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  1. Always ment to ask about the 4 dots ....does it have a meaning like Yamaha's tuning forks
  2. Well i sold my P last year to a good mate, i stuck Harris pups, mirror guard and a Badass string thru bridge on it for him...but he's never collected it because of this covid melarky...its absolutely brilliant. The good news is im waiting on some compression gloves for athritis comming sometime so hopefully he'll understand when he gets his money back.
  3. Dov65

    Oldman Feedback

    After putting a wanted add up for a Boss charger Brian had one available for the price of postage alone...can't get any better than that. Much appreciated thank you 👍
  4. Bought a Mono strap from Paddy in a nice & easy deal, received the next day too 👍 cheers bud
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Well thats a Sandberg black bridge & string retainer ordered £70 odd quid no 2 bad mind thru DV 247 never used them before...machine heads next up & that'll be it.
  7. Nice 1...prices aint bad at all. Might even buy the boxers 🙂
  8. @ead & @Cuzzie cheers for the input 3D covers it is 👍. Next up is black bridge/tuners & tree so where's best place to look
  9. @GisserD the covers..really interested in this have you got any pictures you could show...heres the covers were on about just now
  10. Do they stick the pickup poles onto the casing before filling it up with epoxy then...any idea ?....3D printings a cracking suggestion
  11. Heard all good regarding Creamery. i'll have a nose at Haussel never heard o them...the pickups just now are sealed in the casing with epoxy or summit like that its rock hard....dunno how you'd remove it. Thats when i had the brain wave about getting a custom guard made up following the raised profile on the body. Anyway cheers for the input gents 👍
  12. Had my 48 for a wee while now & fancy sticking in a new pickup config. Thinking along the lines of Geezers PJ signature pickups or ive a set of Lindy Fralin Jazz pups doing nowt. The holes in the body are 53x100...EMG's P pickups are just under 25mm each so would fit ok mind their side by side = 50mm. I'll get a small scratchguard made up to finish it all off. Anybody have any other ideas on configs i could try ? Soapbars ? Originally it had single coil up front and a humbucker in the rear in gold casing...thats another thing im hopefully sticking all black hardware on it so if anybody fancies a change give me a shout. Hopefully ive explained everything ok....cheers
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Another easy going deal, this time a Boss wl 50 wireless system in excellent condition...thank you very muchly dude
  15. Had the copper version for 3 or so days, brilliant bass unfortunately Mr courier managed to relic the body without asking so had to go back. Six months waiting time so bought a 48 instead
  16. The Mono strap...looks as tho it's an L...if so i'll take it bud
  17. He's a true gent, always willing to answer any queries about his gear or who he's played with i've asked a few times & always had a reply he's endorsed by Ibanez
  18. Hipshot spec details say USA ultralites are able to be reversed whereas the licensed version can't. I had an inline 4 US ultralites..reversed one & stuck the set on a Ray. I don't know if the licensed version have the allen screw at the end of the worm drive shaft as per pic..
  19. LTD edition @Alfie Noakes signature Stingray 🙂
  20. Well, 3rd time i've used this service and no problems... 1 bass sent to Belgium, a cab sent to Kent and arranged a bass to be picked up from Somerset and delivered to Fife next day delivery fully insured for less than 30 quid & they supply all the labels aswell, just need to remember the discount code the next time
  21. 15 !! Shude b at skool lerning
  22. 30 quid Tony bet that was around half a weekly wage back then.
  23. Another gent to deal with on here, purchased Alfie's book & StingRay in a very easy going deal, for being 10 years old the Ray is in excellent condition...bought as a present but think they'll be lucky. Well happy thank you very much bud
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