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  1. Nut files (nozzle cleaners) brand new found in my tool bag. Really don't know where the term Welding tip cleaners came from never seen a multi coded welder use them in 30 years.....there for cleaning burning nozzle's. OK....rant over...stick a couple o bangers ina charity tin and there yours.🙂
  2. I can see you with one o these Mr T 🙂
  3. Luckily enough Graeme replied to a wanted add i put up for a MM 4.2 pickup, a nice and easy going deal with excellent comms along the way. Pickup arrived well boxed up and in excellent condition....another gent on BC, a pleasure dealing with you cheers 👍
  4. Cheers gents, ive stuck a wanted add up just incase there's any kicking about before buying direct.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Thank you Mr Pickguard 👍
  7. Anybody with a Precision Pro know what Hipshot Xtender fits these m/heads 👇 cant find no sizes/dimensions online..its a 2019 model, BT8 or BT12 mentioned a few times tho
  8. Daniel was looking for a 2 band MM eq & control plate and i replied to his add. Nice & easy laid back sale with no rush and cheery comms along the way, another good BC member...thank you
  9. Sold Ian 3 Hercules wall hangers in a nice & easy going sale, a pleasure dealing with him, thank you 👍
  10. Free i might add, but you can throw some smash in a charity tin
  11. Anybody fancy trying Chromes on their Spector ? I've a spare set going 45 -100 & cut for a 2 + 2
  12. Some staff member's been poorly recently so it's been catch up time. I received a Jazz guard thru the week, the hole centres and fit are excellent. Wouldn't go past him 👍
  13. Well i've thought long and hard about this sale today & come to the conclusion that I can't do it so its getting withdrawn, thanks for the feedback folks and those who showed an interest, 👍
  14. 3 x Hercules hangers including screws. £30 includes P&P
  15. The white Hill's been restocked at BassDirect with a price drop of £100 so all things being equal i'll deduct the same £1600
  16. Cheers bud, still got my Jazz touch wood. It's getting shod with low tension flats hopefully works out ok.
  17. Your fivers in the post aswell 🙂
  18. Ach cheers man, the fivers in the post 🙂
  19. Its exactly the same size to the split as the 77 bud, i was curious myself so tape came oot
  20. Cheers Mr T, glad the Jazz never sold now
  21. Well due to continuous issues with arthritis robbing me in my ability to play and walk around as per normal now 😡 i've decided to sell my Ian Hill Spector ltd edition. I'm led to believe there is only 50 models available...don't know if its 25 in white and 25 black or 50 in each. I've lost the article now but it did come from Spector themselves. The bass is an utter powerhouse with the active reverse P pickups well it should be at £2099. I'm keeping one Spector back just to look at hanging up on the wall they really are works of art the craftmanship is superb. Now i don't have a hard case for this but happy to meet up half way anywhere in the UK once wee Nick's said go...so far ive met members in Aberdeen, Oban and a trip over the border to Preston oooo and Carlise. Either that or i can post no problem if a hard case is supplied i wont do it in the gig bag thats "Breaking the Law" No trades please, UK only and i do have some good feedback. Specs are in one of the pics....cheers
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