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  1. Oooppss too fast! Apologies: now i can see them.
  2. "Keep on telling myself: i don't need an excellent amp but keep on coming back to the post" bump... Glwts
  3. my favorite all rounder (best?). Handles my Sadowsky 5 without an once of a problem. free bump
  4. Hi, serial number in order to identify which batch this beauty comes from... glwts
  5. Week end bump... Again some serious trades received but I'm now open to other 5's Fodera, Wal mk1 or pre gib's Tobias...
  6. Hi. Been away for some time. Thanks but I already own few other butterflies. I may open for other trades in the future but not at that stage. Thanks again.
  7. Hi. This ones comes from back in the days when it took several years to build an instrument (actually, prior to Jason DeSalvo being part of the story, for those who know Fodera). But it was completed in 2010.
  8. Hi, Up for sale is my Fodera AJ Presentation Shape (I'm not certain that AJ allows anymore the use of Presentation name when it does not stick exactly to his specs, anyway...). What you'll have here: - Semi Hollow body: I tried to capture all the complexity of the hand carving with my poor camera! - Walnut crotch top - Ash Body - Pau Ferro Fingerboard - 5 Piece Ash with Stringers neck - 35'' scale - 24 large frets - 1,9mm string spacing - Side dots only, no inlay - 1 Aero dual coil in Lincoln Goines model position - Flawless. Could not find any dent/ding on it. I'm very careful with my gear - weight: 4,2kg on my bathroom (say 4,4 kg to be safe... My scale is sometimes very generous to me) - And of course: passive wiring It's a fantastic instrument to play and hear and it's been my main axe for the last few years. But bands have changed (it took Fodera 5 years to build it!) and I just found myself in a good old school band and we want to enjoy some other specific sound. The only trade I'm considering is Pre CBS Fender Precision Enjoy this unique luthier masterpiece [attachment=213779:My Fodera.jpg] [attachment=213780:ROD_1645.jpg] [attachment=213781:ROD_1657.jpg] [attachment=213782:ROD_2514.jpg] [attachment=213783:ROD_2517.jpg] [attachment=213784:ROD_2518.jpg] [attachment=213785:ROD_7191.jpg] [attachment=213786:ROD_7193.jpg]
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