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Fender Jazz Bass 1966 (dots and binding) sunburst OHSC price drop €7.500 // partial trades negotiable

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Fender Jazz Bass 1966


Great vintage 1966 transition model jazz bass with the beautiful dots and binding combination (done for just a short time).
















The bass is all original except for a refret and new bone nut. It plays great with a low action. I've got thomastik jazz flats fitted which do a great job. Sounds great with rounds too though. The bass has a very rich and clear sound, and does the bridge pickup snarl beautifully. 


The technical condition of the bass is good. The neck is straight, and the truss rod turns both ways easily. The frets are good too and are almost free of wear. All electronics and hardware are functional. The bridge pickup appears to be microphonic though, which causes feedback when using my fuzz pedal.


As for looks, this one still has very vibrant burst. On the back you can see some nice grain from the alder body.

The bass has a lot of small usermarks, but nothing significant that would be off for a used 55 year old bass. Overall there is some pretty finish checking.


The weight of this beauty is 4,2 kg without covers mounted.


The original hardcase is included in the sale.




I am located in the Netherland, but I am happy to ship at buyers risk and expense.


Partial trades are welcome. Think; precision, mustang, music man Sabre... Also I am interested in vintage Fender offset guitars (mustang, Jazzmaster, Jaguar..)


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  • SurroundedByManatees changed the title to Fender Jazz Bass 1966 (dots and binding) sunburst OHSC €7.900 (partial trades negotiable)

Absolutely beautiful - my favourite of all the Js and this one appears to be in lovely, played condition.  I don't play long-scale any more so the stress is reduced a little, though still a fabulous thing to admire.  

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If you wax pot a CBS Fender pickup, it will become short-circuited as the wire ordered was a mistake (but cheaper, so is it really a mistake...) with a different enamel than the original thicker and heat resistant enamel used until then. When waxed, the heat will melt down the bad enamel and short-circuit the pickup.


As usual with Leo Fender, who was still THE consultant and in charge of the orders, all the bad wire has been used before ordering some new one, but the waxing process was abandoned as it was an unnecessary cost...


That's the reason why CBS pickups are NEVER waxed and can become (or already were) microphonic. Pickups waxing reappeared way much later during the early to mid 80's.



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  • SurroundedByManatees changed the title to Fender Jazz Bass 1966 (dots and binding) sunburst OHSC price drop €7.500
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  • SurroundedByManatees changed the title to Fender Jazz Bass 1966 (dots and binding) sunburst OHSC price drop €7.500 // partial trades negotiable

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