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  1. The Roland V-Drums seem to get alot of love, saw one of my teachers use one last year and his was very responsive. I don't know if they sell single peices though, so you might have to scour ebay for one. Liam
  2. My years been pretty good. About 14 gigs so far, 3 more to come and they are steadily getting bigger. Liam
  3. Good basses but SOOOOOOOOOOO much neck dive. For the price they are good sounding and well constructed though, pricey cases too. Liam
  4. Find a used ashdown electric blue, or a line 6 lowdown LD150. Those are perfect for your needs, and good enough for pub/club gigs too. Liam
  5. Last guy i saw with one of them had the Orange OBC410 and OBC115. Sounded pretty good to me. Liam
  6. I wear some cheap one size fits all pound shop gloves, and i used to wear some Kona MTB Gloves over them for practice. That room gets so cold we have to warm up one of the guitar amps to get it to work. Ski coat, hat, gloves, scarf and jeans fer me. I hate trying to play on cold strings, makes me thing there gonna be really brittle and snap for some reason. Liam
  7. Pics are working for me, but i know nothing about it. Liam
  8. I have a friend who gigs with a MarkBass Little Mark Limited Edition head and 2 1x15 PA Cabs, he has a damn good sound at every gig, and i stand close to them (Pub gigs) so i get his tone more than his FOH tone. Liam
  9. My band A Little Bit Outlaw are playing Manchester Academy 3 on the 12th of December. Its our first proper gig outside of Westhoughton/Bolton and its set to be a hell of a night. We're also unveiling some new originals that we have just written so that should be good to see. Tickets are £6 on the door. Hope to see some of you there. Liam
  10. If this is still around at christmas time PM me. This pretty much exactly what i was after, especially with that price and how local it is. Gonna bookmark this. Liam
  11. Theres also the FEA Labs Dual Band Distortion. Liam
  12. I personally would suggest you find some people to play with, maybe have a jam or two with your brother? But i am the kind of guy who started doing this instantly. Joined my current band after playing for just over 1 year. Liam
  13. Definately think my next gear purchase will be off here. Theres some amazing stuff up for damn good prices. Also, if anyone wants to hear my band we can be found at [url="http://www.myspace.com/alittlebitoutlaw"]http://www.myspace.com/alittlebitoutlaw[/url] We're contemporary punk, Good charlotte, sum 41, that kinda stuff. Playing Manchester Academy 3 on December 12th if anyone is interested. Liam
  14. Got 2 Squier J's. a '94 Affinity J (My guess on the model) and a 2010 Jazz Deluxe V Active. The deluxe is a damn good bass, and the '94 needs a good fix. Gonna refinish it and whip on some new harware. Liam
  15. Defiantely alot of locals. And thanks Steve, seen a lot of things i may consider already in there. Liam
  16. Will likely take both if still up around christmas time. I live very close to bolton so transport is no issue. Liam.
  17. I would go for this but i have no money until christmas, if its still up for sale then you have a potential buyer right here. Liam
  18. Hi all. My band recently recorded our first EP and are looking to get opinions on it. It can be heard on our Myspace and Youtube (See signature). If you like what you are hearing you can get the whole EP for free by emailing [email protected] and requesting it. Now, for a bit of background info on us: We're a 4 piece band from Bolton, made up of 15-17 year olds (Me being the youngest) that play mostly covers. The stuff we play is mostly punk but we have alot of diversity in there with songs from all genres. The songs on our EP are what we call Contemporary Punk (Good charlotte, Sum 41 etc...) and we recorded it at Fuzzbox Studios in Wigan. Hope you all like it. Liam.
  19. Friendly bunch of guys. Also, can someone give me tips as to where to find the best deals on basses and amps. I know theres some quality used stuff on ebay and gumtree but does anyone know of anywhere else that sells decently priced stuff. New or used? Being 15 is a bummer on the wallet, theres never much in it. Liam
  20. [quote name='icastle' post='1016739' date='Nov 8 2010, 07:01 PM']LMAO - get out of my damn head Liam! I'm sat here halfway through making one now! [/quote] Hey, this'l save you alot of time and effort in the future. Just make sure you use plenty of the musicians best friend. Good 'Ole Duct Tape. Liam
  21. [quote name='icastle' post='1016383' date='Nov 8 2010, 02:19 PM']My amp is flightcased along with a couple of rack mounted sound processors. By the time you have all the internal cabling for those, plus a bundle of mains leads plus a pair of speakons coming out of the back, getting to the DI socket is a royal pain. It's also about 7" from the back of the flightcase to the back of the amp as well. I have an old Hartke HA3000 which actually has the XLR on the front of the unit and I found that sooooo much easier to use.[/quote] I've seen some people get around this by getting a short (1ft) XLR Extension and leaving it permanently plugged in, and taping the other end to the case, so its easier to access it to plug into. Might be an idea for you to try. Liam
  22. Seems there are quite a few mancs on here. El Bajo, i see you are from Bolton, may i ask wherabouts? Liam
  23. I use guitar pro for almost everything. Some things i have worked out by ear but im not very profficient at that yet, i should really learn to be honest. Liam
  24. Just thought i would say hi as i am new to this forum. Been on Talkbass for a while but i thought i would try out here as it is more local and i like new things. Liam
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