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FS: Morningstar Engineering MC6 MKII + ML5
The Hague, Netherlands


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Why not treat yourself to a full MIDI pedalboard? Due to moving to a different solution I have an MC6 midi controller (in good condition) and the midi switchable 5 loop ML5 (for all your non MIDI capable effects, in very good condition) for sale. The MC6 I got from our resident synth guru @Quatschmacher, the ML5 was bought brand spanking new.

Together I was able make my pedalboard fully switchable. Switch on/off several midi and non-midi pedals at the same time.

Price includes shipping, I am not looking for any trades on this as I have already "spent" the money :) although I would be open to trade against an Ableton Push 2 or an Akai MPC/APC. 

I might split, but will only sell the ML5 seperately not the MC6.

Morningstar Engineering: MC6 MKII MIDI Controller - GBP185 (with MIDI and USB cable) shipped

The MC6 is a fully programmable MIDI controller, capable of sending up to 16 different MIDI messages per preset. Each of this message can be mapped to a specific action on a switch, which gives the user a plethora of options and precise control just from a single switch. With 30 banks and 12 preset per bank, the MC6 will sit comfortable on any pedalboard amid the varying demands of any musician.

30 banks with 12 presets each, and each preset capable of sending up to 16 different MIDI messages and functions

Easy to use standalone, or with the PC/Mac Editor.
Programming the MC6 has never been easier!

With MIDI over USB, control your favourite DAWs and music software like Ableton Live and Mainstage

Connect up to 2 expression pedals for MIDI exp control, or up to 3 aux switches per input to enable access to more presets and functions

Allows for easy integration into pedal-boards and rigs.

145mm x 95mm x 45mm

Morningstar Engineering: ML5 True Bypass Looper Switcher GBP150 shipped

The ML5 enables you to use your midi controller to control even your non MIDI-capable pedals, giving you total control of both your digital and analog effects. Quickly and easily set which pedals are included or excluded from each of your presets and recall them with one touch of a switch.
The ML5 is packed full with features in a small and compact enclosure, ready to be fitted on top of or mounted below any pedalboard.

-Amphenol Jacks
-Only the best and most durable audio jacks are used.
-Super Compact
-Every inch of real estate is fully utilised to keep the ML5 compact.

Abmessung: 160mm x 50mm x 60mm

True Bypass Relays
5 high-quality true bypass relays ensure that your tone always stays true without compromises.

Low Noise Circuitry
The ML5 circuit is designed to keep noise to a minimum even at higher gain settings.

Easy Programming
Quickly and easily program the ML5 to decide which audio loops are on/off in each of your presets.

Noiseless Switching
Silent switching even with higher gain pedals.

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There’s new v3.8 firmware due soon for the MC6 which adds a tonne of great new features, including the ability to turn the expression ports into TRS MIDI ports! (One reason I sold the MC6 and bought the MC8 was because I needed a TRS MIDI port.)  In fact you can already download the latest beta version. These things keep going from strength to strength. 

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