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  1. Seek and Destroy by Metallica Suzi aint impressed 👇
  2. Lets be havin yi, spring has sprung, baffies on an oot n aboot
  3. Cheers for the heads up bud, ill change price when i've 5 mins
  4. Another massive +1 for KiOgon, he crafted 2 looms for tying in a Darkglass preamp on my Spector and Ray. The battery clip on the Spector fed thru the jack hole prior to the stereo jack being fitted clever thinking 👍
  5. Here we have a Spector TonePump up for sale with the trimpot. Bass & treble pots are wired in, the 2 volume pots are KiOgon's handy work with terminal blocks so pickups are easily attatched, i have two barrel stereo jacks..1 Switchcraft which is prewired (KiOgon again) clearly showing the wire colours & the ring, tip and sleeve ON the jack (which by the way was for another project & not the TP hence the colours) or 2 a Neutrik version with no wires. The wires comming FROM the TP are Blue to Tip, Black to Sleeve & the Battery connector (black wire) to Ring ...im sure
  6. Firstly dont really know what price these go for 2nd hand so reasonable offers please. Removed from a 2010 StingRay in full working order easy enough to wire up if your a dab hand at this soldering melarky, B + W pickup wire position clearly marked on the board. The jack still has the remnants where the 3 wires go...2 @ earth + 1 red wire. Any questions fire away but dont ask about soldering i've tried it & gave up...springs not included or machine screws as needed
  7. Another owner here, passive with 2 big Nordy singles
  8. Another Fifer 👍...welcome to the money pit neebur
  9. Round 3🔔..this time i sold Phil a Geddy Lee Jazz. Silky smooth deal as before with cheery comms along the way. Till the next time Mr Alfie...cheers
  10. No complaints here and i've bought a shed load of gear from them, i always enquire about stock availability first and that includes over the weekend to which i've always had a reply. Only been once to BD with a taxi waiting outside with the meter running tho so in an oot in minutes.
  11. @Pow_22 you'll get Gotohs for £60 odd on the Bay. Dunno how old your Euro is but mine has Schaller m/heads with 12mm bushings..
  12. Congrats bud...that blue on the Euro Bolt just smashing so it is 👍
  13. The guards by the way are an exact copy of the original (white one) without the thumb/pickup cover holes which was sent away to Brian Pillans to be made..no half holes out here
  14. Here we have an AM Fender 70's reissue Jazz bass in as new condition. Comes with 3 guards including the original, ashtrays & thumbrest all certificates and a G&G case. WITHDRAWN I'M DAFT
  15. And finished 🤗...Nordstrand Big Singles, Hipshot Ultralites, Sandberg bridge, 3d printed covers by @GisserD, KiOgon loom...well happy
  16. Last seen playing his NS2X Spectorbird...man o man o man..
  17. Smashing that, he's Deputy Dog's mate aint he
  18. Schaller m/heads 2 + 2....as per drawing in gold,
  19. M4 Schallers...must be an older version
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