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  1. Yo Sad! I just have new ideas... after the Fodera Shop visit... you know 8-)
  2. Hi Guys! Here's my Custom Fodera Emperor 5 strings Fretless Bolt-On for Sale or Trade. Myrtle Flame topwood. Alder Body. Seymours and Pope preamp. Born in December 2016. Custom: Selected Myrtle Top. Purplehart position lines. Thin and fast neck. MOP dots with Tulips at 12th and 24th frets. The Bridge Pickup interior Coil is 60's position. 3 Way Switch to toggle between outside single, inside single, and dual coil modes. The instrument in very good condition! I used few gigs only. A little bump on the lower part, see picture. With Fodera Hard Case. This beauty in Budapest. If you have any Question, please write me! Cheers! Tamas Trade: 72 Fender Jazz, Lakland USA 5 strings, Alembic, Jaydee... plus money... 8-)
  3. Thanx Jim! Cheers! [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE9uOZUP5d0"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE9uOZUP5d0[/url]
  4. I know... I know... :-) Ohh yesss! HOLD 8-)
  5. I'd like to sell my Aguilar DB751. This killer in very good condition and works all great... like a new. I used in studio mostly and just few gigs. ---SOLD!_____--------Thanx for watching!-------
  6. Bought a Lehle Bass pedal with Steve! Cool seller... and gentleman! ;-) Thanx Steve! t
  7. Nick for president of sellers! Thanks for the cool, quick, perfect, really correct deal! All fine with everything... ;-) Highly recommended. Tamas [size=3]Budapest, Hungary[/size]
  8. Sorry I have no any gig in UK now! The price included the shipping! 8-)
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