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  1. P pickups sold... Nordstrand BJB4 C&C Typical Jazz mount/size £100.....Pickups in excellent condition...No foam or screws included
  2. Brand new EMG GZ P&J Pickups, Not that keen on them prefer my Nordys....just need the 8 screws which aren't supplied 100 quid or there abouts cheers
  3. No Dave just passive GZ EMG's
  4. Cheers Dave, arthritis in the thumbs bud....anything over a slim C is torture "but" I bought myself a Skyline GZ and the necks just dandy nice and slim and away from Fender for a change👍
  5. Immaculate condition Sandberg 48 in pillar box red this 48 is passive, I don't think there's many around like this one. A member on here 3d printed 2 new covers for me as I wasn't that keen on the original pickups which were sealed inside the covers epoxy or something like that. I stuck 2 (paired) Nordstrand Big Singles in it then put the 3d printed covers back on. It sounds absolutely smashing....a brain wave kicked in & i decided to have a guard made up by the excellent Brian Pillanz so the pickups were exposed...I prefer it like that but changed it back for this add BUT its easy enough changing it over...the guard was stuck on with double sided tape so there's no holes. Pickups are centralised in the cavity just my crap photos. Balances no prob on the strap, I stuck new black Hipshots licensed m/heads on and a new Sandberg black bridge. Nut width 40mm according to my 6" rule. I do have the Sandberg 48 shaped bag that it came with but I'd really prefer a meet up half way distance anywhere in the UK. I do have some good feedback on here 😊 REDUCED 1100
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I was after a white pearl control plate from Brian, as he had 2 different shades in the material he only charged me for 1 and the 2'nd was thrown in f.o.c....👍
  8. Stefan travelled through to the Kingdom o Fife to pick up a MusicMan Stingray in a nice and easy going sale. Excellent comms along the way and a pleasure to meet another member from here 👍 cheers neebur
  9. Ach he's a good Jock like me 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  10. And SOLD to @KellyS enjoy it m8 🙂
  11. I've no prob in meeting half way bud...😆
  12. No complaints here with the DG, l've got flats on it aswel so it does take some sizzle away from the top end...smashing tho
  13. Last one..Gloss black Music Man Stingray 9.5lbs in excellent condition...(some fingerprints on it at present which will show up in pics) Nordstrand pickup bought from a member on here new old stock approx 15 y o. Darkglass 2 band eq....bass, high mids & the wheel on the eq low mids or the other way round not sure now. KiOgon again stepped in with a solderless, battery, jack and pickup connection loom....clever stuff and a top bloke 👍. Guards & control plate by Brian Pilanz another good 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. OK I don't have a case for this either but willing to go 50/50 on courier costs SO if you send a case up I'll send it back with the Ray inside...I do have some good feedback from gents I've dealt with so have a nose if you want...cheers...serial number on neck plate ...
  14. Here we have my AM Fender Precision Pro in Olympic White and excellent condition bar 1 small paint chip on the body at the neck pocket it's 3mm long by half a mm you'd struggle to see it. OK the bass weighs bang on 4 kilos, Nordy Blades a Badass 111 bridge, KiOgon old skool solderless loom [cloth covered wires] and a WD brushed effect guard. I do have the COA but don't have a case....so I'm willing to go 50/50 on courier costs SO if you have a case send it up and I'll return it....Reduced £900....open to sensible offers its just sitting in the near empty rack...Ok withdrawing this P at the moment returning it back to standard & flogging the parts...I'll be back 🙂
  15. Look this seller up on ebay, I've had umpteen guards made including several one - off's. Shed load cheaper than WD & excellent workmanship. He's based in Glasgow
  16. Ach cheers Eldon....braw 🙂
  17. Smashing bass bud, unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you...don't know if you've tried fingerless compression gloves but I use them & they do help. I've got a new pair here if you want to try them...🙂
  18. Here's my AM Original 70's Jazz up for sale in gloss black, I'm sure this colour is discontinued now looking at Fenders interweb page 🤔. I've got a few plates for this but the white pearl looks mighty fine in my opinion. It's fitted with a KiOgon solderless volume, blend and tone loom also Original pots and knobs are included along with the trays and Original guard. I do have a hard case for this and now sourced a cardboard box so courier is also an option now. UK only cheers..COA here aswel..Reduced price £1050 ** Postage now available ** still don't mind a meet up tho just back from Preston dealing with another gent on here....open to sensible offers::: Withdrawn returning back to standard but it'll be back as standard
  19. You keep away or you'll end up in the shed 😆
  20. Bass number 2, here we have a Spector Euro black/grey finish again in excellent condition bar for 1 small mark that I can't photo it's that wee. The bass has Nordy blade pickups again the TP runs the show. KiOgon made up a solderless blend and volume pot instead of 2 volumes. Again I don't have a hard case for it but willing to meet half way anywhere in the UK or if you'd prefer to send a case up here I'll split postage cost 50/50. UK only please and no trades cheers...*I've managed to capture the mark on the rear* Price reduced.....1K
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