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Well this time it goes, I've tried to sell this before but withdrew it and since then it's sat on the rack. I'm calling it a day thru hand issues and it's worse looking at them sitting there doing nothing. So with the story out the way here we have a Spector Ian Hill in gloss White, emg active pickups & the TP and in immaculate condition. I don't have a hard case for this so would prefer a half way meet up anywhere in the UK or if you could courier a case up here I'll go 50/50 on postal costs. UK only please & no trades cheers...SOLD







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Lovely bass - I'd love to take it off your hands but I already have far too many 4 string basses which aren't being used.

I don't expect it to hang around TBH.

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21 hours ago, Kev said:

Ha, convinced them to get rid of the J in the end then! :D 

Yeah, I also never use the J on my PJ Spectors either. BTW, here is a recent video in which Ian explains why his new signature model, made in "Czechoslovakia", only has the P pickup.


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