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  2. Bargain! As an owner of 2 Elwood Ls, I have no doubt that you’ll be very happy.
  3. Yep.. For someone who's able to transport a 6x10 or 8x10 to gigs probably is able to also transport a stand without a problem! Although, I've always had the idea of having a rotatable bit added to small combos or cabs which would allow the neck to be rested up against it without risk of it sliding away. As in, the bass sits on the floor leaning against the amp, but this just provides a groove for the neck to sit in. When not in use it can be spun round so it sits flush against the top of the cab or bass. I'm sure that's a real thing, but if not, someone should make it!
  4. Just started working on the circle of fifths , not quite sure what I’ll use it for yet 😀 , but curiosity got the better of me 🙂
  5. Writing the drum line for a new song. We spent the whole day reharsing yesterday, and today another full immersion with Easter pic-nic at the reharsal space
  6. honestly the rig is getting a bit silly now! sounds great tho!
  7. Hi do you still have this and does it have a gig bag or case thanks
  8. Nice to see Al get some recognition. Interesting configuration on a Ric...
  9. Me showing my age again. Back in the 80s/90s pub gigs meant backline for all the instruments and a vocal PA and maybe miked up snare and bass drum on the rare occasions we played a small club. I get the feeling that many bands now use smaller backline and have much more go through the PA (helped no doubt by mics and PA getting ridiculously cheap?) It appears the line between big practice amp and small stage amp is blurring away, with about 30W being seen as enough for guitar and 50W combo for bass for less rowdy musical styles?
  10. yeah, ain't gonna work with my ELF mini rig with one or both 1 10"s hehe
  11. Bought a jazz control plate from me. Smooth as you like.
  12. You could dump all downloaded patches into a single folder, then choose “load file” from the menu and open the first one in that folder. You can then use the arrows next to the patch name in the editor to browse all patches in that folder one by one (no need to keep choosing “load file” after loading the first one). The internal keyboard does work. You might need to unplug or mute the bass as it will switch to audio-triggered mode as soon as it detects a note. If using the onboard keyboard, you’ll need to unplug anything pulled into the FI’s MIDI OUT port, otherwise you’ll get an infinite loop. Make sure you have the device which is plugged into the FI’s MIDI IN port selected in the editor (i.e. your USB-MIDI or audio interface). You should then be able to click on the editor’s keyboard to get sound. N.B. It’s worth bearing in mind that the patches can sound VERY different when triggered by the internal keyboard as they won’t have any dry bass, harmoniser distortion or envelope follower response. If you’re looking for patches to play on your bass, I’d recommend browsing using your bass.
  13. I have no connection with him, but comes across as keen rather than suspect to me.
  14. I’m sure there is more to this, but if we took a hit as a band, there’s no way I would expect anything more than any other member.
  15. This seems a great idea but can only be of use to players who own an 8 x 10 fridge! https://www.basshanger.com/?fbclid=IwAR3pdTd3qJXUHwL_NQ4FNz0Z_5l9jCAUuF2xOheA8HlEIgx2JvGizx-K2TU
  16. One of my brother's band is playing at my other brother's wife's 60th this autumn. It involves a ~700 mile round trip and an overnight so it's been sorted so the rest of the band gets paid, and they are happy to sleep on floors etc. Much better to have everything agreed in advance. Looks like I will be playing some semi-acoustic stuff with my bro' and his wife - probably some bass and some mandolin (I've never played mandolin for people, ever - eek!) and probably some other guys playing as well, I predict chaos, random jamming and a ridiculously good time had by all!
  17. I've been playing originals mostly since 1980. I've recorded on the ubiquitous Tascam Portastudio cassette recorders, and in some nice recording studios on 2" tape, to home recording on a pc at the moment. One thing has remained throughout all these methods. The minute, nay the SECOND you commit to a take, your brain has already come up with a slightly better bassline, but it won't let you know til the very next rehearsal
  18. Hello? Is it me, or does that message seem a little questionable?
  19. Frustration for me is that I can't get a cd written on my PC to play in the car; some of these songs I want to hear over and again. First rehearsal is on Tuesday and I can now play all but two of my twelve right through, with just polishing left to do 🙂 Very pleased with how Balckberry way and Crazy Little Thing Called Love have started to 'embed' in my brain! Last two? Sunny Afternoon - which is one of those where no two tabs or videos are the same, just a few bars of the bridge to unpick from a video which seems to be the most accurate source. Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting - a simple structure but the bass seems to be so raucous and varied I've decided to use this one as my opportunity to improvise and throw in whatever fills and runs I feel like, there's just one distinctive chromatic run I want to get right - the tab doesn't sound quite right, but it might be my lack of familiarity with the song.
  20. @GisserD Sounds really cool. Does it require any modification to the pedals it controls? Do you have to remove the original knobs? Can the pedals be dialled in the same way as normal (i.e. with hands and then the positions saved) or do all adjustments need to be done via the new controller? When you talk of channels, is each knob controlled by a separate MIDI channel? Or is each of your units (with however many controls) addressed on a single MIDI channel and then each knob controlled by a different CC number on that one channel? I’m very curious. Presets on my Enigma would be wicked.
  21. Ach that's a shame mate! If you're looking for lightweight, check it the Sandberg Super light https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/330412-sandberg-sl-superlight-now-available-for-order-66lb
  22. If I was going to get a MM again, this would be the exact spec. Lovely looking thing.
  23. I’m headed to Leeds on Monday and I’ll be across in Manchester on Tuesday and driving back up to Scotland along the M6 on Wednesday so potential meet up is possible along the route.
  24. Not sure. The main man has just finished an EP that he played bass on. Very nice that he has already commented on my lines being better 🙂 Hopefully we will do something later in the year.
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