basses of its kind, the B2A was introduced in 1986.
  5. There's something unusual in this bass, having a three-bolt neck plate it should have a bullet truss rod on the headstock but from what I saw in your pictures it doesn't have it. Does it have the truss rod at the neck heel? And have you ever removed the neck to check the stamp on the heel?
  6. Hi from Italy, I'm currently restoring a Hohner B2A bass that had the active electronics removed. I'm looking for an original battery box (the one marked Hyo San Electronics on the cover) with or without the preamp module it contained. The attached picture shows a similar bass with the original battery compartment. The same items were used on the Hohner Jack basses along with the B2A series and maybe other models by the same or other producers. Thanks
  7. I just bought a nice Status S2000 bass from Thomas. Friendly communication, quick delivery and excellent packaging. Thomas is a very nice person to deal with, so I strongly recommend him. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a Shergold 6-string bass, Marathon or Modulator. I had to sell mine two years ago, along with other basses, for serious financial reasons, but that instrument is the one I most miss. If someone has a complete bass or original parts (at least body+neck) to sell, please let me know. I'm in Italy, so this will have to be shipped. Thanks Augusto
  9. I bought a Gibson Thunderbird from Ferenc and was very satisfied with the purchase. The bass was packed safely and quickly delivered. I can recommend him with no doubts. Thanks Ferenc!
  10. Hi, the title says "Jazz neck" but the picture shows it's a Precision! Any chance for you to measure the nut width and neck depth (at nut/1st fret)? Thanks
  11. I recently exchanged a few emails with Mark when I sent him a PDF copy of a Steinberger manual that he was looking for. I found a very helpful and friendly person!
  12. An owner's manual for the Synapse guitars and basses does actually exist, and was included with most new instruments. Oddly enough this is not available on the Steinberger site. I scanned and converted to PDF the manual and posted it to the OP of this topic. For anyone interested, here is a link to download it: [url="http://www.mediafire.com/file/qe01ljwi9duav9m/Steinberger_Synapse_manual.pdf"]LINK[/url] This will be kept available for a few months, I hope someone will find it useful.
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