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  1. These basses are definitely some of the best I have ever played. The roasted maple is an absolute delight to play, slick and fast and are reasonably light. These don’t have that typical “spector” sound which I think makes for a nice change, and may entice those aren’t keen on the classic sound but like the looks. good luck with the sale!
  2. I wish you hadn’t changed your mind on selling it to me, would have saved me about 4 hours drive collecting mine!! 🙈
  3. Thought you were keeping this one Richard?? killer rig, I have one just like it 😊
  4. This probably just went up in value considering the recent announcement from status!
  5. Looks ace mate!
  6. Does the services at Lancaster count as local? 😂 I’d happily throw in a tenner for petrol 😉
  7. This is really gorgeous and just the setup I’m after, but the pricing is out of reach for me sadly! good luck with the sale, I’m sure it won’t last long
  8. You need to stop before I do something that will get me in trouble mate!!!
  9. Here’s my 2p… I have small hands, so I notice the difference. I’m not saying it’s unplayable for me, but running scales/arpeggios for long periods, my fretting hand fatigues much quicker on a 35” scale. the 35” defo has a tighter B, but my 34” ns5crfm now has a slightly larger gauge B string which certainly helps to tighten things up a little.
  10. That gold 51 is cool!
  11. I do wish someone would buy it before I’m forced to 😂
  12. Amazing heads! Awesome tone. If I didn’t already have one I’d snap this up!
  13. Would love one of these as a backup amp! They looks great!
  14. I’d love that ctm100 mate! But until my go rig sells I can’t do anything!
  15. These do looks and sound great. Can’t wait to try one!
  16. Bloody hell, this thing is gorgeous!
  17. Ah man… these basses are awesome!!!
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