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  1. And finished πŸ€—...Nordstrand Big Singles, Hipshot Ultralites, Sandberg bridge, 3d printed covers by @GisserD, KiOgon loom...well happy
  2. Last seen playing his NS2X Spectorbird...man o man o man..
  3. Smashing that, he's Deputy Dog's mate aint he
  4. Schaller m/heads 2 + 2....as per drawing in gold,
  5. M4 Schallers...must be an older version
  6. Seems an odd size this Schaller... 8mm shaft and the bushings just under 12mm, can't seem to find chrome replacements anybody came accross these before ?
  7. ⬇️...stunning finish, what kinda price do these go for ?
  8. Sold Paul some gold hardware for an upcoming build in a nice and easy going deal another credit to BassChat πŸ‘
  9. Getting there...looks a lot better with the black hardware πŸ‘
  10. Managed to source a bridge, tuners & string retainer all in black. Open to sensible offers...sensible being the word no pies, fish fingers, tripe, crisps or kit kats
  11. Check your messages bud πŸ‘
  12. A bit premature here...i played with a thumb splint on my left hand for a good bit till i tried some compression gloves on and so far so good. Once you have your splint removed and want to try a right hand glove (as i dont need it) give me a shout & i'll send it. Their fingerless & stop roughly an inch from finger tips
  13. Dov65

    Feedback for ubit

    Well...Letham bent over backwords on the sale of his Spector Euro, excellent comms and great to meet up with a friendly member from here. The Spector is as described and thats stunning...deal in confidence πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ ΏπŸ‘
  14. Eurosender don't have any logistic support in the UK now, all they offer is the Express service which is expensive. I did a dummy run & got this
  15. I contacted Eurosender yesterday bud via email & live chat regarding UK services. I tried the Express option as you mentioned online and the price was 200 + euros when i added the weight on the first page...didn't go any further than that. Forgot to add that i have used Eurosender before & no probs
  16. Eurosenders reply regarding UK - UK. Shame really
  17. Cheers bud, i didn't receive a shipping date just an order confirmation on the 10th Jan. Looking at delivery cost it was only Β£4.99 maybe ona donkey
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