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  2. No argument with delivery, little package arrived today. Great service. Unfortunately the caps are a pound each and are not worth close to that. Also wrong size, wrong shape, wrong colour. The search continues.
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  4. Here's a Simple Pitch block from one of my presets. Just drop it into any one of your own. You'll need to alter the Interval parameter (the 1st one) for the required drop tuning. The lower you go, you'll feel the latency increase slightly, but overall it's a great tool to get those low notes. SIMPLE PITCH.hlx
  5. From what I saw, most 7ender copies made by hand by luthiers are about 1000 to 1500€. That's what Stevie-G asks for a relic'd assembled bass. But, you're not as famous for now. ANd it's not a 7ender copy. On the other Hand, it's handmade, and wayyy more interesting than yet anotehr Jazz Bass. IMHO, it's about right, for the market. Given the quality of your craftmanship, it's even on the cheap side, but I'm not sure the Market is up to it 🙂 That's an amount I'd be willing to give you for a custom bass, where I would select wood, shape and everything.
  6. I've just reread the thread and can't find much mention of using drones (not the flying variety) when working on intonation* - I'm definitely one of those awful 'phony' fretless amateurs who bought one on a whim and gets it out of the case once a year, but I've found that working with a fixed pitch reference has been invaluable in getting my intonation together on upright, so I don't see why it wouldn't translate to fretless *If you've mentioned this and I've missed it then apologies.
  7. Firstly I like your playing and you can clearly 'walk the walk' - plus I like the fact that you play live with real bands and can be seen touring from time to time As regards a video format, its hard in a crowded market to stand out. But to have something meaningful to say - I feel that your best bet is to keep it about your strengths - working as a pro player and talk about this, warts and all and and possibly pad it with tips and real world experiences of doing what many others can't. Best of luck to you.
  8. So basically, "give us your Streamer, and in return I'll etch a permanent reminder that I've pretty much mugged you onto your skin"?
  9. Really appreciate the prompt reply. Will PM you now.
  10. And I guess the important thing with all of this discussion around Q is not to get overly concerned / bogged down (as I am rapidly in danger of doing myself - haha!). A key point is that a "surgical Q" in the context of bass tone doesn't necessarily imply a better tone. In fact a broader and smoother Q could well be the better sounding option. It brings to mind the (somewhat out of fashion these days) smiley EQs we used to see across the ubiquitous TE amps in all rehearsal rooms 'back in the day', which clearly had a smoothing intent to the overall mid scooping of the bass EQ.
  11. In return for a 2014 custom Fodera 6 Elite 6-string I had, some clown here offered me the pick of 3 basses from a selection of 4 he had - 2 US Standard Precision basses, 1 US Standard Jazz and a G&L L-2000. I think a lot of chancers think you're super desperate to sell/trade or they think you're actually really dumb.
  12. No One Knows...I'd had a bass set up in Drop C#, but hated the flappy strings (and the spare bass for one song); got the Stomp, took the relevant preset, dropped the pitch to C#, saved it as another preset, job done 😀
  13. Yep, cant have any of that pesky "thinking" now can we. Just grab the tin foil hat jibe and walk away in ignorance.
  14. yep defo great pedal. i have one for sale in the classified check it out.
  15. Question; Admitting the bass it flawless, delivered with Gigbag (Ritter), Strings (Elixir), is equipped with Delano pickups and Schaller Light machine heads, Hipshot bridge (oh my, those are expensive!), Is 1200€ (£1060) a fair price? @Andyjr1515 @Jabba_the_gut @Manton Customs guys, you're more experienced than me, I'd love to have your opinion on this...
  16. i always run my basses into active input, some are active basses with active on of switches, plus i nearly always have some pedals running into the amp, Helix stomp currency always on with minimum of a light compression. I just fine it easier than switching between active and passive and when switching basses, just just increase the volume on passive bass or reduce when switching to active and use master amp volume if required. That suits me best and i think you get a more consistent cleaner sound ( clean as in smooth controllable). if you have a active passive on of switch that usually -10db then just use that but separate inputs a always go into the active input.
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  18. I prefer a straight sale but in case of proposals I can evaluate, so please only private messages
  19. It's probably just me and my short attention span, and the fact I'm quite busy. I started watching, then fast-forwarded a little, just in time to see you take a swig of coffee. I'd just make it shorter, and to the point. I watch quite a few of Janek's vlogs, his seem more structured, yet at the same time informal.
  20. drop C# even for QOSA just above stings rattling loose.
  21. create a patch and put it on here for downloading onto Helix. sounds good.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  23. I realise that, although you were non-specific enough ask about a 'normal' EQ with fixed Q, which is a pretty open question. That said, seven bands with centres between 50 and 10,000 hz aren't going to be what I'd call 'pretty narrow' in the big scheme of things. Given that there are 31 band hardware equalisers out there in regular use and very frequency specific notches possible, the bands are probably fairly medium Q. While it's more specific than the EQ on a Marshall Super Bass, something like the GEB-7, while useful, is hardly a surgical EQ.
  24. The binding is purely cosmetic i would say, i rather like it. Doesn't cause any probs when playing, it's very smooth as per the neck etc. Yes Stephen, it's the 70's FSR with vintage style tuners, neck profile, PuP's and hardware etc. Nice light Ash body too. Db.
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